Scholae Palatinae Consul Report #12


Scholae Palatinae Consul Report #12

Consul Report

The end of the first month of 2016 is finally here! The long biting cold of winter is another month closer to being gone, and the mighty wheel of the Empire continues forward.


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - FIST or BUST!

Earlier this month, our wonderful and long standing FIST, Valhavoc, released what is his final report. Sitting as FIST since mid 2013, he has had a brilliant and long run as the overseer of the club’s gaming workings. So I want to give him a huge shout out for his impressive tenure on the DC.

That said, this obviously means there is now a DC position open for applications. Per Sarin’s news post, applications will be open until the 15th of February (with them of course holding the right to close it early). So if you happen to be EQ1 or higher, and have a mighty passion for the gaming in the club, go out and get those applications in!


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - New World Order

By now, hopefully all of you have had a chance to partake of the the thrilling ride that was Episode VII. Obviously the new canon SW universe holds some massive changes for our own corner of the SW universe. As Sarin has mentioned multiple times there will be a move to fit us into this new universe. While this will mean some tuning from the DC to Clans to Individual Character Histories, it will be a necessary and in the long run, beneficial change. Sarin is working on the information, along with a fiction to help transition us to the new canon. As soon as I have more information about this process, I will be emailing the clan on it.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - The Paladin

As we try to do once a quarter, looking back on the last few months to our last Dark Paladin awarding, there have been a lot of contenders for it. The clan has been kicking it up to eleven with life over the last few months.

That said, for this addition to the halls of Dark Paladins is going to Jorm Na’trej. Jorm has been killing it with activity, bringing in members to the clan, poking others to excel, and spawning all manners of long discussions in the clan.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Coming Soon to a Empire Near You!

This year is going to see some big things coming at us. As some of you may be aware, Elincia has started up rounds of focused training on different facets of the club. This will continue going forward, with several talented people from the clan stepping forward to make us all a bit better than we currently are. Ideally this will evolve into a continuing workshop of support and feedback by everyone.

February is going to see more events run by the members on a house and clan level. January has seen a kick ass effort by Delak pitting our Shadow Guard in an alliance with Tarentum’s Grey Wolf battle team. We are going to see the addition of a new BT to our roster in House Excidium in the coming month, headed by Shadow Nighthunter, and hopefully we will be able to see some fun interactions between them and Shadow Guard as well.

Starting up at the end of February, we are going to have our next House Feud. We’ve seen a lot of life from old veterans and new members alike since our last one. As a reminder, our last House Feud back in July 2015 saw House Excidium crowned the victors. I know it will be a race to the finish this time between our houses.

This has been brought up in the past, but there is going to be a push for the return of the strong Clan Feuding from days of old. Coming Late Spring/Early Summer we will be having one of these feuds. by enthusiastic request of members from both clans, we will be waging war against the forces of Naga Sadow! Locke, Cethgus, Eether, and myself are all super excited about this, and expect it to be a photo finish. So get ready.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Ask The Xen

Eether asks: why is my job primarily outside and I freeze my butt off most of the time?

  • It is winter and I’m pretty sure they were upfront about that in the hiring process.

Alara asks: what is a pet I can invest in that will be worth the money, and won't die ?

  • All pets die, but the obvious answer for best pet is a dog.

Lexic asks: have you read any good books lately? Are you excited for deadpool? Are you celebrating V Day? TELL ME GOOD SIR!!

  • I’ve begun reading the Malazan Book of the Fallen series for the first time. Pretty good so far. Yes I am excited for Deadpool, and that is what I will be doing most likely valentine’s day weekend.

Blade asks: If I sent you unrelenting videos of whining puppies and some toblerone, would they persuade you to award me a Sapphire Blade?

  • I do love me some puppies and toblerone, but something tells me that alone wouldn’t be enough to drive me to convince the MAA staff to just give out an SB. :P

Cruise asks: Can we convince you to be first CON to hit 10 straight years?

  • Not planning on quitting yet, but, 10 years would be pushing it I think. Lets get through 2016 first. :P

Cyris asks: Can I have your share if you die?

  • I believe this is the first call of dibs so by the ancient right of that sacred contract, sure.

Lexic asks: What questions should we ask you? :P

  • Obviously I’m answering all manner of stuff!

Lexic asks: What is a Dark Paladin?

Jorm asks: If Evant and Arch were to retire to Naga Sadow... first, can I have the Warspite, second, just how many seconds would you hesitate before you pointed me their way?

  • Yes and a tearful/respectful 3-5 seconds.

Cruise asks: with possessions coming out soon, is there anything in particular that the Clan is looking to lockdown first i.e. Ships, weapons, etc?

  • It's been pointed out a few times that fleet resets are going to be pretty much a guarantee at this point. So it will be some tinkering to see where we get with what’s available. Though I do rather like the lovely Resurgent-class SDs that were shown in Episode VII. New SD flagship the Vismorsus anyone? :P

Lexic asks: what is Imperium and Excidium to the Empire? What does he demand from each individually?

  • What a serious question? Get out of here! Imperium is our more straight laced procedural Imperial Unit. Organized, structured, respected throughout the system. Excidium is our covert decentralized agents of chaos and do the bad things we need done team. In the end they are just opposite sides of the same coin, doing whatever it takes to protect and better the Empire.

Reiden asks: However unlikely it may be to occur, what do you think would happen if I got Dark Paladin or Palpatine... or, god forbid, both? (Purely hypothetical situation, obviously)

  • Well, you would get your name on either of those two wiki pages, and in the event of a Palpatine, add the title to your dossier, and if you wished your name. Same as it is for anyone else who gets either. The world would keep on spinning just fine though. :P

Delak asks: are there anymore Palpatines scheduled to be named coming up?

  • Yes

Arch asks: as emperor, do you think the cocytus system would have a religious cult, believing that you are the all-great pumbar?

  • My ego likes to think so

Lexic asks: I'm terrible at ACC, how do I get better?

  • Read a lot, read other battles, ask questions, partake in our coming ACC training program!

Blade asks: Will the DJB support pets?

  • We allow for personal pets and such now. I know possessions is suppose to add a lot of things such as a droids, and eventually NPC support. I do not know how/if pets factor into it. I hope they get included however.


There you have it. January is at an end. Expect the next report to include the opening of the House Feud, along with the State of the Empire address and review from all the leaders in the clan. February 24th marks our official 1 year mark as a clan again!

For the Empire!

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Love it! I believe in Xen. Great stuff CSP!

Excellently excellent report, dude! Congrats to Jorm, I do believe the best maniac won.

#XenFiles #IWantToBelieve

CSP doing what we do. Awesome stuff. Keep doing great things people. Never a dull amount, always free from drama, and just about pure friendship and fun. Add those combos together with the recent growth and who knows what heights we will grow to. Keep it up Papa Xen, might need to throw you into a Bacta tank for a bit so we can see you hit 10 years!

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