Plagueis Proconsul Report #10: The Wrath Goes Planet Shopping


Plagueis Proconsul Report #10: The Wrath Goes Planet Shopping


Dread Lord’s Quarters

The Pinnacle - Level 195

37 ABY

Arden sat at his desk, poring over the last datapad, the lines of green text lighting up his face with forest-like creases. The latest hunt for historical data on Aliso’s bases had gone well: despite prior assumptions, the Confederacy of Independent Systems had left a copious amount of archived information for the Dread Lord to peruse. Reg, of course, had been a useful secretary, scrounging up old files and documents and transmitting them to his superior for reading purposes.

It also served as a distraction, given that in the levels below him in the Pinnacle, handfuls of dissident slaves were still being tortured and recalibrated daily. Even after the Meridian campaign, and months after Sevrin Arce’s actions against the clan had been nullified, the subjugated forces under Plagueis’s control still initiated some small, mostly individual rebellions, and it was becoming tiresome. Not only that, but the constant miniature insurrections disrupted military activity, slowed economic growth, and was an all-around headache for Plagueians who, quite honestly, had better and more important things to do.

His Wrath’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as Ronovi entered the room just as Arden’s eyes settled on a particular entry from the CIS records. They, too, had set sights on systemic expansion, just like the Dread Lord was now. He had felt isolated in recent weeks, and the Meridian campaign had put some energy back into his pulse. In order to achieve both economic stability and governmental control, he would have to think bigger. And the datapad in front of him had some answers.

“Look at this,” he told Ronovi, as the Epicanthix sat across from him and let her long legs stretch to the right of his desk. “It’s not named, but the coordinates seem sound.”

He handed the black tablet to Ronovi to scan. He watched her as she delved into the notes on what, until now, was a seemingly uncharted planet. Small, yet hospitable to most sentient lifeforms, it seemed to yield a plentiful amount of goodies. Ronovi let the air whistle through her teeth before handing the datapad back to her boss.

“That’s a lot of rare ore deposits,” she remarked.

Arden nodded. “It would explain why the CIS was so keen on colonizing the place.”

“What stopped them, you think?”

“War. What else?”

Ronovi leaned back in her chair. She didn’t even have to ask what her Consul’s strategy was. The possibility of improving Plagueis infrastructure, of advancing technology and materials for the clan’s military, of returning to a state of widespread domination like they had maintained in the Jusadih System - those were already enough reason to go forward with his plan. Arden stood up, his hands hovering over the small pile of datapads that had accumulated on his desk almost like credit chips at a gambling table.

“Call the Right and Left Wings of Dread up here,” he instructed Ronovi, just like he always did when it was time to take action. “I want to run this by them.”

Of course, he had already made up his mind.


Hello, everyone, and welcome to my tenth Proconsul report. That small fiction you just read is a prelude to our upcoming co-op event with Clan Naga Sadow, titled, “Operation: Antiquity.” The clan summits are working hard to ensure that this event is fun and engaging for everyone.

We have tentative dates starting in the last two weeks of the month for both a prologue week and the three weeks of the competition itself. Your Conseal will have an official news post about it once details are finalized and confirmed.

It has been a long time since we collaborated with Naga Sadow on an event, and I hope you all are stoked to both compete against them and work alongside them!


Clan News


I want to thank each and every one of you who participated in our plethora of New Year’s competitions that ran last month. We saw some decent participation in a few of the events, though we are always happy to take suggestions, or you can even run a competition of your own. Please contact your Quaestor and Aedile if you have ideas for a fun comp, and we’ll work with you to make the magic happen.

As of right now, there are two clan-wide competitions running - one that is appropriate for the upcoming holiday (I know, I know, Singles Awareness Day), and one that is appropriate because zombies! Click the links below to check those competitions out:

Who Loves to shoot Zombies? ENDS 2/28

[PLA] Your Valentine Has Arrived ENDS 2/28

New Arrivals

Over the past month, we have welcomed two new arrivals to Clan Plagueis. The first new member is Vacen, who appears to be a buddy of the Fist’s (bromance, amirite?) and has already gotten two promotions and a ton of Clusters of Earth. It’s great to see some activity already from this guy - glad to have you!

The second new member is Severin Daxos, not to be confused with that other Sevrin (spelling is different as well) who’s been messing with our slaves in the Song of Discord run-on. Severin started off by passing his first SA exam and got promoted to Novice right away. Welcome, my dude!

Speaking of the Song of Discord…

Arden and I freely admit that the clan run-on, as of now, has been sitting pretty idly over the past few months. While we are working on another post and moving to wrap up the storyline and move forward, we invite all of you to check in with us if you would like to add a post to it as we reach the third act. I am always happy to help with creative ideas, writing suggestions, and proofreading as needed.

If you’re not sure where we left off, the run-on takes place at the tail-end of 36 ABY, a month or so prior to the Meridian campaign/Rite of Supremacy. So please be mindful of that if you decide to post, as it will require writing your character in the past.


DB News

Jobs! Jobs! So Many Jobs!

A cornucopia of job openings has recently appeared like wild Pokémon for the taking. Specifically, the Headmaster and the Justicar are looking for some new cronies!

Seraphol is looking for two new Magistrates to the Headmaster, after Scudi/Kelly and Bentre finished their terms (nice work, Scudmuffin!). These new jobs, according to the report, will demand a lot - course rewrites, fact checking, projects, overflow, managing the SA drive. But as a former Praetor to the Headmaster and former Headmaster myself, I can tell you right now that working at the Shadow Academy is really fulfilling and worthwhile. Click the link below to check out the news posting and get more details on how to file an application.

And Bubba, our fearless Justicar, needs a whopping five positions filled at the Chamber of Justice: both the Right and Left Hands of Justice, and three Appeals Panelists. Our very own Arden and Tahiri were Right Hand of Justice and Appeals Panelist, respectively, and their service is commendable. Now it’s your chance to try your hand at working with the Lord High Executioner - er, sorry. Wrong term? Maybe?

Click the link below to read the rest of Bubba’s Justicar report and fill out the survey if you’re interested in a CoJ job:

Fist Report

Drac released his 27th Fist report (that’s a lot of reports) for your perusal. Click the link below to learn all about the status of the GMRG Leaderboard, the GMRG Invitational, and the Hearthstone Baseline - the latter of which earned Scudmuffin a Steel Cross due to their hard work on it! Read and game on!

PulseFeed News

For the second time so far, Grand Master Mav (the worst™) released a series of brief updates from each clan and what they were up to fictionally. Plagueis is no exception, and you can find our entry under the title, “In With the Old.”

Click the link below to check out what all our neighbors are doing!


Awards and Accolades

While there aren’t quite as many shinies to report this month as I reported last month, I still would like to give a couple of shout-outs before we move down the list. First of all, nicely done to Khryso Mallus for continuing to show momentum in the clan. Not only is he still a Shadow Academy beast, but he’s also started snatching crescents in clan-wide competitions. Well done, Khryso!

Shout-out also to our Karness Muur Aedile, Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae, on continuing to show up and show off in both clan-wide and Brotherhood-wide events. She is a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to puzzles and trivia! Well done, Tahiri.

Sarai Andromeda

  • Passed Character Sheets 101: Introduction SA exam

Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae

  • 3rd Place: “Darth Vader Post-RotS Comic Week 1 (100 Piece)”
  • 3rd Place: “Darth Vader Special Holiday Week Comic (100 Piece)”
  • 3rd Place: “A Forceful Holiday Puzzle”
  • 1st Place: “[PLA] Party Time”
  • 1st Place: “[PLA] Ringing in the New Year”
  • 1st Place: “January 2”
  • 2nd Place: “January Trivia”
  • 2 Clusters of Graphite

Elderran aka Kotel’derra’nura

  • 3rd Place: “Yeti’s Sithmas Sports”

Scudi Ferria

  • 72 Clusters of Fire
  • 1 Cluster of Ice
  • 32 Clusters of Earth
  • 2nd Place: “Cut 3D”
  • 2nd Place: “Houdini’s Hat”
  • Scroll of Foundation
  • 3rd Place: “[Fist] Star Wars: The Old Republic - Cluster Race”
  • 1st Place: “[FIST] HS - Rumble in the Rastakhan”
  • 3rd Place: “[Voice Workshop] Dialogue I”

Taranae Rhode

  • 4 Clusters of Earth
  • Passed Character Sheets 101: Introduction SA exam

Furios Morega di Plagia

  • 18 Clusters of Fire

Nayc Gai

  • Passed Alchemy Studies SA exam
  • 3rd Place: “Plagueis Urban Dictionary”

Arden Karn di Plagia

  • 2nd Place: “Destiny 2 - Gambit Trials - Collected Motes”

Ronovi Tavisaen

  • 2nd Place: “Plagueis Urban Dictionary”
  • 1st Place: “[PLA] A New Year’s Message”
  • 2nd Place: “[PLA] Ringing in the New Year”

Azmodius Equesinfernum

  • 1st Place: “Plagueis Urban Dictionary”
  • 3rd Place: “[PLA] Ringing in the New Year”

Khryso Mallus

  • 1st Place: “Star Wars Rogue Squadron : Battle of Endor”
  • 1st Place: “Cut 3D
  • 1st Place: “Houdini’s Hat”
  • Passed Test of Wisdom SA exam
  • Passed Poetry Studies SA exam
  • Passed Run-On Studies SA exam
  • Dark Maven - Writing
  • Passed Fiction Studies SA exam
  • Dark Savant - Writing and Philosophy
  • 3rd Place: “[PLA] A New Year’s Message”


  • 82 Clusters of Earth

Severin Daxos

  • Passed Mandalorian Studies SA exam

Gaius Julius Caesar

  • 2nd Place: “[PLA] A New Year’s Message”

Brimstone aka Seabr'imsto'nedansr

  • 3rd Place: “Wanna play a game? [D&D Parody]”


We will continue to provide you information and details on “Operation: Antiquity” as it comes, but it’s time to get on the hype train again. Tell your friends and get ready for the party, ‘cause we’re off on another planetary adventure!

Take it easy, everyone - ‘til next month!

Awesome report Ronnie :) Can't wait for the new event, exciting!!! <3 Thank goodness nobody can see me blushing right now :) :p Thanks for the shout out <3 <3

Great report, Ronovi! So stoked for the co-op event and can't wait!

Great Report!, Ronovi, I can't wait for the events

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