Scholae Palatinae Consul Report #25


Scholae Palatinae Consul Report #25

Consul Report

It is time for another Consul Report! I want to keep this one shorter than last time, given the mountain of info that dropped. I hope everyone has been enjoying reading up on the Caperion system, and partaking in the feed of introduction competitions that have come out about the system. You can expect this to continue as we move towards the system 2.0 launch, but before then, we have a war.


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - Club Updates

There are numerous club updates that have happened over the last month, all of which are important to keep in mind.

First up there are two things from our Fist. Galaxy of Heroes, the very popular mobile game, had a temporary suspension. There were issues of the system being abused, and difficulties verifying screenshots as valid. The Fist team had a very quick turnaround in finding a new way to score things for this game, which you can check out what screen they want here. Additionally the “incentive” clusters given for competitions like GoH or other mobile games are coming to an end. Still plenty of reason to participate, but don’t expect to see a couple extra clusters get thrown at you for it. These are primarily single player competitions, and clusters, both fire and earth, really are for multiplayer efforts.

From the Herald, and the most magical James, comes the addition of the new warbanners request form. Several months ago there was an updated function added to the site to manage custom images, but the warbanners were not included at the time. That has now been resolved, so everything from custom weapons for you who can get them, to warbanners are now requested via the “Request Custom Graphics” link on your admin menu.

The recent addition of NPCs (which I know a LOT of you have been really enjoying!) also has brought with it the question of how to document these character’s histories. Traditionally you would just link the individual wiki page for your character and go about your day. With an added Alternative Character option, along with NPCs this was in question. The official decision from the T:W is that your ALTERNATIVE character can be classified just like your main character, while the other NPC slots must be categorized as NPCs. This affects the categories they go into on the wiki, the infoboxes, and how they link to your dossier.

The MAA has also updated some policies regarding competition running. I know a lot of you are particularly creative, and thus run a lot of different competitions, so this especially applies to you. All competitions must be closed within 45 days, if you don’t, you will not get credit for running it, or the credits given for running them. Also make sure not to “pad” your competitions with unnecessary co-organizers. Possessions has added credits to be earned from running things and they are going to continue to crack down on people trying to abuse the system to get unearned credits. Play nice and fair and you won’t have anything to worry about.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - The Coming War

Yes, the Great Jedi War is coming. The exact start date hasn’t been locked in, but it will be this summer. For those of you who have never experienced a GJW, they are something an incredible amount of work goes into by the DC, and then work from every single active member in the club. If you think our Clan Events, or Feud was big, be prepared to witness something that makes them look small.

You can expect to see some preliminary lead up as it gets closer to kicking off. I can also tell you it will involve some ACC work, so if you want to to try to take a piece of that sweet sweet bragging rights, brush up on that ACC system.

You will note that recently we’ve had a battleplan competition, along with nearly always running fiction, and graphics competitions. All of these are great practice to keep your skills honed for the war to come.

Obviously, it would be great to win this thing. But it is more important to have fun while it runs. You will see a LOT of emails, comments, and motivational efforts by all of us on the summit team. We want to win, we want to have the highest participation rate, and we want you all to have an absolutely blast getting there. The war is an all hands on deck event.

This does not mean you should cheat, abuse the system, or do anything questionable at all.

Nearly every single large scale club vendetta results in someone somewhere trying to abuse or cheat their way to victory. They always end up caught. They always get in trouble. We are a team and here to support each other to have fun. Nothing in this club is worth cheating or robbing others of receiving their rightfully earned rewards. This war please don’t do anything to waken the Jac. Play fair, play hard, and kick ass. But do it with some honor and class guys. The real victory for us is coming together in a huge event and pushing ourselves to be the best we can be.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - #AskTheXen

Featured Question

Dek asks: Where do you hope to see the Clan a year from now? What does it look like?

  • My realistic hopes of where the clan is a year from now, is one that is stronger, bigger, more tightknit, and sitting with a healthy sense of ego. Obviously we have the war to get through in the near future. Winning would be amazing, but seeing a strong showing from a majority of the clan, and having members help push each other in it would be even more important to me. While winning and bragging rights are awesome, it's the close bonds we’ve formed a clan that keeps me going, and what I hope to continue to foster as our clan continues to develop over the coming years.

James asks: How have you not died from the stress of being CSP CON?

  • That’s my secret. I am already dead.

Wally asks: is the new system a whole new world? Shinning, shimmering, splendid?

  • From a proud and excited view point, yes it is! Caperion is an awesome system and we couldn’t be more excited to show of the shining shimmering splendid of the system. From a more literal sense. No it isn’t. We have a volcano planet and a planet where it rains acid. Its far from being a singular paradise. But full of adventure, danger, and a thrilling future for the clan.

Archangel asks: why do you suffer the heretic (reiden) to live? He is unworthy of your pity, or even your scorn!

  • See above, I’m dead already. The dead don’t pity or scorn.

Wally asks: is Xen now the Pathfinder for CSP, or does that duty fall on someone else?

  • As much as I would like to continue stroking my own ego of awesomeness, the official duty of “pathfinder” fell on the shoulders of all active members of CSP during our Excursions event. In the end Xen just got to say “this place” and “this place” is pretty freaking awesome.

Lexic asks: will you be participating in the war?

  • Yes and/or duh. I’m super excited for the war (and an unhealthy amount of stressed about it) and will most certainly be pumping out submissions for everything I possibly can. There aren’t a ton of major scale events that go on that I can get a chance to participate in (seeing how I either run or help plan the smaller clan events, feuds, co-ops).


There you have it guys, another Consul report. Keep gearing up for the war! It is going to hit soon!

For the Empire!

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Good report, boss. Can't wait to try my hand with more system stuff, and even looking forward to the upcoming GJW :D

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