Proconsul report - March 2020


Proconsul report - March 2020


Dear Odanites (and others), welcome to the PCON report.

In this short report, I will introduce an updated Novice guide, talk about some competition results and some ongoing competitions and how you can participate in them.

Novice Guide / Quarter II 2020

What is the Novice guide?

The Novice guide is intended as a short summary of the most important characters, locations and events in the history of COU, but mostly related to the most recent events. It is an introduction to you current story for new members, as well as a reminder for returning veterans.

We have updated the guide to include current recurring characters as well as the most recent important events happening in our Clan’s story. If you have any questions about the guide, contact the Summit (any leader in COU, tbh) and we’ll happily answer them.

Where can i find it?

You can find the Novice guide HERE.

Scimitar of Hoth - February

“For those uninitiated to this year-long competition, this is a year-long activity-based competition to fight for the title of “Scimitar of Lord Hoth”, which reflects one’s dedication and loyalty to the clan. Doing things together and engaging in competitions is at the heart of our club and this competition recognizes all DB activity you do. Every month, we tabulate the results and at the end of the year, the Odanite who has accumulated the most points earns the right to claim the title “Scimitar of Lord Hoth 2019” and this fancy fictional sword below.”

The month of February has seen some good activity from our members. Here is the top 5 for February:

  • 1st place: Knight Agate Gua’lara

  • 2nd place: Seer Revak Kur

  • 3rd place: Vanguard Jafits Skrumm

  • 4th place: Knight Gui Sol

  • 5th place: Lieutenant Colonel Essik Lyccane

Congratulations to Agate Gua’lara for winning her second Scimitar of Hoth in a row this year! Excellent work!

Events and competitions


“Kidnapped! A Quorahi village has gone missing. Every man, woman, and child vanished as if in an instant. Shock across the Vatali Empire as the news spreads across the system of the peaceful artisanal tribe’s Disappearance. Known for their intricate glasswork and their almost childlike good natures, outrage in the Vatali empire is practically universal. Meanwhile, a lonely call for help outside Kiast has been intercepted by SeNet. It simply reads “Help Quorahi. Slavers” along with coordinates to a slave outpost in the outer rim, specifically the planet Felucia. Intelligence has confirmed the involvement of local pirates, who are eager to rebuild their power, and has traced out a route to a Zygerrian Slaver’s outpost, where the missing village is held captive.”

There are two co-operative competitions running in the Clan at the moment.

You can find the parent competition here: Kidnapped! and the two child competitions below.

Tenixir Prison Break

A prelude event to the next large vendetta (DB-wide event) is here. Participate and enjoy competitions such as a run-on, fiction, logo creation, and NPC creation.

Read more about it in this news post!

Read more about the Tenixir system and the prison facility here!

Read the fiction here!

Here is a list of competitions for easy access:

Tenixir Prison Break


...don’t forget the Scimitar of Lord Hoth - March 2020! :)

Questions by the members

Aura asks: For our newer members, what's the best way to get your head wrapped around our Odan-Urr story?

As with most DB stories, COU’s story is complex. Not only does it have a lot of characters, events, details and plot in general, it also has many gaps from details left out or never written down on the wikipedia.

For now I would suggest reading the Novice Guide and communicating with your Summit about the current story and how it connects with COU’s history. All of us can help you with wrapping your head around it.

Aura asks: Does Vorsa get cranky when she doesn't drink enough water?

No. She just kinda dries up and becomes smaller. :P

Closing comments

Thanks for reading my report. Let me know if you have any questions :)

Where you can contact me

Usually, I am available on Telegram under the tag @MarinakaVyr or via mail (which you can find on my dossier). Feel free to talk to me at any time. :)

May the Force be with you.

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