The Eye of the Storm - House Shar Dakhan Aedile Report - January 23rd, 2015


The Eye of the Storm - House Shar Dakhan Aedile Report - January 23rd, 2015

Sadowan Redoubt
Outskirts, Valley of the Dark Lords

Colonel Hikor Cheep stood at the command post of his branch of the Warhost forces that had come to Korriban. Here, he could survey much of the Valley below, but was protected by strong defenses that made it unlikely the enemy would try to attack it - or succeed if they did. It was partially inside one of the many lesser tombs, allowing the Warhost a place to stockpile munitions and other supplies.

General Cargas, in concert with their Dark Jedi tacticians, had formed a sound plan for the invasion. For a three way melee, it had not gone badly. The fighting had been fierce at first, but now there was a lull in it, as if all involved were holding their breath. There were still small skirmishes, however.

As the shadow of dusk fell across Korriban, the Warhost troops in the valley were hunkering down for the night, entrenching themselves where they were. Normally, fighting would continue through the night, but today, something felt different. It was not so much a tactical decision as a gut feeling. General Cargas had passed the order that now was the perfect time to reinforce their forces, to resupply them, and to prepare for a final push into the heart of the Valley and toward the command centers of their enemies.

It was likely that the One Sith and Taldryan-led insurgents were doing the same, but such was a necessary evil of warfare. Sometimes, you had to stop and resupply. If that allowed your enemy to do the same, that was preferable to throwing away lives trying to overcome them when your soldiers were tired and running out of supplies.

This was the eye of the storm. Tomorrow, chaos would erupt again. Blood would be spilled. For now, however, the Sadowan army rested and prepared for the next strike. Somehow, Hikor knew it would be far more intense than what had transpired so far. It would be an ending as well, one he hoped would be an end to a war that had stretched months into years, fighting over the desolate worlds of the One Sith. Hikor was a career soldier, but he was tired of this. Even a soldier desired peace at some point.

A man could only hope.


Hey everyone. The first part of the Great Jedi War is over, and we have a short breather until the next one. I hope you got every entry in on time for the first part that you intended to submit, and will enjoy this short respite from the 'War. Keep in mind that you can still work on the three competitions that last over the entire time of the GJW. Those are the Multimedia, Runon, and Battleplan competitions.

If you have still not joined a team and wish to do so, please let one of us Summit members know so we may assist you with finding a good team. It's not too late to join for the Battleplan or the Multimedia, though the Runon teams are locked at this point. Also, I should note that you can do the Multimedia competition by yourself, and do not have to be on a team to do it.

Since we are in a lull in the War, I'm going to talk about something a little different in this report. You guys have probably noticed by now that I love to ramble on, and I put out frequent reports. I do try to make them different and interesting, so they are not the same thing every time. Except that last one, but I had good reason to list the same competitions two weeks in a row! Anyway...

What is it That Drives You?

Naga Sadow, I have a question for you:

What interests you? Personally, I like to write. I like writing a lot, and I love developing my character, but the Great Jedi War and other vendettas often remind me of what else is out there.

A big one is gaming. During war time, I find that I really enjoy Pazaak or Jedi Academy or what have you, yet I hardly play them. Thus, I am interested in playing these outside of the vendettas. So my question this time is…

Who else plays Jedi Academy or Pazaak?

Would you like to play with me? Are you good at them? Do you want to get better? Granted, Pazaak involves a decent amount of luck, but there is still a strategy of sorts to it as well. Who would be interested in seeing more Clan activities related to these? Maybe you don't play them right now, but you would like to?

Writing is great, but gaming is also a huge part of the Brotherhood. Naga Sadow used to be full of gamers, and I am sure that many still lurk in the Clan, somewhere...

I'd better get some replies, or else I'm going to hoard all the alcohol and cookies for myself! Don't think I won't. I know what Sadowans like. :P

Other Stuff

That's honestly about it for this report. I'd just like to remind everyone that we still have something planned with House Scholae Palatinae for after the Great Jedi War, but that probably won't be until March, and right now planning for it is basically on hold as our respective units fight each other in the War. I do think it will be interesting to see how our chosen allegiances affect that joint event, since we sided with Muz and they with the insurgents that follow Jac. Especially considering that one of the few details we know of said event is that our two units will end up working together toward a common goal. Woot! Teamwork! With the enemy!

Also I'd like to note that usually there's a bunch of award and/or promotions after Great Jedi Wars, so sit tight and keep in mind that all our efforts in Wars like this usually translate to not only a good placing for CNS and our individual members, but also to recognition in the form of Merit awards and promotions. And we all know how much everyone loves comparing their 'Awards' tab to each other.

You guys do do that, don't you? Don't tell me I'm the only one…


So that's about it. There's no major competitions besides the three long-term GJW ones. I asked you about Gaming, and you'd better reply, or else I'll keep all the alcohol and cookies for myself.

Good report Locke!

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