Shadow Gate August Report!


Shadow Gate August Report!


Shadow Gate News

Hey guys, this is going to be a relatively quick report shining a light on everyone in Shadow Gate who participated in Sins! We’re also going to have a little talk about Factions and how they apply to you.

(cough. K’tana didn’t account on Zuj rewriting the report to be more wordzy and less sparkly. Bad on you Zuj. So, grab your reading goggles! Because we are too dapper for normal glasses.)


Sins Ep. II: Why, How Big Your Teeth Are, Gate Keepers!

Looksie Here? Isn’t this great, this whachamacallit? Check out this awesome infographic we made to paint you the colors of the Sins. >:D



New Members!

We welcome two new recruits into Shadow Gate! Give a warm welcome to:

  • Didi Hirisawa comes in under the wings of our Skarbles. cough I mean Warkaleesh. <3

  • Émdap Aladima rolls in with the Force on her heels.

Again, welcome you two!

Unfortunately, Revs has departed from us, trading in his lightsaber for beards and swords. We are happy to see the lad off in good cheer, handing him over to a rowdy group of vikings! Go forth, dear Revs! Conquer and plunder to your heart desire!

We also wish Inarya the best as she takes her leave from Shadow Gate. You both are welcome back anytime. <3



Crescents and Clusters

Marick Arconae

  • 57 Clusters of Earth
  • 15 Clusters of Hawt Fire


  • 100 Clusters of Earth
  • 1 Cresent with Diamond Star
  • 4 Crescents with Ruby Stars


  • 10 Clusters of Fire
  • 19 Clusters of Ice


  • Anteian Cross


  • 8 Clusters of Ice
  • 1 Crescent of a drool worthy Amethyst Star


  • 4 Clusters of Fire
  • 28 Clusters of Frosty Ice
  • 1 Crescent with Emerald Star


  • 12 Clusters of Smashing Ice
  • 17 Clusters of Fire


  • 2 Clusters of Winter’s Ice



Arconan Events:

Djb-wide Fiction:


Graphics!!! (Because Zuji is a fan and the new Cluster of Graphites!!!)

Because K’tana said we can only have a few here, check out the rest of the comps. There are a ton more fiction, graphics, and gaming comps:

Have fun and good luck!


Mother Arcona’s children are squabbling

So you all have hear of the Factions, right?...right? Nah, I know most of you have. If you haven’t, then check out our Consul’s Last Report and then contact one/both of us to declare your Faction!

Looking forward to the future. As you can see below, most of the Gate keepers in Shadow Gate are declared Champions including yours lovely boss ladies. This means as Shadow Gate continues forward, they will be aiding Atyiru with protecting the innocent. May that be helping undesirables escape death or transporting supplies to Clan Odan-Urr, your choice. Now, not all of SG falls under the Champion faction. Fret not, for you will have equal chance to write and affect the battle team's fiction going forth.

Our Team’s Division:



  • K’tana
  • Zujenia
  • Marick
  • Skar
  • Celevon
  • Adem
  • Livana

Shadow Hearts:

  • Timeros
  • Strat

Wild Cards:

  • Kordath
  • Raider


Qel-Droma Aedile Applications Open!

Qel-Droma has realized it’s been thirsting for an Aedile for too long. And is lookin’ to order itself up one awesome one. If you think you’re ballsy enough to work under the Space Cowboy then send in an application!

Application Info Here

There’s a fancy-dancy, easy to read report that lists what they are looking for, but I’m gonna just let you folks know. If you are JM III or above, you are eligible to apply. A leadership position is a great experience for oneself, giving to the DJB community, adding to the plot tables, and even earning some skills that could benefit you in real life. So go forth minions and apply if interested!


Possession System Beta Testing!!!

It’s not too late to aid in the testing of the possession system. Grab your coin bag and go shopping! I mean, I’m literally telling you that you may take the day off and go shopping. So, get to it!

They hope to start here sometime soon. So click below to sign up and for more information.

Beta Testing


In Closing

Shadow Gate Commission.


Ladies and Gentlemen, this report has been brought to you by the baddest of badass BTS’. Please give all your love, gratitude and appreciation for the woman fully behind the report, Zujenia. You rocked this like a karkin hurricane. <3 That is all. <3


So.many.colors. I'm super jelly of your graph. Epic report!

Great report zuji keep it up

Amazing job on the report, ladies. I'm proud of both of you, and of your team. Keep it up!

Get on our level.

#shadowgate #gitgudscrubs #winning

(Lovely Info graph, Zuj, and killed signatures :) )

Beautiful report, Kat and Zujenia! I love the visual breakdown of Shadow Gate's participation in Sins, very colorful and informative. I look forward to seeing what Kat, Zujenia, and the rest of Shadow Gate will be doing in the months ahead! :)

Zujenia WRECKED this report like a karkin T-REX!!! Hells to the yes, lovely lady! You are the QUEEN of reports! <3 <3 <3

Wow!!! that's one hell of a report!! truly amazing and really fun to look through!
Way to go Zujenia and Shadow Gate!

I'm in love.

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