Vizsla VI


Vizsla VI


He’ll get over it. We all do.

RECAP: A failed attempt on Arden Karn di Plagia’s life on Ord Mantell has led to a climate of hostility and distrust between Clans Plagueis and Vizsla. Ronovi Tavisaen, intent on demanding answers, seeks out Declan Roark to answer for his Clan’s actions. Previous Fiction can be found at:

Remote Forest Clearing
Forests of Ullr
38 ABY

Sunlight reflected off the axe’s steel blade as it expertly descended towards its target. The thick block of wood split into two pieces and fell into the growing pile of firewood. Declan Roark picked up another piece of wood and placed it on the stump as the sleek form of a Kom'rk-class fighter landed in the clearing behind him. A robed figure, two heavily armed Mandalorians, and a prisoner descended the shuttle’s ramp as another set of blocks were added to the firewood.

“The cabin is coming along nicely,” came a voice from behind Roark as the visitors walked across the clearing. Roark half turned to glance at Dark Adept Montresor. The man was attired in his customary tailored robes and his infamous sarcastic grin.

“As long as it is done by winter. You know I don’t stress over timelines.”

Montresor extended his hand towards Roark and the two old comrades embraced warmly. They had been through many trials and tribulations together and had both a bond of respect and trust. Roark nodded towards an empty stump and the Sith sat down with casual grace.

“What’s with the prisoner,” the Vizsla Consul asked as he looked back to the man attired in a simple loin cloth.

“Juur Gogh, one of our casuals. Sent back to us in a cargo box from Ord Mantell. It seems he failed a Guild Contract.”

“Unfortunate for him,” Roark responded.

“The target was a member of my former Clan. It was sanctioned and business, but they are not excited about the attempt. They’d like a word.”

“You Sith and your emotions. You’ve been killing each other for 2,000 years for the hell of it or because your feelings get hurt. Now they want a word over business?”

“Yeah, you have 247 missed holo attempts over the past 48 hours.”

“The pyscho ex-girlfriend response,” Roark inquired.

“Yes,” Montresor replied. “They may believe a few of our former Plagueis members were looking to settle a score.”

“Ah, well, we better straighten this out with them.”

Montresor rose from his stump and pointed towards the prisoner. “You need to do the Mando thing here.”

“Right,” Roark’s face hardened as he looked to prisoner.

“Juur Gogh, you have brought shame upon your Clan, the Mandalorian way, and yourself. Your armor has been stripped from you and you wear the rags of a savage. You will be granted a wooden spear and will be exiled into the forests of Ullr for a period of no longer than one year. If you survive, you will be welcomed back as a brother. If you fail, you will be forgotten.”

Juur Gogh’s chin lifted slightly, his eyes connecting with his Clan leader.

“This is the way.”
“This is the way.”

The two Mandalorians guards nudged Gogh in the direction of his exile and the former Clan member began the slow trot towards his destiny.

“You better get me up in the Kom’rk so I can make comms with Plagueis,” the Vizsla Consul said as he split another piece of wood.

Communications Suite
Kom’rk-class Fighter
Orbiting Zsoldos
38 ABY

The slightly mangled right ear of Ronovi Tavisaen filled the holographic image in front of Declan Roark. The Vizsla Proconsul, Val Cole reached to adjust the angle of the image, but his hand was swatted back by a grinning Declan Roark. The notoriously clever Plagueis Warlord appeared to be animated, but Roark left her call on mute.

“Who is taking this call,” Roark smiled over at Val Cole.

“One of our techs.”

“Poor guy,” Roark smiled as he keyed his communication switch and dropped the tech from the transmission.

“This is Roark,” the Vizsla Consul said as the image of his pure beskar armor and helmet filled the screen.

“Three days, hundreds of transmissions. You owe us an explanation and reparations for the attempt on Warlord
Arden Karn di Plagia’s life. My patience is thin.”

“The bounty on Aiden…”

“Arden,” Ronovi corrected with annoyance.

“The bounty on the target was sanctioned by the guild. When Vizsla negotiated our arrangement with your Grand Master we retained our independence to accept Guild contracts at our discretion. This was a legally binding bounty.”

“We are not concerned with your deals with the Grand Master nor the legalities of your actions.”

“You are taking this personal. It’s just business.”

“It is personal to Clan Plagueis. Arden Karn di Plagia is a named member of this Clan. He, like everyone in this Clan, is under my protection.” Ronovi’s mangled ear remained on the screen, but Roark somehow sensed the ear’s agitation.

The Mandalorian’s neck tilted slightly to the left; three audible pops broadcasted over the transmission as his neck cracked.

“It would have been personal if I sent Adept Montresor to gut your boy and leave a message in his entrails. It would have been personal if we holo-recorded his assassination and sent it to you to remind you just how little we care about who is under your protection.”

“Roark, it would be wise of you to choose your next words carefully,” Tavisaen’s voice dripped with venom.

“Consul, I believe you mistake me for someone who cares what you think.”

“We will make you care,” Ronovi hissed through clenched teeth.

“That will be all for now,” Roark said as he made an exaggerated move to shut off the communication before pausing halfway through his motion.

“And Consul, next time feel free to address me appropriately. It is Grand Master Roark.”

Roark closed the communication before turning to the leadership of Vizsla sitting behind him.

Val Cole shook his head in a bemused manner. “She isn’t going to like that.”

“No, she won’t,” Roark responded.


Greetings everyone and welcome to Clan Vizsla's sixth report. This report will include award updates, the opening of Wren Aedile for applications, the fiction you just read, and a few available competitions to knock out.

News and Notes

The Summit has just completed a review of our entire roster for awards and promotions. We treat DJB achievements very seriously and believe they are a two-way street between the member and Clan leadership. If a member has a target goal (promotion, higher merit, SAC), then we all work together on a path to achieve that target. No one in Vizsla is going to wing a DC at your just for the hell of it. We only award what you want (and earn). Several members have heard from me today to discuss awards and a few others have seen some pop up in their email. Congrats to the following folks who were quick and easy wins for the Clan. Their great work made writing the reccs an easy task!

  1. Warp, our resident destroyer of gaming souls, was awarded an AK:

  2. Appius has been promoted to Mystic because he is a badass:

  3. Dral gets an AC:

  4. Hector gets a DC (he didn't have one!):

Wren AED

Short notice: We are going to accept applications for the position of Wren Aedile over the next 7 days. Applications are due on 4 February. Applications should include your past DB achievements, your self-assessed ability to contribute time and energy to our Clan, and your ideas and thoughts for working with Warp (Rulvak) on Wren’s way ahead. Submit your apps to Warp, Val, Monty, and myself.

I'm in it for the Credits

The Clan Vizsla Name can only be earned by contributing credits to the Clans coffers. This can be done through repeatable awards and participation in events indicated below.

• Seal (Vendetta)
• Seal (War)
• Legion of the Scholar
• Clusters
• Crescents
• Novas
• Competition Participation
• Organizing a competition
• Complete ACC battle



Run by Us

  1. Don't forget the monthly cluster race! You get crescents for just gaming as usual. Get after it: (Closes out on the 31st)
  2. Upcoming Feud! Starts soon!

Run by Others

  1. Atra is running a music and graphics hodge-podge competition. Take a look at try it out:

  2. Scudi is running a rather unique music theme competition where you replace an iconic Star Wars theme and replace it with your own musical selection. You know, Barbie Girl in place of Duel of the Fates...that sort of stuff. Easy participation credit to be found here:

  3. GMRG Y'all:

Clan Resources

  1. Zsoldos (Our Clan Planet):
  2. House Wren:
  3. Vizsla Fleet:
  4. Chapter 1: Fist Full of Credits:
  5. Chapter 2: Fist Full of Credits:

Closing Out

Get your apps in for Wren. Read the fiction for the upcoming Feud! We just introduced a new Vizsla exile policy hidden in the fiction. :p


Plagueis shall respond, my good man. The Ronnie shows no mercy. :P

Great report. Super looking forward to the feud.

And now we know what happens to people who try to kill Arden. Shame on the poor guy.

Congrats to Warp and Appius!

good report

“And now we know what happens to people who try to kill Arden. Shame on the poor guy.“

We also know that Arden is sometimes mistaken as a guy named Aiden. 😀

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