Plagueis Consul Report: 10/7/19


Plagueis Consul Report: 10/7/19


CR90 Corvette Respite

Unknown Regions - Open Space

37 ABY

“Get me connected to Ordam!” Kel Zar snarled, as she moved the controls of her ship forward, lunging into the fray.

The Ascendant Fleet’s cronies had already done quite a bit of damage on her smattering of fleets, but the Zabrak was not ready to forfeit yet. In fact, in her declaration for war, she had hoped that Plagueis would take the bait - and taken the bait they had, shooting bolt after bolt at her crew. As she watched an ally’s ship careen to the right in flames, Kel Zar now knew were reinforcements were necessary. The question, in the end, was whether or not they were ready.

Wiping a patch of sweat from one of her lower horns, the Collective operative leaned back in her chair, breathing heavily. One would think that simply piloting a ship wouldn’t be a work-out, but Plagueis was, admittedly, formidable. Tavisaen, the newest Dread Lord, certainly knew how to be aggressive. The trick was, however, resilience. Would she have that?

Kel Zar tried to control her respiration. In through her nose, out through her mouth. Nearby, another Collective ship became subject to inferno. She was ready to give up before she heard a familiar voice radiating from the control panel.

“This is Thusak. Did you get yourself in trouble again, Zar?”

All at once, Kel Zar’s sighs were tinged with relief. Leave it to a Clawdite to serve as proper back-up.

“Good to hear from you, Delat,” said Kel Zar. “Mind lending me a hand?”

Eviscerater, Mk. 3

Unknown Regions - Aliso Space

Similar time

Abadeer Taasii was making mincemeat of the enemy forces. He felt most comfortable in a smaller vessel, compared to the Wrath back when he was Proconsul, so this worked beautifully. He watched as the fireworks boomed in front of his eyes, Collective ships ripped apart by the onslaught of the Ascendant Fleet.


The Togruta nodded toward his copilot, a scrawny Human member of the Willing, before leaning back into the controls. A few squeezes of the trigger, and he was able to knock down several starfighters that were allegiant to the Collective. Still, however, the numbers seemed to be the same. Abadeer frowned. At this point, he would have figured he’d see a depletion in ships, but as it stood right now, every time a fighter was knocked down, a new one seemed to take its place. His upper lip curled into a sneer, accepting the challenge, and the former Wrath forced his Firespray directly into the fray, listening to the static break up to reveal the interjections of his fellow Plagueians:

“Task Force Besh, this is Whuloc. I’m under heavy fire on the Wraith. Repeat, under heavy fire. Back-up on star flank in - ”

Silent Scream here. We’re taking a barrage here. The kriff are these ships coming from?”

“Ascendant Fleet, this is Vaeril Aeraeth. I came to visit Aliso, but it seems you’re all a bit busy? Wasn’t expecting this - could I get a little support with - ”

That last intercepted call confused Abadeer. Who was Aeraeth? A new recruit? A potentially interested ally? Whatever the case, he had to check in.

He turned to his copilot with a cold, stoic smile. The chill was evident in both his face and in the cockpit.

“Full throttle, friend. This ain’t gonna be as easy as we thought.”


Greetings, everyone, and welcome to another Dread Lord report. October is one of my favorite months (hooray for Halloween), and we're keeping you all busy for it. Let's check in and see what's ahead.


Code: Dread

The first week of our clan event has officially ended, resulting in 55 entries submitted by all of you. Not a bad number, considering we're all still a bit fatigued from the latest war, but I'd like to see us make that number bigger. Let's try...75 entries for Week 2?

Week 2 offers some opportunities to compete with teams or against an opponent. An audiobook or epic rap battle may be in your future. And of course, there are plenty of other competitions to enjoy.

If you need a reminder of where to go to find Code: Dread goodness, click right here.


DB News

Some big headlines to cover here. Let's see...

Looks like you can apply to be Voice of the Brotherhood.

Marick "Wally" Tyris, our recently retired Voice, has left some big shoes to fill. If you want to help write the future storylines of the Brotherhood, click here for information on how to apply.

Fiction not up your alley? How about applying for the Fist, then?

Drac is only temporarily taking on the gig until we get someone new to run our own gaming sector in the DB. If you're interested, click here for more info on how to apply.

Still haven't taken that post-GJW survey yet?

The Dark Council wants your feedback on Discord! Check this news post to take the survey and read about why they made some of the creative decisions they did for GJW XIII.


What's To Come

Status Update: Clan Proposal

Currently, we are in the midst of discussing the latest approved clan proposal with Mavant (the dynamic duo with the perfect ship name). I would describe the current phase as, "Clarifying and modifying." The summit is working to add more details to leadership position expectations, battle team requirements, and Rollmaster details.

Of course, we'll keep you posted as we continue the process. We appreciate everyone's patience.

After Code: Dread

While we may be in the middle of an event right now, we are not slowing down after that. In an earlier report, I showed you all a draft calendar of clan-wide events, and I want to remind you of a few things:

Starting on Halloween (October 31st), your very own hat fanatic TuQ'uan will be running a single week "sprint" event with appropriate spooky flair. Be prepared to enjoy some appropriately themed competitions.

For November, we are keeping things relatively light, mostly because there might be something fun DB-wide along the way. Ooooh, the ambiguity is enticiiiiiiing!

December will be the return of the Nightmare Before Sithmas, run by yours truly. If you participated in last year's Sithmas event, expect some more fun and festive competitions.

And finally...a potential feud.

Plagueis vs. Vizsla

It's no secret that Vizsla has shown the Brotherhood what it's made of, getting the highest amount of participation per its roster numbers and attaining third clan status. As it stands now, Declan/Pravus/Sarin/that guy and I are in preliminary talks for a potential feud between the two clans starting in mid-January.

The storyline is still under development, and of course, we will propose everything to both clans' summits for review. How we run the competition will be straightforward - similar to what we're doing now with teams, it'll be Plagueis vs. Vizsla. Most likely, we'd get outside judges to help run the event, but again, still in the brainstorming phase.

I'm excited to tell you all more in the oncoming weeks.


And with that, I think I shall conclude this report. Keep compin' it up in Code: Dread, and let's get some serious participation in! GO, TEAM HALF-CYBORGS!

Sorry. Captain's gotta support their team. ;)

Ronnie out!


Awesome report Ronovi!! Go #TeamHalfCyborg!!

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