Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report


Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report

Quaestor Report

Hello Scholae Palatinae! October is quickly coming to an end, as is the final Fading Light Round on Nicht Ka! Competitions are still on going so there is still time to take home the gold (or silver, or bronze)! Lots of stuff going on, so lets dive right into it.


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - No, Not Nicht Ka!

I know by now a lot of you must be tired of the emails about Fading Light, but don’t worry, it ends on the 2nd, so soon there will be no more emails about it. Yes there is going to be more of a break down below, but first, here are some important things that have nothing to do with Nicht Ka at all!

First up, big news regarding the Promotion Guidelines for our Journeymen. Mainly there has been a removal of a lot of the “hard” requirements, opening things up for more options for several of the promotion ranks. Aabsdu mentioned there will be even more changes down the line, but for the time being, you all should check out the changes he listed in his news post. As always if you are working on these ranks, and need some extra guidance/clarification, I’m always glad to help. You should never feel an advancement is impossible or too hard, or too confusing to get. We definitely don’t always see things the same way as others, so something may make sense to us, but is confusing to you. Don’t ever feel a need to hesitate to ask. As a secondary MAA announcement, Aabsdu also announced that they are doing away with the old system of giving fancy names to medal counts, because no one ever remembered what a Dark Cross with a Unicorn meant anyway (not a real one but honestly, I never even looked at what those were suppose to be), so now you should be seeing them all as simple DCx4 or whatever for the count of how many you have. Its cleaner, and doesn’t involve extra steps to look up how many you actually have.

There has also been some Gaming changes/additions. First off Destiny has been officially added as a tier 2 game. I know I certainly have been enjoying playing Destiny on my PS4 so this is pretty exciting news. Also it offers a chance for some Pendants of Blood for leveling up characters, and those can be pretty difficult to get a hold of. There has also been an addition to the JA Server list, thanks to Turel, I know several of you are still really into JA so make sure to check out what servers are up and running. Val has also updated the Gaming Information wiki page to list information of the various Club Guilds/Clans in various games people play. It includes bigger games like Destiny and SWTOR, to mobile games like Star Wars: Commander.

The job of Professor of CORE Studies has opened up for applications. These are pretty frequently taken exams, as many of the newer members take them to fill in promotion requirements. Applications for this are due November 8th.

And in a final bit of DJB News, Sarin is now running a Halloween Costume competition! So if you happen to be dressing up as a Star Wars related thing for Halloween, be sure to check this out.


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - Yes, Nicht Ka!

If by now you are unaware that the final Fading Light round is running, then you obviously have been ignoring all emails, and not visiting the DJB site, and that probably means you aren’t reading this right now either. For the rest of you I wanted to give one last convenient break down of the events and what is at stake here.

Many of you will recall, last year we had the Dark Crusade, which featured multiple rounds of us fighting One Sith forces on various planets that had historical Dark Side importance. Fading Light has been this years slower and more relaxed continuation of that, first seeing a run-on event, then the ACC tournament. This is currently the last of these, with a more traditional round with traditional type competitions. Each Nova earning submission will earn points for their unit, and the unit with the most points win. As an added bonus, there are several Capital ships available to win (for free!) for the top placing units. Those ships usually run a lot of fleet points, so are rarely ever purchased by units. By way of an example, we here in Scholae Palatinae have 3, The NSD Excidium II, The ISDII Warspite, and The ISDII Indomitable.

As always participation in these events, is an excellent way to earn some merit rewards, seals of the crusader, some hard to earn nova, and big bragging rights for yourself. Also they are really fun to work on!

There are 5 total competitions for this Fading Light round:

Fiction: If you read Sarin’s opening fiction, titled “Traitors”, it should be no surprise there is a traitor among the members of the Dark Council. This fiction involves that issue. It is a minimum of 1000 words, which may look like a lot of words, but really, it goes very quickly.

Graphics: This is a pretty straight forward graphics event, that features you “designing” the inside of the fortress on Nicht Ka. Specifically the related traps that are found within it. I know a lot of you think you need some fancy program like photoshop or something to complete this, but if you have a pen, paper and a camera you can easily draw something and get it upload for this event. And lets be honest, who doesn’t want a chance to design their own Indiana Jones-esque trap filled fortress?

Gaming: Gaming this round is a straight forward tier 1 PVP event. All matches have to be played against people in other units to count for this, but if you like Jedi Academy, SWTOR, Starcraft 2, or Pazaak, you can get a few matches in, earn some Clusters of Fire, and get some credit for this.

Puzzle: This is a fun addition to some of the more typical competition types. A logic based puzzle will be presented to you when you subscribe to this competition. Solve it and input the solution. Fastest most correct answers will win, so make sure to subscribe only when you are ready to work on solving the puzzle!

Trivia: Like the puzzle, this is a timed event, however, the timer does not start when you click subscribe. The trivia features questions about the Crusade and Fading Light rounds/associated fictions. When you are ready to work in it, there is a link within the competition that will take you to an SA Exam type page, where you can answer the trivia questions. It is fairly difficult, but remember you can look up information from all over the website including wikipedia pages and old reports.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - The Best of the Best

I want to do a quick member highlight/congratulations for things that have happened over the past month. We’ve had several promotions all of which are super awesome. Kor Vaal made it to Dark Jedi Knight, which is a huge accomplishment. Ulfsark was promoted to Jedi Hunter. Kazuki and Arthadonis Kalderis both made it to the rank of Guardian. upsidexumop made it to Protector. And, Rayna Krennel made it to Novice! Great work from all of you!

Secondly, It is time to name another Dark Paladin. After talking it over with Evant, we both agree that for this quarter, the title should go to Koryn Thraagus. This is the second time he has been named since the creation of it back in 2007. This also makes him the first Scholae Palatinae member to move on to the Second Circle and become a Paladin of the Sun! Koryn has been serving as our Rollmaster since January 2013, a very difficult job and one he has and continues to do splendidly. His longterm commitment to Scholae Palatinae, strong work ethic and excellent work helping our Journeymen made him our choice for this quarter’s Dark Paladin!


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Judecca the Beautiful

Obviously the other major long running thing this year has been our Looking Home Campaign. With the end of the Fading Light, and the GJW happening early next year, I’m shooting for this final phase to occur across the entire month of December. I know there are finals and holidays and what not, but my goal is for a lot of fun and interesting things that you can pop into working on when you find time. The run-on for example will be pulled back into a full house one, instead of teams, and I’ve already begun compiling different ideas for some out there kind of competitions. Nothing has been set in stone other than my plans for the timeline and plot line of it. Obviously since the main event will be kicking off December 1st, there will be a great deal more details coming to you all through out November.

That said, I am planning a bit of a different lead up to it kicking off. The previous rounds, were announced and when they kicked off there was an opening fiction and event summaries. By way of a reminder, those opening fictions are stored in our section of discourse. There will be a rather lengthy opening fiction this time as well. However throughout November you will get fairly regular “News Updates” from me. These also will be posted in the same thread on discourse.

As a bit of an explanation of what these will be, there will be two kinds of of “news” sent out. Firstly there will be News Updates that are what everyone of the Cocytus System would be seeing. These will be spun as if run through our lovely system propaganda machine, so they will have a very Pro-Empire, nothing to worry about vibe to them. The second type of “news” will be dispatches from House leadership to members of the House. These will be the more direct information snippets of what we know Zhan is up to, and what is happening with our own forces moving to secure Judecca. Neither of these are “traditional” fiction updates. I’m giving a bit of advanced warning on them because I know when they start getting sent out people will think they are odd. None of them are going to be “critical” to know for context when this last round kicks off, but I’m hoping it gives a cool different approach to the immersion of the event. I think they are going to be pretty cool, but I’m a bit biased.


Thats it for this report guys. Don’t waste these last few days of Fading Light, and prepare for the hype-train in lead up to our grand finale against Fias Zhan! Also, the new Star Wars mobile game is out. Star Wars Galactic Defense is a tower defense game. I’ve been playing a little bit of it, and it is pretty fun. My ID for the game is Xenmordin#1 for whenever the search for friends thing works.

For the Empire!
Xen'Mordin Vismorsus
Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae

Congrats to Koryn! + great report.

Congrats to all the Journeymen and to Koryn for making Dark Paladin! I need to ask, how sure are you that a fiction will be kicked off?

What do you mean? "Bigger" events always tend to start off with a fiction to set the mood for the event. In this case I'm going to be doing a lead up to the more normal opening fiction. I don't know if it is going to increase interest or anything but I think it is pretty cool and immersive.

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