CNS Proconsul Report


CNS Proconsul Report

Clan Naga Sadow Proconsul Report August 31

16 hours to go of this chapter of the Crusade so there’s still plenty of time for you to get your entries in, remember if we get a participation ratio of 1.0 or higher we get custom clan robes for our dossiers and if we get a ratio of 1.5 or higher we will get a ninth spot on the Special Forces team for the next chapter.

So we’re still crusading?

Yes we are. You can find the info here.
If you’re unable to play Alien Swarm, the free game from Steam, for the gaming event you have the option of earning a CF through any other way and still get credit for participation in the event. Even if you don’t own any games there is still hope, you can play pazaak, just remember that to earn a CF you have to either win one game or lose three.

What happens next?

We summit type people are working on stuff for you to do when this chapter of the crusade is over. But it will also give those of you still working towards getting Dark Jedi Knight a chance to run your own competitions which is one of the requirements to get there so if you think you have a good idea for a competition you’d like to run then contact your QUA and/or myself so we can help you out with it.
If you’ve read Muz’s GM report, which you of course have, you’ll know we have both September and October off from the crusade, it will return in November with the final round where we will be fighting for either the planet of Ziost or Dromund Kaas.

Do you have more you wish to say?

Of course I do, first of all I want to let you all know that you shouldn’t worry about contacting your QUA or myself, sure Xanos’ wiki might tell you that he’s a half rotten corpse machine/dark prophet but on the other side of the computer he’s just a star wars nerd like the rest of us, well he might be a bigger star wars nerd than most but you get my point, don’t be afraid to talk to people just because they have a high rank or because they’ve been around for many years, we’re all easy to talk to. :)

After that long rant I would also like to highlight the Shadow Academy, especially the journeyman hall, the courses there don’t take that long to do, 10-15 minutes, and they’re a good way to learn more about different aspects of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, a new course was just released going over the basics of how the DB wiki works.

I’d also like to remind you that the new character sheets have arrived and can be found here. They’re still in open beta so things might still change but feel free to play around with them. More info about them can be found in Mav’s latest report here.

Are you done yet?

No, I want to remind you to cc me on your crusade entries so I know what you have done, if you have sent stuff in without cc’ing me I’d still like you to send me an email at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] telling me what you did because that way I can check for errors when I get the numbers from the DC.

Was that all for this week then?

Almost, as I do in all my reports I’d like to encourage all of you to join us on IRC in the channel #naga_sadow, now I might sound like a broken record but it is a great way to get to know the other people in the clan but also people outside of Naga Sadow, they’re not all that scary and only a few of them bite if you get too close.

Now return to your crusading.

SWL Malik Sadow (Sith) / PCON / Clan Naga Sadow [GMRG: II]
ED / RS / GC-PoTP / SC-SoH / AC-RoF / DC-PP / GN / SN / BN-AuL / Cr:3A-11S-12E-6T-5Q / PoB-AgL / CF-SF / CI-RC / SI-AgL / SoF / LS-GL / SoL-TC / S:1M-1R-1C-6D-1P-10U-2B-3De-7Dec-7Aff
Son of Sadow

"that long rant"... lol. You're cute Mal :P

It's a long rant for me? :P

Malik, you're one of those guys that write reports i actually enjoy reading (even if i'm not in CNS).

Also, for the CNSers, (I think the Arconan newbies know this cos I talk to them more often) Do you have more you wish to say?: The HM and myself are always available to help you with SA related matters as well as any question you newbies may have. We're here to make sure you fit in well and start your voyage to DJK and beyond. No matter what it is, know that we'll probably not complain no matter what you ask us (DB related, I won't share nude pics again).

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