Quaestor Report #10 | NovemBRR


Quaestor Report #10 | NovemBRR



Greetings from the freezing cold climate of Canada! Thankfully, my efforts to staying warm have so far succeeded, but have also included staying indoors basically all the time, supplementing myself with Vitamin D, and wearing two pairs of pants at the same time.

Anyways! The Reign of Supremacy happened. I want to thank everyone who came out and made such a difference for our clan by showing up and entering for all those bins! Your efforts are appreciated soo much more than you know!

We have some more topics to cover while we wait for the RoS results...


Upcoming and Current Competitions

Jorm and I will be hosting some fun, light Christmas themed competitions in the next month. Keep your eye out for that! Also, Korras will be hosting a Jedi Academy Basics Training for those that are interested. Jedi Academy is so much fun, and it works on any potato-of-a-machine!

Here are some competitions you can participate in right now:


Social Nights

To ensure that we can start surveys properly in the first place, I have developed a survey. Please take the time to fill it out!

Click me to begin the survey


For the Sake of Belarius

As some of you may know, Belarius, formerly known as Raiju, has stepped down from the role of Proconsul due to the blasted IRL. Though Excidium is very sorrowful to hear the news, we wish him the best in all of his future endeavors. As a friend, Belarius, let me publicly say I will miss you dearly and you were wonderful to work with. I hope this isn’t the last we see of you.

Because of this, Proconsul applications are being accepted for one week. Please e-mail Elincia Rei your applications. More details can be found on Eli’s latest report.


Oh Also Check These Out:

So Basicallyy…

  • Thanks for showing up for the RoS!
  • Comps happening now and coming up in December
  • Social Night Survey has been launched
  • Belarius has stepped down as PCON; applications being accepted now.
  • No #askalara this time!

Until Next Time, Crazies!


wakes from torpor

Excellent report, Alara!

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