Vizsla IX: Just The Facts


Vizsla IX: Just The Facts


The initial Clan Vizsla roster consisted of 23 personnel in May of 2019. 60% of the original roster remains on today's roster. 12 additional personnel joined those remaining from the original roster and competed in GJW XIV. 26 personnel submitted 363 entries. 13 personnel completed all bins. A club leading 3 personnel completed all 30 events. EQ4 Rulvak Qurroc finished in 4th Place. This was his second 4th place in consecutive GJWs. Clan Vizsla finished in second place. This was an improvement from our 3rd Place finish in GJW XIII.


  1. Promotion: Kano Tor Tydex to Corsair.
  2. Promotion: Dral Forgorth to Raider.
  3. Promotion: Ra'gnar to Battlelord.
  4. Promotion: Aiden Dru to Corsair.
  5. Promotion: Hector Ricmore to Commander.
  6. Promotion: Trenkyp Zkig to Mystic.

Did you know: Clan Vizsla has 11 members between rank of EQ1 and EQ3. Members within these ranks have been promoted 9 times since our founding. Clan Vizsla has had 10 members at the rank of EQ4 since our founding and 1 member has been promoted since our founding. Clan Vizsla has an additional four Elders eligible for promotion and zero have been promoted since our founding.


  1. Award: Colonel Kenath Zoron was awarded the Amethyst Kukri.
  2. Award: Augur FArrin Xies Tarentae was awarded his first Anteian Cross.
  3. Award: Savant Korvis was awarded the Anteian Cross.
  4. Award: Hunter Dakor Terro'k was awarded the Dark Cross.

Did you know: Clan Vizsla has had seven EQ4s on our roster since 2019. Those seven have been awarded 2 x Ruby Scepters, 3 x Amethyst Kukris, and 2 x Sapphire Blades.


The Clan Vizsla Name can only be earned by contributing 2,000,000 credits to the Clan. This can be done through repeatable awards and participation in events indicated below.

• Seal (Vendetta)
• Seal (War)
• Legion of the Scholar
• Clusters
• Crescents
• Novas
• Competition Participation
• Organizing a competition
• Complete ACC battle


You can access the XLS the image above was taken from at

Did you know: The members of Clan Vizsla have contributed a total of 2,355, 823 credits to the Clan since 10 May 2020. The Clan's EQ4s contributed 1,243,250 of these credits. The Clan's Elders contributed 504,840 additional credits.

Did you know 2.0: Darcy Avarik, aka Denath, increased his Clan contributions 1210.56% since 10 May 2020. Occultan Iacul, aka Mako, increased his Clan contributions 270.24% since 10 May 2020.

Did you know 3.0 : COL Kenath Zoron has contributed the most credits to Clan Vizsla and has reached 67% of the required 2,000,000 credits to earn the Clan Name. Rulvak, aka Warp, has contributed the second most credits to Clan Vizsla and has 52% of the required 2,000,000 required for the Clan Name.

Additional Recognition

10/26 GJW Participants were awarded following the publishing of GJW XIV's results. The remaining 16 participants chose to have their activity carried forward to a future award. The following four members are highlighted for their recent activity.

Member: Darth Aeternus
Rank: Master Date Since Last Elevation: 21 July 2010
Since Last Elevation: 3 x years MAA, 2 x years Star Chamber, 16 months DC Assistants, Con/Pcon 14 months, QUA/AED 10 months, BTL 5 months. Earned the title of Sith Lord, earned a Diamond Sword, earned an Amethyst Kukri, earned a Grand Cross, earned a Steel Cross, earned an Antei Cross, earned 3 x Dark Crosses. Audited Shadow Academy Courses and Transferred the Alchemy Course into its new format. Assisted in the development of the Regent's Creature release and worked on ship upgrades and descriptions. 15 Seals in GJW XIV.
Did you know: The existing DP population served roughly 7 years at DJM (in the club, not in leadership) before their promotion to DP. Korras has 8.75 years of collective DB leadership time since his last promotion 10 years ago..

Member: Val Cole
Rank: Eminent (EL1) Date Since Last Elevation: 14 May 2015
Since Last Elevation: Fist 9 months, Star Chamber 12 months, DC Assistants 33 months, Proconsul 10 months. 1 x Silver Sash, 1 x Ruby Scepter, 2 x Sapphire Blades, 1 x Grand Cross, 1 x Anteian Cross, a combined 4100 Clusters, 16 Seals in GJW XIV. Max bin performer in two consecutive GJWs. Organized 94 competitions while participating in 229. Co-authored and co-developer of Clan Vizsla from concept to approval: and and and
Did you know: The existing DJM population in the Dark Brotherhood spent an average of 31.72 months at the rank of Dark Adept. Val has spent 60 months at DJM.

Member: Elequin
Rank: Reaver (EQ4)
Date Since Last Elevation: 22 January 2016
Since Last Elevation: Served as a Praetor to Herald x 18 months, QUA/AED 12 months, Magistrate 4 months. Earned an 1 x Amethyst Kukri for major project work on the Shroud Syndicate, 1 x Sapphire Blade for DB Herald Work in support of the entire club, max GJW XIV bins. Plank hold of Clan Vizsla from concept to implementation. Participation in 199 competitions. 8263 Clusters of Fire and 5847 Clusters of Earth.
Did you know: Esca's 8263 Clusters of Fire earned since his last promotion are the fight highest amount of Clusters in our Club's history. As in, only 5 other people, since the creation of our Club, have earned more Clusters than Esca earned since his last promotion.

Member: Rajhin
Date Since Last Elevation: 01 October 2017
Since Last Elevation: Consul x 2 months, LHoJ x 17 months, QUA x 2 months, ACC Judge x 1 year, Combat Master x 5 months, SA Docent 4 months. Ruby Scepter x 1, Sapphire Blade x 1, 7867 Clusters of Fire, 1483 Clusters of Earth, 24k words of fiction, Revision of ACC Rubric, Note of performance as LHoJ by JST Cotelin detailing his superior work defending the members of the Brotherhood, 195 Competitions participated in, instrumental in the Creation of Clan Vizsla.
Did you know: Turel is 2nd all time in earned Clusters of Fire, but his 7867 Clusters since his last promotion are enough to put him at 6th all time in the history of the club.


Great Hunt III

The Great Hunt III runs from 10 August 2020 to 31 August 2020. The competition consists of 8 sub-competitions. The winner of the event will be named Clan Vizsla's 3rd Great Hunt Champion following behind Rulvak and Val. Details:

Golan 3

Coming Soon. Clan Vizsla will name, design, and build the fictional world of the Clan's new Golan III platform. The event will begin on 14 August and will end on 14 September.

Clan Resources

  1. Zsoldos (Our Clan Planet):
  2. House Wren:
  3. Vizsla Fleet:

Just the Facts

I am proud of every member of their Clan ranging from those publicly recognized to those who deserve much more. I look forward to the Great Hunt III and seeing where we can take Clan Vizsla together.


*Report Soundtrack and Stats Motivation
1. Patience: Chris Cornell Cover
2. Invincible: Tool
3. Judith: A Perfect Circle
4. Footsteps: Pearl Jam
5. Nutshell: Alice in Chains Unplugged
6. The Pot: Tool
7. Killing in the Name Of: RATM
8. Know your Enemy: RATM
9. Bullet: Hyro the Hero
10. River of Deceit: Mad Season

Stats. Facts. That’s how it’s done.

Credits, Not Words.

Wow, those are some incredible statistics. It's almost hard to believe, but well done for the effort that you are all putting in each and every day!

Stats are solid.

"Would you like to know more?"

nicely done

Statistics highlight everything done, cannot lie, and remain even as we move forward. Hard to argue with them. What's the best? All those stats come with credits!

I like big Stats and i Cannot lie!

“Stay awhile and listen (to these facts)” -Declan Roark (also Deckard Cain)

“Stay awhile and listen (to these facts)” -Declan Roark (also Deckard Cain)

Horadric scholar, not too shabby.

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