Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report - The War Continues


Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report - The War Continues

Quaestor Report

Hello Scholae Palatinae! It’s QUA Report time, here in the middle of the Great Jedi War! I’ve got the break down of how awesome you all are, and the helpful reminders and hints to help see you through to the end.


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - GJW Round 1

Round 1 Results are still forth coming (grading and judging these things is a ton of work), but I just wanted to (re)go over the awesome participation we had in round one.

Round 1 fiction. There was a total of 86 fictions sent in for round one. Out of those we 16 of them. Thats 18.5% of all the fiction submissions. That is also 35% of the house submitting to it. I know from the email chains at the start of the war, that many of you feel fiction is the “scary” one of the events. You see a minimum word count of 750 and think “So many words!” It really isn’t. I’m here all the time to proof, give feedback or just talk at as you figure out a story line. You can ask Evant, I’m really good at being talked at. :P

Round 1 Graphics competition saw 19 different submissions, meaning we accounted for 18% of the total graphics submissions. That is super awesome.

Round 1 Gaming saw 13 people rock out with JA and TOR. This is a 17.8% (Seeing a theme in percentages yet?) participation of the total submissions.

Round 1 Puzzle saw 26 people submit. This was obviously the most submitted to event of round 1, as any of you who had internet access to the site could participate in it.

In total that brings us to 74 different submissions to round one. Thats a 160% participation rate. There were seven of you who also managed to hit all four events! (I was sadly at 3/4 as I couldn’t do any of the gaming.) This blew my hopeful estimates of participation out of the water. You guys really delivered on the activity for the first round. Give yourselves a pat on the back because you really deserve it.


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - GJW Round 2 and Team Events

Round 2 is now several days in. Several of you didn’t waste any time in getting fictions, graphics, and gaming time in. As of right now I’m seeing 16 different people having participated in gaming which is awesome! I’m going to break down all four round 2 events, and the other 3 team events so none of you can claim you had no idea. :P

Fiction: This, much like the round 1 fiction, is another tale of war on Korriban’s Surface. The prompt for it will give you the specifics of whats going on, but there is an important additional rule to this fiction. This fiction must in some way prominently feature at least one of the several NPC characters we have come across from the Crusade and War. This individuals have character sheets on record so you can get a good look at the basic level of character traits so that you may more realistically write your fiction. There is Colyn “Tusken” Skybender, Synin Torin, Darth Necren, Rhiaen Ust’essi, and Connor Grey. How you use any of these characters is up to you. They can be POV, allies, enemies, whatever you think of to let them be prominently displayed in the fiction. As always I would like to remind you all that the grading rubric does heavily weigh story more than anything else, but that realism is a quarter of your possible score. So don’t go godmoding, using non-SW terminology, acting out of character, etc. As an example, if your story features Synin Torin, who is never far from his beloved droids, suddenly tearing them apart would be out of character for him.

Obviously as I mentioned above, I am willing to proof read, critique, be yelled at, as needed to help you finished a fiction submission. We had 16 for the first round, lets crank that up even further! Even if you think you are terrible at writing, There will always be someone worse at it than you. So don’t fear it!

Graphics: This event is a bit different than the first round. The first round was a “digital” art focus. This round is a “traditional” art focus. This means you should break out the pencils and pins and start drawing. I know a LOT of you have access to paper and writing/drawing tools. And a lot of you have phones or computers with cameras attached. Draw/Paint up something pretty, snap a photo and send it in. There is a lot more room for participation in this round as pretty much everyone has drawn something at some point in their life. Find your inner five-year old and have some creative fun with this.

Gaming: Gaming this round is also different! It is again based on PvP score, but it features different games. Those of you who have any of the X-Wing series games can rake in some dog fights with other members. The rest of you, the online game Pazaak is also available (which means all of you can do this one as well). Pazaak is basically Star Wars Blackjack, aiming for 20. For games to count, you need to hope on to IRC, join the Undernet network, and join #DBGaming. Once in there challenge, and be challenged by members from other units. If you don’t know how to submit scores to the site, odds are your opponent can, or someone else in the channel can walk you through it. There are two additional important gaming rules for this round. The first is you can only play 3 matches per platform, per opponent per day. The day restarts at Midnight UTC, which is 7 PM EST. At that point you can replay people you played during the previous day. Also, because Pazaak is a browser game, sometimes people have “technical errors” and disconnect. In the event of that happening, as soon as they reconnect and the match starts over, it is to be played as a continuation of the previous match (Matches go to 3 wins). That means if you are up 2-1 and your opponent disconnects, you start back up and if you win the first hand, that ends the match and you win it. If you lose the first two hands, your opponent wins.

Puzzle: Once again there is another “easy” puzzle competition. This is a different puzzle from last time, and is one for sure any of you reading this can participate in. It is also going to be the quickest to complete of these four events. As a special reminder, remember it is judged on percentage correct and then speed of completion. That speed is determined from when you hit the subscribe button to when you submit your final solved puzzle. If you did a puzzle first round, do it again this round. If you missed it last round, hit it this round. You don’t have to worry about your drawing skills or writing skills here. It is an easy way to get a participation seal, with a chance to win a nova.

Run-on: This one is specifically aimed for those who have signed up for a run-on. This is a reminder to proof your posts, and to make sure everyone on your team hits 3 posts before the GJW ends on February 9th. Posts only have to be 250 words, which you can knock out in 10 minutes if you sit and focus. I know a lot of you are still working off the GDocs as well, so don’t forget to take those proofed posts and post them on your teams discourse thread. That is where they will judge from, so if it isn’t posted, the work you spent writing a post, won’t be counted.

Battleplan: Again, this is aimed specifically for the running Battleplan teams. I’m sure you all are working hard on this. Sarin did say he is perfectly okay with a slides presentation for the battle plan. Only one of you on your team needs to go submit your final submission. Whomever that is needs to include a list of everyone who participated in the creation of the BP, and what they did for it. Unlike the run-on, this one is harder for the judges to tell if everyone who says they participated actually participated. If someone on your team doesn’t do anything to contribute to it, leave them off the list of participants. They do not get credit for being a bump on the log. This can be turned in as soon as your team finishes it. Just make sure you know who is submitting it and don’t assume that someone else did. Communication is good and vital to finishing this.

Multimedia: This is not necessarily a team event. You are perfectly allowed to do this one solo style. There was a email thread of people interested in working on teams for this, so if you are looking for a partner that is where to go. Only 3 people total can work on a team. I know of at least one team, and one individual who have gotten this in already. That is awesome work. You only have to generate at least 30 seconds of content. This can be an audio recording. It can be narration, or singing. It can be your recording a video with your friends. Maybe you create a custom X-wing mission relating to the war, and screen record you playing it. Maybe decide to freestyle a totally horrific SW related rap. Multimedia tend to be one of the less popular type events, so submitting here you will have even better odds of placing! Nothing is too embarrassing for this. Nothing!


Intel: The Imperial News Net - The Homeland

Obviously right now, our whole House’s priority is participation in the War. You guys are really kicking it into high gear and I am incredibly excited about the life HSP is pumping out right now. There will of course be as many awards as I can hand out for participating in the war when this is done. But at the moment I do want to specifically recongratulate our House’s two newest Dark Jedi Knights!

Ulfsark and Landon Cruise both were elevated to DJK this week. This is a massive accomplishment for them so give them a hand again. They are the first two of what looks to be many Knightings we will be seeing in the coming months.


That finishes it for this report. You guys have been doing some incredible stuff the last few weeks. Lets drive that home and show this club what real winning looks like! For the Empire!

For the Empire! Xen'Mordin Vismorsus
Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae

Xen you sexy beast, nice report :)

Thats emperor sexy beast HSP wise :-p

Congrats Ulfsark and Landon on DJK!!! XD

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