News for 9/2017

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Date Title Author Context
09/09/2017 HSD Quaestor Report 2 - Warming Up Savant Aul Celsus Quaestor (Shar Dakhan)
09/09/2017 [CSP] Daybreak and Design Your Emperor results General Zentru'la Consul (Scholae Palatinae)
09/08/2017 Disciples of Dakhan August 2017 Report Savant Lilith Alema'rha Versea-Stormwind Battleteam Leader (Disciples of Dakhan)
09/07/2017 House Satele Shan Quaestor Applications Open Colonel Alethia Archenksova Proconsul (Odan-Urr)
09/06/2017 Arcona Proconsul Applications Extended Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae Consul (Arcona)
09/03/2017 Fist Report #12 Eminent Kalan Amak Fist of the Brotherhood (Dark Council)
09/03/2017 Master at Arms Report 7 Prophet Howlader Taldrya Master At Arms (Dark Council)
09/02/2017 {Excidium} Quaestor Announcement | The Jester's New Title Augur Alara Deathbane Quaestor (Excidium)
09/01/2017 Quaestor Applications Open - House Liath Commander Rax Von-Klug Proconsul (Tarentum)
09/01/2017 House Imperium Address - A Time To Muster Warlord Rhys Pwyll Quaestor (Imperium)
09/01/2017 Headmaster's Report #15: Noah's Ark Edition Augur Farrin Xies Tarentae Headmaster (Dark Council)