Taldryan Consul Report #5 The One With Awards And Results!


Taldryan Consul Report #5 The One With Awards And Results!


Fiction Update

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Chancellor's Question Time. I am your host, Feeona Brúce, and today's episode is a little bit different than normal due to the fact we currently have no Caelus System Governor. However, we have the two most likely candidates for the position here in the studio tonight answering your questions. Mr Jorm Na'trej, and Mr Yorinobu Arasaka. Gentlemen, good evening, and I hope you are both well. Let's get straight into the questions, shall we? This first question comes from Tracinya Beviin Entar;

There are many Sith and other followers of the Dark Side who make up the ranks of Taldryan. How will supporting your candidacy align with our interests over that of your opposition?

Mr Na'trej, the floor is yours to answer first."

Read the full interview here!


Chancellor Election

Whats up everyone! The Caelus System Election for the new Chancellor is officially underway! The election will last for one week from now and is open for all members of Taldryan to cast their vote! This vote will have a big impact on the story going forward, so…


I'd like to give a big thank you to everyone in the Taldryan Story Group, especially Jorm and Teebu, for putting this interview together. I thoroughly appreciate your hard work.

With that, you, Taldryanite, can cast your vote on THIS FORM.


The Great Ewok Hunt

Recently, both Clan Taldryan and Clan Scholae Palatinae have been competing against each other in a series of fun, casual, light hearted competitions spread across three separate weeks. The results of which were as follows;



In total between the two Clans, there were 248 entries over 21 competitions. (excluding mine and Kamjin's entries.) That is nothing short of exceptional, and yes, we may have lost this time, but you guys put in the work and represented Taldryan, and I couldn't be prouder. This is nothing to be disappointed in, and I for one am looking forward to when CSP and Taldryan have our major feud later in the year.

I'd like to take the opportunity to say a special thank you to CSP for taking part in this with us, and especially to Kamjin/Other Mav, (Sorry, had to sneak that in) and Raleien, who have been nothing short of amazing to work with. I have nothing but praise for them both, and I look forward to working with them again!


Awards and a Promotion!

The Taldryan Summit has conducted its award review for this quarter! Here is what has been achieved;

Congratulations to all of you and thank you for all of your hard work! Taldryan isn't a brotherhood within a Brotherhood without all of you, and you have all put in the work over the last quarter.


New And Returning Members!

We have some new/returning members to welcome!

So please join me in welcoming both Tuskani and Centam to the club and Taldryan!

Also a special welcome back to Armags too!

Hello there, and welcome to you all!


TheTal Tallies

If you recently saw Vodo's latest announcement in the Taldryan chats, then you know it's the return of the Tal Tallies!

If you don't know what that is, I will share this from Vodo himself;

The Taldrya have decided to resurrect the old Clan tradition of the Taldryan Tallies. In the long-before times the leaders of Taldryan would award clan-only medals recognizing members for their work inside of the Clan. We have tweaked this tradition so that it is the Members themselves who vote upon and decide who is worthy of these clan-only awards!

Voting will be open for two weeks until the end of the month. The results, decided by the guidelines listed at the bottom of the wiki article, will be announced on May 4th. Members who are announced as winners are encouraged to place the award on their character wiki page to demonstrate their Clan pride.

Good luck to you all and may the best Tallys win!

Do you know a fellow member of Taldryan that you think deserves a little extra special recognition? You do!? Then you can cast your votes by CLICKING HERE!


Taldryan Artifacts

It's a new quarter! So it's time to reassign the Taldryan Artifacts!

As a reminder, they are;

The Cylinder of Taldryae is a specialized and gold-plated code cylinder Accessory, alchemically enhanced with the Clan Taldryan emblem in ruby-red. It is unusually light in weight and can easily be concealed, though it it radiates a dark aura. It lacks waterproofing, and prolonged exposure to water can render the cylinder inert for a short time. Taldryan legends say those who hold the cylinder for long periods of time turn bloodthirsty and hungry for combat, leading to their eventual demise. It grants command authority of the Cohors Praetoria Taldryae military task force to whoever holds it, a unit hand-picked by the Consul themself. The task force is undying in their loyalty, and will only recognize the bearer of this code cylinder. The Cylinder of Taldryae is awarded by the Consul to the designated Warbringer, a member recognized for their outstanding military achievements. Should anyone who is not the acting Warbringer attempt to use the cylinder, a painful and potentially lethal electric shock created by the Sith Alchemy used on this item will attack the holder.

This artifact is held by Taldryan's Warbringer, the retaining owner is Zentru’la.

The Blood Bond Cauldron is a large metallic pot inscribed with various runes, colored a blood-red. It is made of alchemically enhanced durasteel, and is used by Force-sensitive and non-Force-sensitive members alike by offering a drop of blood into the liquid within that bubbles red in response. A brotherhood within a Brotherhood in artifact form, once bonded with the cauldron an empathetic link is created that reaches on a planetary scale allowing the one who possesses it to determine the health of Clan Taldryan members. The inscriptions on the cauldron glow and rise in temperature when a member is under duress. Force-imbued wood is required to boil the blood inside the cauldron which can only be obtained from the jungles surrounding the Taldryan Citadel on Ostara. The Blood Bond Cauldron is awarded by the Consul to whoever holds the title of Taldryan Loremaster, with knowledge of the ritual passed down from Loremaster to Loremaster and kept a closely guarded secret.

This artifact is held by tbe revived Taldryan Loremaster (formerly Lorekeeper), the next of which is Dasha

The Scions Bryar Lightsword is an elegantly hand-crafted Lightsaber Pistol created by former Consul Rian Taldrya. The main body strongly resembles that of a Bryar Pistol, with a lightsaber emitter on the topside of the weapon. The blaster mode is accurate at medium ranges, and can charge up and fire a longer burst like a regular Bryar Pistol. Components placed within the custom casing allow the weapon to create a lightsaber blade through the top emitter while the midsection and barrel fold downward. The Scions Bryar Lightsword is awarded by the Consul to the designated Gatekeeper, and is a true example of how the Gatekeeper diversifies not only their attacks but protection of Clan Taldryan as well.

This artifact is held by the newly revived Taldryan Gatekeeper, the next of which is Liandry.

As a reminder, every quarter when the Taldryan Summit does its award review, we will also look at the members who have been the most active in competitions, events, earning clusters etc etc. Every little bit of activity you get earns you a set amount of points depending on what the activity in question is. For example, doing a regular comp will net you 15 points, but a graphics comp will net you 30 because of the extra effort generally involved. It is important to note that placements DO NOT matter here. This is about activity, not who is the best artist, gamer, writer etc etc. This is to value you showing up, and doing the things.


Project Vos

You may remember in my last report that I mentioned Project Vos. An initiative by the Taldryan Summit to expand upon Taldryan Lore, world building, and infrastructure by letting you, the member, have a say in what that becomes.

So far we have;

  • Jorm with A.E.O.N. An asteroid that is a sort of hub for the Ember Swarm.

  • Aylin and Dasha with floor 42 of The Taldryan Tower. This is where those two conduct their crafting experiments that I hope do not just consist of glitter…

  • Cryo with the Kasiya Protection Programme, including units and a base. This is the FBI of Kasiya. They are the advanced investigation and peacekeeping force of Port Kasiya.

  • Tracinya with the Caelus Internal Operations Unit, including units and a base/outposts. These are the first response emergency units when sithspit goes down.

If you have your own ideas, you can DM me, or any member of the Taldryan Summit and we can have a conversation about it. Our doors are always open. 😀


Urban Exploration: Kasiya Edition and A Very Mandalorian Wedding

Much like Claiming Aidos which was hosted by the House Thanatos Summit before, the Urban Exploration: Kasiya Edition series of competitions are being run by the Ektrosis Summit, Cryo and Crysenia, and are open Clan Wide until the 8th of May! They focus on House Ektrosis' development of Kasiya.

I am taking part too, and you guys know you can't let me win! ;)

Also, hosted by myself and Aylin is A Very Mandalorian Wedding! It is running until the 11th of May, and sees your characters being a part of Appius and Ankira's ceremony… For better or for worse.


Operation SPYFALL

If you read the latest VOICE REPORT then you will know about the new fiction comp and the new update to what we know so far about the Children of Mortis. There is also the possibility of gaining more points for Taldryan to spend on the research you guys have been voting on so far.

To quote Idris;

As some of you may be aware, each clan is slowly earning research points regarding the crystals. At present, there have been a total of 6 points distributed to each clan, with some more on the way. However, the chance to earn a “bonus” set of points is now available. Each clan has the opportunity to earn extra points via participation in Operation SPYFALL. This fiction event sends you to Pendroh-I in an attempt to recover information obtained by our spy within the Children’s organization.

So, the more members we have participate in the comp, the more likely we are to have extra research points! I highly encourage everyone to take part if they can. For the greater good! Tal Keyboards Go Brr!



Port Kasiya: A Game Of Cat And Mouse

Taldryan's next RP is being hosted by yours truly, and sees Appius getting shot at (again) and the Taldryan members have to discover… just who did it?

We've already had a twist and turn, but it's never too late to join! If you are a member of Taldryan and want in, let me know and I'll get you added.


Fist Applications

Fist Applications are now open! Drac is stepping down as Fist, and for his efforts has been promoted to Master!. Congratulations to Drac! It was well deserved.

Gaming is one of the pillars of the Brotherhood. If you are interested in applying for the position, you can check out the Grand Master's Report by clicking the link.



Yep, it's happening! That time when you all get to ask me about whatever is on your minds!

  • Liandry Asks: How is Appius?

On the road to recovery after this flu bug has been kicking my ass over the last couple of days.

  • Tahiri Asks: How is the search going for the fuzzy little teddy bear? Assuming he got away from you after the events at the cantina.smirk Considering the last time Appius got drunk.

Oh that wasn't a Teddy bear he was hunting, and Appius wasn't drunk. He was just a massive asshat. XD

But he kind of forgot about him. So he's probably still locked in a cupboard in Mos Kenny, slowly rotting away.

  • Brimstone Asks: how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?
  1. Which makes them a rubbish woodchuck.

  • Aylin Asks: "I have cities, but there is no houses. I have mountains, but you see no trees. I have water, but nothing swims in it. What am I?"

A map.

  • Ala'ar Asks: Would you rather be a hammer or a nail?

Hammer. Those things can do serious damage in the right/wrong hands.

  • Tracinya Asks: What is sleep and how does one participate?

You close your eyes and drift off into the eventual abyss.

  • Raistline Asks: Do mermaids lay eggs?

I'm gonna say… maybe…

Ala'ar Asks: What is swimmer's ear? any chances it's related to mermaids laying eggs in our skulls?

A quick Google search revealed it is an ear infection mostly caused by water remaining in the outer ear canals for long periods of time. So no. Not related to mermaids, unfortunately.

  • Cryo Asks: Where is the safest place to park your car at night?

In a locked garage. As if there was any kind of competition. XD

  • Dasha Asks: What glitter weapon should Dasha develop next?

You have enough answers from Tahiri on this one. -.-

  • Tahiri Asks: Are there any fun things Appius is looking forward to this summer?

Outside of the club, my daughter's birthday is coming up soon. She'll be three years old, and she's just about potty trained! So I can start taking her swimming.ming which she's been looking forward to doing since I started taking my son. I also turn 30 in June, so yay to another decade. 😆

In the club, I'm looking forward to being Consul through a Vendetta. I'm nervous about it, because it'll be my first one as Consul, but I'm nervous because I care, and I know we in Taldryan will do the best we absolutely can and have fun doing it. That's all you can ever ask for.

  • GhostVodo Asks: Are you a tea or coffee drinker?

Coffee. Yes, I know. I'm a yorkshireman that prefers coffee over tea. I'm a heathen.


  • Crysenia Asks: To piggyback off this, why is coffee just plain better than tea?

Variety and actual flavour. 😜



I'm very happy with the development the Clan has had in recent times, and i'm very proud of you all. There's a lot going on, but as always, if you have any concerns, feel free to DM me. My door is always open… just be aware of the glitter traps left by Aylin and Dasha.

I wish I was joking…

Until next time!


It was an amazing competition and Zappy, Teebu, Raleien, and I already have a framework for the future Feud.

In the interim, I have to much Teebu to eat. Please see me for an Ewok bag to go.

Great report and that looks like a great event. Well done folks.

I can't wait!

I'm glad I don't have to see any ewoks for awhile. Oh look, Caravan of Courage is on.

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