Vizsla Proconsul Report 5.0


Vizsla Proconsul Report 5.0

Vizsla Proconsul Report 5.0


Hello and welcome! I'm back again after Korvis hogged the spotlight for the past few months (I jest!).

Wren Aedile Appointment

After reviewing the applications for Wren AED, we are happy to announce that Chrome has been appointed as the new Wren Aedile. Please make sure to congratulate him in the Discord!

A lot of credit and thanks to Brim for his work in the role prior to stepping down as well!

Impending Great Jedi War News

While we don't have anything concrete regarding the actual start date, safe to say, the next GJW is coming up fast on the horizon. When you have time, it would be beneficial to keep up to date on the current preview fiction and the details on the wiki about the likely opponents, the Children of Mortis.

More importantly, there is a fiction competition running until May 9th where participation earns the clan some bonus points regarding a mechanism where we are investing research into the crystals. Our choices around which field(s) we are investing in is private (ie - we don't know what other clans are doing, nor do they know what we are doing either), but needless to say, any bonus points we can earn prior to the start of the GJW is beneficial to us. So please take the time to jot down 500+ words on the prompt and let's get some clan bonuses earned.

Credits, Not Words

Title Update 20220415

Keep in mind that this is based on credits - best way to earn credits is to participate and create! With that, here are some ongoing and upcoming events to get in on:

There are many more firing up, so check out the competitions page and don't forget the Long-Running tab too for more choices as well.

Earn them credits!

General Kenath Zoron Ad Vizsla

First! Thanks for the promotion. Will strive to give the house and clan a good name!

Nice report.

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