Tarentum RM Report #4 - I ask but never answer


Tarentum RM Report #4 - I ask but never answer


A report where the title is riddling and the information inside is even more confusing. Welcome to my fourth Rollmaster report. Enjoy!

The RM Office

Lots of things to report since my last report. The most important thing is that our Novitiate and Jourmen got either a promotion or a medal. Some of them got a merit reward which eventually helped them towards the next rank. Most medals were earned by doing extra work outside the promotion guidelines, mostly by participating in competitions and extra SA exams.

In the past two weeks I've been on vacation and traveling a lot so I haven't had time to talk to you guys as much but the vacation in over and you'll be hearing from me as usual. Expect some emails in your inbox. :)

The RM Office is also happy to see the new Test of Identity in effect. This will add an extra filter for the new members but the additions to our ranks will surely be stronger. I can't wait to see the results.


blackhawk, Mark Entropik and Mei'ka as our first and only Mercenary at the moment.


We recently lost two good members: Kaiburr and Xenna Azara. I wish them good luck in their new home, Arcona.


blackhawk from Apprentice to Novice.

Dazta Delel from Neophyte to Acolyte.

Solas Night Thorn from Proselyte to Neophyte to Acolyte.

Magik from Hunter to Knight.


Dazta Delel has earned:

  • 1 x Crescent with Emerald Star.

  • 1 x Crescent with Saphirre Star.

  • 9 x Clusters of Fire.

  • 1 x Dark Cross for her amazing activity in competitions.

Solas Night Torn has earned:

  • 1 x Crescent with Sapphire Star.

  • 1 x Crescent with Amethyst Star.

  • 1 x Crescent with Ruby Star.

Vordhall has earned:

  • 1 x Dark Cross for his efforts in the Shadow Academy.

Zill has earned:

  • 1 x Crescent with Sapphire Star.

  • 1 x Anteian Cross for his amazing work in the Shadow Academy and his perfomances in competitions.

Saronyx has earned:

  • 1 x Dark Cross for her competition efforts.

Ranarr Kul has earned:

  • 40 x Clusters of Fire.

  • 14 x Clusters of Earth.

  • 2 x Clusters of Ice.

  • 1 x Crescent with Sapphire Star.

  • 1 x Crescent with Emerald Star.

  • 1 x Crescent with Ruby Star.

  • 2 x Pendants of Blood

  • 1 x Steel Cross for hosting and participating in competitions, for his Shadow Academy work, founding of Order of Trident and for being a general bad ass.

Magik has earned:

  • 1 x Dark Cross for his great activities.

Licah Fox has earned:

  • 100 x Clusters of Fire.

  • 1 x Crescent with Emerald Star.

  • 1 x Dark Cross for his competing in various competitions.

Shadow Academy Report Card

blackhawk has passed: ACC Fundamentals and has wiped clean the Novitiate Hall with Essentials 5: Organization, Essentials 4: Ranks, Essentials 3: Paths & Orders, Essentials 2: Departments, Essentials 1: History, Vendetta 1: Foundation, Vendetta 3: Fiction and Graphics Tips.

Solas Night Thorn has passed an amazing number of exams: Races and Species. Mandalorian Studies, Galactic Languages, Alchemy Studies, Galactic History II: Origins of the Jedi Order, Galactic History I: Formation of the Galaxy, Galactic History IV: The Great Sith War, Graphics in the Brotherhood, Vendetta 1: Foundation, Vendetta 2: Submission, Vendetta 3: Fiction and Graphics Tips, Comms 1: Discourse Forum, Essentials 1: History, Essentials 2: Departments, Essentials 3: Paths & Orders, Essentials 4: Ranks, Essentials 5: Organization, Essentials 6: Medals, DJBWiki: An Introduction, Gaming 101: Setting up & Finding Matches, Gaming 103: Submitting Gaming Activity, Gaming 201: Pazaak, ACC Fundamentals and three Degrees consisting of Dark Pundit - Essentials, Dark Pundit - Vendetta, Dark Maven - Lore.

Zill has passed: Advancement Survey, Vendetta 1: Foundation, Vendetta 2: Submission, Vendetta 3: Fiction and Graphics Tips and a Dark Pundit in Vendetta.

Ranarr Kul has passed: Mandalorian Studies, Galactic Languages, Races and Species, Alchemy Studies, Planets and Moons, Astronomy Studies, Galactic History VIII: Trials of the New Republic, Galactic History VII: Rise and Fall of the Galactic Empire, Galactic History VI: Wars of the Force, Dark Brotherhood History II, Dark Brotherhood History I, General Warfare, Obelisk Legends and a Dark Maven in Lore and Philosophy also a Dark Savant in History and Lore.


With the new order and class changes, I'm removing the Journeyman of the Report section and instating the Most Valuable Player of the Month, because, as you may know, Journeymen play the hardest game in the Brotherhood and they are the biggest demographic in the clan and club. It will be based on points system that rewards activity in competitions and SA courses and will be rewarded somehow. I will be posting the details in the next days along with the MVP of September.


RM Report Puzzle #3: the answer for the last puzzle was "slain -> snail" amd the fastest one to answer was Pel, followed by Ranarr and Dazta. Congratulations to them! I'm glad to say that they're awards have been bumped up to third level Crescents because of the high participation (10+). So thumbs up for the participants and I hope ten is as low as it gets from now on. Heads up for the new fourth puzzle.

Six Degrees of Star Wars is another competitions I'd like to run monthly. It is basically a wookipedia scavenger hunt for articles you can link so that you find the shortest connections for the given characters. Kinda like Six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Good luck!

Other competitions you might find interesting are:

Final Thoughts

I'd like to congratulate everyone on their promotions and awards but also on the great work in the Shadow Academy. Keep up the good work guys and girls!

This is is for my fourth report. I hope you enjoyed it. As always my email inbox is always open and I'm available on Telegram and sometimes on IRC. Look out for the new MVP announcement and some status updates emails from me.


Battlelord Frosty Romanae Tarentae

Rollmaster of Tarentum

I always look forward to a RM-'frostystyle'-report, to jump in and look for the riddle. And it's always great to search for it in a list of amazingly actif members. Nice!

Thanks Ranarr!

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