Scholae Palatinae Aedile Report


Scholae Palatinae Aedile Report

So we wrap up another month together. It’s time to discuss what we’ve accomplished and what lay ahead. We have had a light competition month, but still things continue to change for the better, as different major events await us over the next six months. I hope we all can find the time to work together and have some fun together in the coming months.

You will see some changes to my report this month. Xen has maintained his schedule and format for a long time. His report hits a wider audience, and gives a very broad update monthly. I am going to focus mine on internal fictional ongoings in our system, go into major activities that are coming up and discuss what I know, and then go into accomplishments as usual and opportunities you can always email me about.

Imperial News Net

The Emperor has run into some personal trouble, and required the skill and discretion of the Dark Jedi of the House. All the different Battle Teams worked together, and against each other, to help clear his good name and restore order and peace. All bets were made clean and the ‘situation’ is considered closed.

For their superior contributions to the cause above all other units, Battle Team Acclivis Draco has been named the First Team of Scholae Palatinae. It’s a title they will hold for their efforts through the coming conflicts both in the name of the House and Brotherhood until some point that it comes time to challenge the title and call to arms again to sort it out.

Imperial Scholae Intelligence continues to gather intelligence and track down Fias Zhan. Much of what is being found is classified or it’s simply too early to draw any conclusions from what is being discovered. They will continue their efforts until we have enough to stage a final offensive. As usual, he is declared as a top enemy of the Emperor.

Major Events

  • Fading Light: Coming up is the final round of the DJB wide conflict known as Fading Light. This will start up next Friday on October 10th, and I am sure you will see an individual announcement on it. As we prepare for that, there will not be any competitions running in the House. Head over to the Shadow Academy or polish up your Character Sheet or Wiki if you have some extra time and prepare for what’s to come.
  • Looking Home Campaign Judecca: In November you will start to see more details of this as we prepare for our final part of a long campaign called the Looking Home Campaign. For those not around when it started, looking at all these Sith Worlds during the Dark Crusade gave the idea to give some look inside. It will be a great opportunity to leave your name and mark on the House, and while I only have limited details Xen assures it’s amazing. I anticipate a late November early December type timeline.
  • Great Jedi War: Right now this is planned for January of next year. Fading Light will be light, and the Looking Home event will be unit focused, but the Great Jedi War is the chance for Novae and glory at a DJB wide level. You’ve already seen Xen solicit for some feedback, and I expect a great story and a lot of fun times for everyone including some character development.


The following are medals and promotions, with the exception of clusters, which were awarded since the last report. Congratulations to everyone, I hope nothing was missed.

  • Argon Ravenblack: Promoted to Novice
  • Arthadonis Kalderis: 1 Crescent
  • Delak Krennel: Promoted to Dark Jedi Knight, 1 Pendant of Blood, 3 Crescents
  • Eetherbiail: 1 Crescent, Dark Maven Writing
  • Evant Taelyan: 3 Crescents
  • Flelm: 1 Crescent
  • Kazuki: Promoted to Protector
  • Kell Palpatine Dante: 1 Scroll of the Master, 2 Crescents
  • Kor Vaal: 1 Dark Cross, 1 Crescent
  • Koryn Thraagus: 1 Scroll of the Master
  • Lucyeth: 4 Crescents, Dark Maven Combat, Dark Savant History and Lore, Dark Savant Writing and Philosophy
  • Ulfsark: 1 Dark Cross, 5 Crescents
  • upsidexump: Promoted to Novice
  • Xantros: 7 Crescents
  • Zagro Fenn: Promotion to Dark Jedi Knight, 7 Crescents


  • Wiki: As always, the summit strives to maintain a comprehesive detailed account of our history, and current state to assist in properly representing Scholae Palatinae fictionally. If you are interested in helping out and taking on a project please let me know. Of course, each team has their own work to maintain so you can also contact your Battle Team leader.
  • Careers: This is still a work in progress. As an example recently we discussed with Flelm on his return, and gave him command of one of our squadrons of TIE Defenders. Eventually I think the goal here will be a Military Command type organization similar to the Empire’s structure, that all officers report into. Dark Jedi will be part of that command and assume control of detachments of the main force as necessary. Goal here, is to give everyone as much flexibility as possible to fictionally be exactly what it is you want to be. Hope we can reach a point this works I will mention in this month and probably bring it back up later when we have more.


As always you can head to the competitions page on the website for a full list of activities.

House Scholae Palatinae Specific

Right now we aren’t running anything House wide, having just wrapped up the Family Heirloom event, and with Fading Light coming in a few weeks.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Wide


A list of important reports of the last month.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood
Scholae Palatinae


We tried something a bit different with the recent competition, and hopefully you all enjoyed the introduction and the events themselves. I had a lot of fun reading or reviewing all the entries and it gets me excited for what we can accomplish as a unit.

I don’t have a whole lot to expand on that isn’t already covered. We have a few months of major competitions, and hopefully following that we see some great rewards and grown in our team and we can all dream up the next big awesome thing together.

Keep having fun everyone. For the Empire!

In Darkness, Evant Taelyan Aedile of Scholae Palatinae Praetor to the Master At Arms

Fist Bump Hella report. Such information. :D

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I like first team of Scholae. Guess I should think of a fancy nickname or some kind of pun for that lol

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