Plagueis Rollmaster Report #14 - Why Llamas?


Plagueis Rollmaster Report #14 - Why Llamas?



I'm going to keep this report short and sweet since we all have a lot on our plates right now. Great Jedi War 12 is in its last weekend and my message is quite simple:


While I appreciate that you might not place in every event, it's very important to the clan that you at least submit to all the bins. I'm not even asking for all the things, just one thing in each category. To prove a point, I'll admit something that isn't exactly a secret, I can't draw. I've tried, I may have even drawn a passable Verpine head once, but I just don't got it. If you can draw something that looks vaguely like what they're asking for, it counts. Use crayon if you have to (we might even have the official motivational crayon drawing around somewhere). Not the greatest fiction writer? Give it a whirl anyway, it just needs to be 500 words. Just get em in folks.

Useful End Of War Info

There's been several notes from the Dark Council of late that contain useful tips ad tricks.

  • Battleplan: Our illustrious Grand Master (and real life Army Officer) gave some tips as to writing the battleplan. The tldr on that, throw out the modern army handbook as this is space war. Also, if you submitted to part 1, check your email for a note from Evant.

  • Gaming: Dracpool put out a report with some gaming info. Tldr, just go play stuff and don't whine about BF2

  • Fiction: Our favorite small dog lover has posted a fiction and some other info. Read this one, no tldr.

Moment of Zen and Final Thoughts

First, I wanted to mention that in true Plagueis fashion, due to my work schedule and having more fun with my fiction than I had planned, I've totally had to Brimstone this report. The old timers know what that means, though thankfully my screen is intact. As for the moment of Zen, I'll just leave this here. What is it? All I'll say is that llamas are involved.

"Brimstone" (verb)

  1. To write emails, reports, and fictions on a cell phone while driving a large motor vehicle at high speeds. Ex: I'll Brimstone my report en route to my next delivery!
  2. To request Chiss variations of all things. Ex: He Brimstoned the Regent into releasing the *Btabicit'let'bah ch'etecu'ib let'ir-class luxury yacht.*

Then it wasn't a full brimstone then since I was not operating a motor vehicle

The war hype train?

So close! Its been a good run but now it's time for the sprint!

love when someone is Brimstoning it

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