Dark Council

Brotherhood Leadership

The Dark Council is a body of powerful beings, responsible for the running and growth of the Dark Brotherhood. These talented individuals take on a variety of roles: the Headmaster is responsible for the training of new members, while the Master at Arms ensures that the members are adequately awarded and promoted for their efforts. The Justicar ensures that member's rights aren't infringed upon and keeps justice, while the Seneschal and Herald maintain our Website and graphical interface. The Iron Throne, represented by the Grand Master and his Deputy, are responsible for overseeing all efforts and helping to drive new projects.

Grand Master Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Deputy Grand Mistress Adept Morgan B. Sorenn
Master At Arms Prophet Howlader Taldrya
Seneschal Prophet James Lucius Entar
Headmaster Augur Daniel "Seraphol" Stephens
Herald Adept Selika Roh
Voice of the Brotherhood Master Marick Tyris
Fist of the Brotherhood Warlord Dracaryis
Justicar Adept Dacien Victae
Regent Adept Evant Taelyan
Society Leaders
Combat Master Adept Atra Ventus