Report #7: Of Life Day Arrivals and Farewells


Report #7: Of Life Day Arrivals and Farewells

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News of the Yuletide

Well, suffice it to say, I am stuffed. I didn’t really think it was possible to eat more than I did on Thanksgiving, but, here we are. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I know that my Christmas was incredibly lovely. Peaceful, quiet, everything that I could have wanted it to be.

So! On to a few news things. First off, our Battleteam event has wrapped up! Congratulations to everyone who participated, with special laud and honor going to Atty for 1st place, Zuji for a very close 2nd place, and Grot for a strong 3rd place! We had some great submissions, and wonderful works for the next fiction update. Which brings me to the next bit of news…

It’s always sad to say farewell. But, it is with a hopeful heart that we must look ahead. As you’ve heard, Juna and Skar, after long a dutiful service as our Quaestor and Aedile, are stepping down. I’ve learned a great deal from both of them, and look forward to working with them in the future. On a happier -but still melancholy- note, I will be stepping up to take over Skar’s position as Aedile, and Qyreia will be stepping up to serve as the House’s Quaestor!

It has been an enormous honor serving you all as Spectre Cell’s Battleteam Captain, and an even greater honor to continue serving as Aedile. I consider all of you my friends, and look forward to seeing how our team develops in the future. We have bright days ahead.

Until then.

Kicky Captain, signing out.


  • We have a new Quaestor! Congrats to Q . You all better go say congrats right now, or I will find you.
  • Check out the House and Clan reports! Interesting things coming up in the future, so keep your head on a swivel for the new year!
  • Clan Taldyran is looking for a new Proconsul. It might be you! Who knows?
  • We’ve got some kind of Shadow Academy ACC competition in the works, coming in a few weeks. Very curious to see how that goes.

Spectre Cell Shoutouts!

Now, it looks like this’ll be my last time handing out this award. Spectre Cell has been a home to me like no other, and leading you has been an incredible privilege. But, there were a few people who I simply couldn’t have done it without. Two in particular, actually. So, I’m going to be breaking tradition in two ways, this time. For one, this will be the first time that the Spectre Dagger goes to two people. And, it will be the first time that it goes to people outside of the Battleteam…

To Junazee and Skar. The two leaders that showed me the ropes, and how to climb them. They have served all of us so well, and I simply can’t thank them enough. Maybe this will help, eh?

Congrats, you two. You deserve it, and so much more. But, now to the rest of the shinies!

  • Atty! With an amethyst star, four sapphire stars, an emerald star, a topaz star, and a rare quartz star! Wonderful work in the Spectre Cell comps, you!
  • Zuji! With an amethyst star, a sapphire star, four emerald stars, and a topaz star! Again, awesome work in the Spectre cell. So...helpful, eh? :D
  • Grot! With an emerald star and a topaz star! Third place in the BT comps!
  • Tyga! With a sweet ruby crescent!

Now, onto comps!


  • Last, last chance for the Selen development project! Get some good subs in, peeps, and your work might make it onto the wiki! A village, perhaps? Or maybe an NPC? Or, art of the city scape? The options are as endless as the sea, see?
  • Another Pictures in the Sound ! Pretty cool for y’all artsy types.
  • Do you wanna get hit In The Feels? Do you wanna hit someone else in the feels? Here’s the comp for it!
  • Ah, promises made, never kept. Will you be a new you in 2021? If so, this is a good comp to show it!
  • Now, for my personal favorite out of those presented, we’ve got a [Nightmare before Sithmas!( A new arrival has come to the clan...if we can keep her from the clutches of the villainous Rodrigue! Christmas themed comps for all, with fiction and RP to boot!

Now, this just favorite part. One last time, guys.


On the first day of Sithmas, the a blue Chiss asked of meeee...Kord had one question

  • What are you going to call yourself as Aedile?

Uhhhhh….yes. I’ve been thinking about this one. If I was a solo act, I’d say Kicky Commander, but I’m going to be working with a lovely new Quaestor, so I’ll probably work something out with Q. Kicky and Qek? Pinkie and Tatts? Something.

On the second day of Sithmas, a ferret sent to meeee...Techie had a few things to ask.

  • First order of business as Aedile? Second?

First order of business, figure out exactly what the House needs from her as an Aedile. Naturally, Sera’s used to working with a smaller team, a group of people that she knows personally. Working with an entire house is a taller glass of water, one that she isn’t fully sure of. But, she’s sure that it’ll work out...somehow. Second, get a new desk. The battle lizard seems to have really marked up the old one...probably the metal limbs…

  • How's that ball of yarn coming along?

Almost got the damn thing loose. Almost. Then, it got knotted in the other horn, and, and, and...

  • Eilen wants to know if Sera has any pointers on Zabrak dancing. Maybe a lesson? Only if she's not too busy, of course.

Oh, you know Sera always has time for Eilen. She’s already got a great basis for the Zabraki style, anyway. At least half of it is just pure athleticism, mastery of the body and musculature to achieve feats of amazing agility. The second half is having confidence, in your body, and in yourself. Eilen...uh...she’ll be great on that second part! Just needs practice.

On the third day of Sithmas, a lek-lek came to meeee...Tali (best master!) brought forward a few interrogatives. - Have you been bitten by the Ambition-bug already?

Is that what that thing was? It bit me on the arm, then just kinda fell over...dead. Doesn’t like the taste of Zabrak, guessing. Rude.

  • Will your term as Aedile see any changes to the dynamic between our Houses?

With some of Sera’s best friends and closest confidantes heading up Qel Droma? She would certainly hope so. She’d love to see some love between the houses, genuine support. Of course, she’ll need to convince her new Quastor of that, but she can be awfully persuasive…

  • Do you have time for some mulled wine during Sithmas? ;)

Sera’ll bring her cup! And a gift for Tali! Nice, fur-lined sleep-wear robe?

-Lastly, Congratulektions, apprentice! ^^

hug hug hug Thanks, as always.

On the fourth day of Sithmas, Wally asked me…


Because! That’s why.

On the fifth day of Sithmas, Appius questioned…

  • Who's your favourite character question person and why is it me?

Because you’re the best! That’s why. Also, need to ACC with you sometime, good to have you around.

On the sixth day of Sithmas, a turt-Lee crawled and said to meeeee…

  • Does Sera have anything she wants and/or needs for Life Day?

She doen’t have anything that she particularly needs, but she would absolutely love a new pair of good, sturdy, leather boots. Her old pair is getting really ragged in the heel. Probably kicked too many people in the face, being the kicky captain and all.

  • What is Sera’s favorite part of the holiday season?

The peace. In my head, Life Day is the one part of the year for the Zabraki when no fighting is allowed. No duels, no battles, no spars, unless you need to defend yourself. It’s a sacred thing, where all can gather and just...enjoy life. Respect each other, and find happiness in each other’s company. She’s still the kicky captain, but, it is rather special to have a day where she can just...relax.

  • What is Sera’s favorite holiday treat?

Her Nitha always made a special stew for Life Day. A pepper-loper marrow broth, left to boil and marinate for two weeks before the event, with thinly sliced bukk braised rare and mixed in with a special blend of herb. Absolute delicious, and sure to warm the hearts on a chilly desert night.

  • Any new plans for the new year?

Well, it may just be that Diy has found a link to Sera’s brother, Koren. Naturally, Sera’s going to jump at that as soon as she can. Hopefully her Quaestor is nice enough to let her take a little bit of time off to find him. Hopefully…

On the seventh day of Sithmas, Atty brought me a whole holy boatload of questions, jeeze. Merry Sithmas, you!

  • Ten words Sera would say to Ruka if it was the last time she could (cough, perhaps while leaving him behind to escape some caves with the Regent and his Praetor cough).

You have always been a brother to me.

  • Ten words she would say to Koren if she could

I will show you all that you taught to me.

  • The ten words Sera most wants to hear

You are what I needed to be better.

  • And least wants to hear

Your honor is what killed us all.

  • How's Sera and Eilen's talk about what happened going? What's she got to say to Ruka next?

That hasn’t actually happened yet. It’s on a list of things that are going to happen, in the very near future...but, probably, she just wants to tell Eilen that everything will be alright. For Ruka...well, she knows that telling him that it’s not his fault probably won’t work, because that never seems to work for him. So, instead...she’ll tell him that he’s strong enough to get better. Because he is, and he knows that she doesn’t lie.

  • Sera's impression of Cora?

“Oh! Deary dearest, what a lovely pair of pantaloons that is. Is that genuine dingbat hide, with a tie for the crotch-seam? Oh, so summer season, but you look ravishing in-...oh, not one of those impressions?”

She thinks that she and Cora are kindred souls, in a way. An assumption on her part, because she hasn’t gotten to know him super well, but her senses tell her that he tries to do much the same thing that she does. Be a light where she is needed, for who needs her. Maybe even if they prefer the dark…

  • Sera excited for Attyrick Babu?

I mean, yes. A birth is a big thing in the tribes. Everyone comes out to greet the new arrival. From the moment of crowning until the babe’s name is chosen, they wait in dead silence. Then, when the name is chosen by the mother and announced, they greet it, with one voice. That’s the tradition for Sera’s tribe, anyways...and one that hasn’t been practiced in a while. It’s been years since there was a birth in her tribe. So, in summary...yes, she’s excited. New life is special, especially when snatched from the very jaws of fate.

  • What makes Sera laugh?

Life. Sera loves life, loves living it, and thusly finds reason to laugh at almost everything. Dumb, silly things like her and Ruka tripping during their run, one of Diy’s flirty jokes, the dopey expression that Eilen or Karran can get when they’re not looking, how seriously Q takes things. She laughs at misfortune and folly, even when they can be painful to her. Especially when they can be painful to her, really. It can help to laugh when you’ve just been punched in the face or stabbed in the gut. Puts things in perspective...but….

-What makes her smile fail?

Other people’s pain. Especially when she can’t help them. Especially when she caused it. I’m not just talking the aches and pains from sparring or fighting, but pain on a deeper level. Cruelty and callousness are her antithesis, and while I joked about the torture thing the other day, she would never, ever seek to inflict suffering on anyone if she can help it. It just...goes against her. Who she is. She can’t see something like that and keep her smile up.

  • If Sera were to be responsible for a death or failure under her command, how would she react?

Oh, it would wreck her. She places all of her trust in people, and hopes to be trusted back. Really, a part of her lives through the happiness of those around, to fail them, means that she fails a key part of herself. It’s one of the key faults to her will, and will remain a weakness of hers for a long time...probably until it actually happens, and she needs to deal with the consequences.

  • Would Sera rather be loved or be respected?

To her, there simply can’t be love without respect. It...just doesn’t function. She would never claim to love someone -to truly love them- if she didn’t also respect them.

-if Sera was handed a baby or left to care for a child, how would she respond?

How do babber function? How is babby formed? In all seriousness, though, she knows her stuff. Her Nitha, Setle, was widely regarded as one of the greatest midwives in the badlands, and she taught Sera with an iron hand. She knows how to do swaddling, how to make a papoose, the best temperature to keep a (Zabraki) baby at and the best ways to get them to eat. She’s never gotten to practice any of that, but she knows how to do it. Beyond that...well, she loves little kids. Kindred spirits. But, they do make her sad. There were very few children while she was growing up in her tribe. She was one of the last to survive into adulthood, with so many young Zabraki leaving the she has done. There’s also extraneous reasons, but suffice it to say that she knows her stuff.

  • if Sera had to choose a sense to give up, which would it be?

In all honesty? Sight. You can smell a meal cooking, taste a lover’s kiss, feel the warmth of a sunrise, and hear the joy of a song without seeing them. It would be a terrible, terrible loss. To never see the faces of those that she loves again, to never see a tattoo again. But, with the Force, she would keep on living. Fighting. Y’know, Sera things.

  • Would she ever get tattoos besides her tribal ones? Eg, a symbol or know...other tattoo stuff

Of course! To her, the tattoos are a tapestry, a mural, a work of art designed to be added upon. The pattern of their swirls is specifically designed to incorporate new script, whether that be the tattoos that two spouses receive on their wedding day, or the silver tattoos of a tribal chief. While non Zabraki tattoos can’t be “read” as easily as the tribal ones, they are just as valuable, bringing art and meaning and beauty to empty skin. Of course, because Sera’s are perfectly symmetrical, a tattoo that goes on one side has to go on the other…

  • when Sera looks at Ruka's tattoos, what does she see? Zabraki customs vs Mirialan ones

Well, she can’t exactly read them like she can Zabraki tattoos, but she can identify meaning and put them to the person. Mirialan tattoos, she believes, signify achievements. Great feats. For Ruka, she’s sure those feats are...well, great. Saving lives. Protecting the innocent. And, simpler things, with even greater import. Caring for his family. Loving his siblings. Carrying so much weight upon his heart. She definitely noted that his facial tattoos match Cora’s, at least the pantoran framing tattoos. Wedding marks are a part of Zabraki culture, too.

  • Which Disney princess is Serry

Somewhere in between Mulan and Pocahontas. Her movie ends with her carrying her prince/princess/indeterminate back to her tent. For horn polishing. Yes.

  • what particular physical qualities does Sera find attractive vs turn offs? It's all well and good to say our characters are on various sexual spectrums and may love regardless of appearance, but facts is people have preferences. Is she less big on scales? Slime? Lipless mouths? Smooth skulls instead of horns? Fur? Interested Eilens want to know.

Well, to start, health, vitality, physical fitness, all physical/visual traits that are really big for Sera. I mean, it’s partially evolutionary. In the tribes, finding a physically capable mate is important, even if they don’t stick around. You can see it in some of her romantic partners, or near-misses, in Arcona. Karran, picture of a strong, vital Zabrak. Diy is incredibly athletic as well, outpacing Sera in some physical respects, as is Eilen. For near misses, you’ve got Strong, with the Herculean physique, and Avery, who is at least aesthetically fit. Most important, though, are the eyes. Windows to the soul, you know? She feels like she can see a great deal through someone’s eyes...and pretty eyes work wonders on her. Other things? You’ve gotta have teeth, and she’s really, really picky about personal hygiene as well. Cold blood/cold skin is a no, and she’s also probably against sleeping with someone who can’ to her? So, language? Is that physical? I don’t know. Other things really don’t bother her at all. Fur is a slight oddity, because most Zabraks don’t have any body hair at all, but she doesn’t mind it a bit.

  • what's her drink of choice? We know you're a juice man, but Serry?

Serry mainly drinks hard, high-proof stuff without much flavor, since that’s what she grew up on in the tribes. You get your choice of Zabraki-tequila, spiced or unspiced, and that’s it. But, her true favorite drink is called the Desert Bloom. Think a tequila sunrise, with a dash of chili powder and topped with a sweet, sugary desert flower that may or may not have slight hallucinogenic or aphrodisiac properties. It was her first every sugary drink when she got to visit one of Iridonia’s cities as an adult, and it’s still the first thing she tries to order whenever she makes it to a bar.

  • Someone has mysteriously decorated every possible doorway in the Citadel with mistletoe, oh no, oh dear, how very silly. What's Sera do?

Find a heavily trafficked corridor, and lay in wait. :D

Well. Yeah, that’s it. All done. This has meant a great deal to me. All of you mean a great deal to me. I really mean that, and I can’t wait to see what our future holds.

Bun pic for the road? Bun Pic 7

Welcome to Aedilehood! In so excited for you and our House.

This is a really solid report, my friend. Keep it up. And Congrats on the promo!

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