Vizsla VIII: Calm Before the Storm


Vizsla VIII: Calm Before the Storm


I wish you good fortune in the wars to come..


Greetings everyone,

This 8th Clan Vizsla report will highlight news and notes, announce the winners of the Great Hunt II, and provide a few final notes on additional competitions of interest.

News and Notes

The Great Hunt II is a reoccurring Clan Vizsla competition that offers our members a way to earn their Mandalorian Signet within the Clan. This competition features six subordinate competitions across various Dark Brotherhood platforms and focuses on a "bounty hunting" theme. Our First Champion, Warlord Rulvak Qurroc, defended his title in the Second Great Hunt and came up two points shy of securing back to back wins. The competition was a great success with 17 unique participants and resulted in only 1 points separating first from second and second from third. Without further ado, Clan Vizsla's second Great Hunt Champion is none other than Eminent Val Cole! Val stole the show with impressive times in the Database and Wiki hunts while also doing an excellent job in gaming and even graphics! Great work Val.

The top five:

  1. Val Cole - 44 Points
  2. Kano Tor Tydex - 43 Points
  3. Rulvak Qurroc - 42 Points
  4. Kenath Zoron - 34 Points
  5. Rajhin - 30 Points
  6. Kanal O'neill - 30 Points.

This was a great event and even saw a fantastic 1600 word fiction submission from our newest member, Neophyte Darra Sathille, who finished 2nd in Fiction and earned her first competition award!

I'm in it for the Credits

The Clan Vizsla Name can only be earned by contributing credits to the Clans coffers. This can be done through repeatable awards and participation in events indicated below. The target goal is two million credits and our very own Zoron is almost there!

• Seal (Vendetta)
• Seal (War)
• Legion of the Scholar
• Clusters
• Crescents
• Novas
• Competition Participation
• Organizing a competition
• Complete ACC battle



Run by Us

  1. The best named BT in the Club hosts: Deathwatch Chapter II
  2. Turel doing that Combat Master thing: Stop Hitting Yourself

Run by Others

  1. Atra with the Multiprompt: ACE Boring Conversation
  2. Atra is our favorite almost Vizsla and has some graphics too: {Design a storefront logo](

Clan Resources

  1. Zsoldos (Our Clan Planet):
  2. House Wren:
  3. Vizsla Fleet:

Closing Out

  1. A lot of work goes into planning, organizing, and running competitions in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. I'd like to thank Kalan, Zoron, and Dral for helping run the Great Hunt II.

  2. Speaking of thanks, Dark Adept Montresor continues to be a quiet and steady presence in Clan Vizsla. Monty has served as our Rollmaster for the past 11 months and oversaw the completion of four knightings (all random joins) in that window. He has also done a phenomenal job reaching out to every new member in the Clan and offering encouragement and direction to help them through the initial confusing start of a DB career. We awarded Monty with a Steel Cross, his first regular merit award in over five years, for his hard work and dedication to helping new members find their way in our club.

  3. Google Hangouts: GM Ashen and I have been co-hosting Google Hangouts over the past two weeks and they have remained as ridiculous as ever. If you have a camera and a microphone that doesn't sound like you are eating doritos, feel free to stop by. *Warning: Google Hangouts involve alcohol, strong language, and a brand of humor that could be described as "biting."

  4. We look forward to competing with the Club's best in the War to Come. See everyone on the battlefield(s).


Lots of good stuff! Get ready for that War, there'll be a lot of credits to earn!

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