Quaestor Report #3


Quaestor Report #3


Greetings fellow Dakhani! Welcome to QUA report 3 for the month of May!! While we wait for the official starting date of the Feud with CSP, I will dig into some of the things we have been doing over the past months behind the scenes!

Operation: Homeland

The final fiction for Homeland is out now! If you haven’t already, check it out here!

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you have not read the final fiction. Please do so before continuing reading this report!

The past four months

The past four months after Bentre and I have stepped up to assume the mantle of AED and QUA, House Shar Dakhan has been fairly active. How active you ask? Look no further! Instead of the usual individual recognition that accompanies these reports, for this report I wanted to twist this into a recognition for the entire House. In four months, from 27th January till 30th of May, House Shar Dakhan has earned the following:

  • 4273 Assorted mix of CE/CF/CI!
  • 130 Crescents
  • 6 DC
  • 1 AC
  • 3 SC
  • 1 GC
  • 3 SoF
  • 18 PoB
  • 2 DSS
  • 3 SotM
  • 1 SoI
  • 4 LotS
  • 2 SoL
  • 1 Title (Avatar of Strife)
  • 5 Knight Promotions
  • 1 EQ1 Promotion
  • 1 EQ2 Promotion

I cannot believe some of the numbers you have all pumped out since the 27th of January. We have noticed that there is a healthy balance of Clusters of Ice mixed in between the CE and CF. However, because most CI came from either Run-Ons or DJB wide fiction events, we can come to the conclusion that a few more fiction events should be run in the House for our more fictionally oriented people. Gaming seems to be stable, with most Clusters being earned by the people who get on to play Jedi Academy, especially during Gorefest.

This does make a great solid base of numbers to work on, and we will look towards increasing these numbers in the next four months! Congratz to each and every member for being a part of this awesome display of camaraderie!

Aeotheran Expansion!

Since becoming Quaestor, I have been looking at the House wiki pages and updating them to reflect the changes that happened when the Orian Assembly took over the Dlarit Corporation. Whilst still an ongoing project there is much that isn’t being used or has been used in any of the House or Clan events.

Each location will be given a thorough check, to see if it has potential to actually add something to the lore of the planet or the House. A lot of the pages were made back in the days and seemed to originate more for the need for specific people. Houses, villas, cribs etc or islands intended for specific people excluding others, and with the majority of those people having gone rogue it seemed foolish to keep it that way. With possessions supposedly coming out sometime this year, it seemed only fair to start moving away from personalized islands/resorts/houses etc.

Lor Zatean is the first to undertake transformation, currently being vacated and essentially becoming a ghost town. Criminal organizations have taken root here due to the vacancy and what the plans for the island are in the future are currently unknown. The wiki has been updated to reflect this change.

Some members have expressed frustration at not knowing exactly where they eat/sleep/train etc within HSD. Each part will have a lore explanation once the locations and facilities are finalized. I hope to bring you all more ways to interact with the planet and give you more opportunities to expand your lore and find yourself an interesting place to hole up.

Below you will find the first steps to creating such a place for each role, whether a scientist, assassin or warrior!

Research Facility

Members of HSD and HMR contain different sorts of characters. We have warriors, scientists, assassins etc. It has come to my attention that almost every category has some sort of facility they can use, except our more scientist oriented members.

Therefore we have started the construction of a research facility on one of the many islands on Aeotheran. The facility will act as a research place where healers can work on their skillsets, and the scientists amongst us can work on their secret concoctions of deadly whatevers. It will also act as the new place to harbour political prisoners or valuable targets. With the fleshing out of Mayor Arik Shathis, a NPC we will be using more often, it would only make sense that he would also push for a facility in which he could conduct his own private researches, as is per his passion.

The dungeons in Lions Tooth will no longer be used to house prisoners, as it seemed a bad place to put hostile people with Lions Tooth always becoming a target in wars. Having them bust out or get busted out would only lead to more confusion and dangerous times in strife. So with the safety of Seng Karash in mind, the research facility will now hold the prisoners. State of the art holding cells, torture tools, you name it.

The location has already been chosen, but we need you to come up with a name, and a floorplan! This is your chance to be a part of the expansion!

Military Training Facility

With recent events such as the purge of the Jedi and undesirables and the Dominion attack, it is important to ensure our troops and our members are trained correctly to handle these new aggressive attacks. The Dominion relies heavily on subterfuge, hiding in plain sight as the Clawdites mask themselves as common civilians or infiltrate our ranks and mimic members. In Homeland it became clear that no one could tell the difference between the real Darkblade and the impersonated DB. With training and careful eyes, we could equip our members with more knowledge and the faster ability to catch onto things that might seem odd or out of place.

As for Pravus, well, we need all the help we can get to prepare for something that will most likely happen.

A specialised elite training facility on Aeothoran will be built in order to better prepare the Orian Authority, CNS military and CNS members against such attacks that have recently befallen the Clan.

The location has already been chosen, but we need you to come up with a name, and a floorplan!

Monorail expansion

The monorail was built a very long time ago, only for transport to and from the mines in the outskirts of Sang Karash. With the addition of Kel Rasha and a few other places such as Lor Zatean, Pandemonium etc, we have decided to expand the monorail to include such destinations on the planet, making them accessible for all the planets citizens.

As of now the monorail connects from Seng Karash to Kel Rasha, the Gilded Archipelago, Pandemonium and Lor Zatean, which is now ghost town.

Memorial for the fallen

Bentre is designing a memorial for the fallen that will honor everyone (citizens and CNS members alike) that have fallen in service of CNS. The memorial will be placed in Sang Karash.

Tent City

Tent city was supposed to be temporary. It was erected to hold the massive influx of refugees that fled to the planet during the Alien Incursion and seemed to have been forgotten by many. It would seem that it was never removed because of this. Deciding to keep true to lore, it has been decreed that tent city has remained within Sang Kerash all these past years, but will be moved to a different location at the behest of the Mayor and Governor (acting Quaestor of HSD).

Click me for the floorplan and naming competitions!

Looking for something to do?

As always, there are projects that need to be done which would benefit greatly from your help and expertise. Now more than ever I would like to ask for your help and assistance with the current changes we are bringing to the House’ lore.

If you are interested in being a part of this please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. Shirai Dupar has already agreed to take on the daunting task of bringing the Inos wiki pages up to date which span like 10 years (real life) back!

Another task I would need help with is a new wiki page for the mayor of Kel Rasha. The “new” city has been left mayorless for years, it’s time to set that right and allow for more development in the 2nd major city on Aeotheran!

Final Words

This report probably isn’t what you are used to, but I felt it necessary to explain some of the things we are working on and why. I hope you are just as excited as I am for the new changes coming to the House lore!

As always, feel free to contact me on Telegram or email if you have any thoughts, suggestions or constructive criticism.


  • Homeland final fiction out now!
  • HSD has kicked some serious butt!
  • Aeotheran Expansion!



Excellent! And now I off with Tasha acting as her Blackguard...and I'm working on a fiction for that.

Nice report, Darkblade! Its good to see all that HSD has accomplished and have a taste of your future plans.

Wooo! My old stomping ground is kicking ass! Time to return and increase it's awesomeness value.

Looking forward to having a facility where I kind practice my healing and other things.

Way to go HSD! Scientist lives matter!

Awesome report, DB!

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