Voice Report #4 - The One With A Prison Break and Species Unlocks


Voice Report #4 - The One With A Prison Break and Species Unlocks


Hello everyone! Be sure to check out the news post about our now running plot-related event: Tenixir Prison Break. I’ve got some information for you all regarding this event along with some other Voice related news.


Prison Break

Over the last several months the story group has been hard at work outlining the next steps of our club’s storyline. After some delays in having this event kick off I am super excited for everyone to enjoy this fun “low key” event (and my first club main plot update). Make sure to check out the fiction here.

TL;DR Recap

  • Atra and Dacien discuss the logistics of transporting many of the Severian Principate’s prisoners.
  • They are contacted by Vairya Muktiba one of the leaders of the Principate. She informs them there will be additional prisoners including members of the Collective captured during the conflict in the Lyra system.
  • Vairya also discloses the secret location of their prison, Venixir a planet with 10x standard gravity. The prison is contained with a gravity bubble the Principate maintains to sustain a livable location on the planet.
  • Rasha Hawee a Togruta prisoner overhears several prison guards talking about planning a break of the Collective forces.
  • As weapon and armor crates are speedily dropped on the surface, several collective agents stage the initial breakout onboard the Misery.
  • The Justicar activates the reclamation protocol and leaves the ship to return to Arx.
  • Kroj Skoss notorious serial killer leaves his cell as the riot begins.
  • Dwipp Bruskars an established gang leader organizes additional steps to escalate the riot and facilitate the movement within the prison complex.
  • The Dark Council discusses the best route forward. Rasha Hawee sends out an emergency broadcast from the prison, informing that the Collective is behind this.
  • The Clans are ordered to send who they can spare to Tenixir to help restore order.
  • The Voice is ordered to also organize the rescue of Evant Taelyan, who has been held prisoner by the Collective since the last GJW.


Species Option Update

Obviously my focus the last few weeks has been on ensuring this fiction update would get finished. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some important updates regarding the rest of the Voice universe.

I have removed restrictions for several species, moving them from grandfathered status to available for use by everyone. These species have all had official canon appearances and since they are in the system, I wanted to make sure they are available for any interested parties.

These species are:


Thank you for reading. As always if you have any Fiction related questions, concerns, comments, snide remarks, feel free to message me on Telegram: @IdrisAdenn or send me an email [Log in to view e-mail addresses].



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Barabels??? cool. the Grand Master Jedi from NJO can come back to life....

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