[ARC-COU] Consul Bride Debrief


[ARC-COU] Consul Bride Debrief


Hey, you. Yeah you, dang kids. Sit down and read this. Lazy bums, always poking away at your wise phones with your big screens and your internet pictures. When I was your age, television was called books…

What was I talking about? Oh, right. You, here. Read this. Use your brain, it makes its own pictures. You can read, can't you? Bah. Kids these days. Busy, busy, busy, can't find no time to just stop and read a bit…

/me shakes cane



But First, a Message from Our Sponsors

This is friendly reminder that there are not one but two fantastic, club-wide events open for sign-ups. The ACC Coach’s Corner is accepting sign-ups through May 21. The is a great opportunity for new or otherwise inexperienced members to try out the ACC with the loving support of an experienced ACCer.

For those of you who are illiterate or otherwise hate Krathy things, Jedi Academy is returning to the Brotherhood Gaming League. You can read all about Round 2 and sign up here. You’ve got all of May, but maybe don’t procrastinate? Do as I say, children, not as I do.


Is This a Kissing Story?

It's been a long time coming, and we thank you for your patience in this. Life really kicks you in the kidneys sometimes. Good thing we have a Star Wars club to escape to. And speaking of, here it is, the epilogue to our joint event, the cherry on top of the sundae that is our three-year-anniversary quote-along cooperative bash!

You might have stopped caring over the wait, or never cared much in the first place, but give it a skim, if nothing else, folks! We've got some fun fiction here, lots of drama, sass, and us going face to face with a heretofore little-seen branch of the Collective, Capital Enterprises.


Or, for those not fond of Discourse, see the PDF version here.

And, for those of you with little time, here's a TL;DR:

  • It's a kissing story. Ew.
  • (Not really though).


Pictured: you guys reacting to this summary.

That said, Arch and Atty want to give a last shout-out to our summits for their encouragement in running this and generally being awesome, and our members for more of the same, but with extra awesomeness! A hurrah to those of you who crushed participation here! Grot and Kordath both got full participation, followed closely by Maaz, Rulvak, and Mauro at eleven of twelve, and Qyreia, Tisto, Aura, Celevon, and Janus, who all did a majority of events. Well done, guys! Several of you got featured in the closing fiction, and we did our best to incorporate elements of all the submitted co-op fictions in as well!



Truth Beneath the Rose

  1. Grot
  2. Kenath Zoron
  3. Rulvak Qurroc

A Little Song and Dance

  1. Ozosi Vym
  2. Janus Stormwind
  3. Aurora "Aura" Ta'var

You Won't Believe What They're Up to Now...

  1. Grot
  2. Kordath Bleu
  3. Zax Tenno

Hitting the Collective Jackpot

  1. Rulvak Qurroc
  2. Maaz Sawyer
  3. Grot

As You Wish

  1. Qyreia Arronen and Sariel Dhejeuti
  2. Luna Okami and Grot
  3. Eilen Jath and Mauro Wynter

Can I Get a TL;DR?

  1. Grot
  2. Qyreia Arronen
  3. Rulvak Qurroc

You Are Cordially Invited

  1. Celevon Edraven Erinos
  2. Grot
  3. Edema R'uh-Kalinor

Lean on Me

  1. Grot
  2. Qyreia Arronen
  3. Luna Okami

Face of the Enemy

  1. Grot
  2. Kenath Zoron
  3. Rulvak Qurroc

Dress for the Occasion

  1. Eilen Jath
  2. Celevon Edraven Erinos
  3. Ozosi Vym

Charm of Canto Bight

  1. Grot
  2. Kenath Zoron
  3. Rhylance

Porgs of Unusual Size

  1. Grot
  2. Rulvak Qurroc
  3. Eilen Jath


Happily Ever After (Or Not)

So, here's a cheer to you guys, our ohana, to the ARC-COU alliance, the Lotus, the future Collective plotlines, to overabundant Princess Bride references, and generally to the last three years and to many more! It's been great telling these stories with you all, and we hope we continue to do so.

Signing off for the Happily Ever After title card,

Satsi “Stabby Praetor” Tameike
Consul Emerita, Arcona

Alethia “I’m not signing my news posts ‘Bird Fuhrer’” Archenksova
Consul, Odan-Urr

Kordath “Grading Monkey” Bleu
Consul, Arcona

Aurora “Writing Doge” Ta’var
Proconsul, Odan-Urr

I fully endirse this example of the ACC staff's "loving support"! Grats on wrapping up the event, and to all participants.

I also endorse it... For the love of autocorrect, it picks now to not intervene.

Thank you all for putting on this awesome event! It was such a fun one! Congrats and well done everyone! I can't wait for the next ARCou-op!

Huh, is emerita a feminine form of emeritus? Also, boo, you birbbuzzkill.

Really though, well done all! Keep doing things!

Do the ACC thing pls, also as someone who's not overly invested in the ARC-COU storyline I enjoyed reading the fiction.

"As you wish." :D Love Princess Bride. Glad you all had a fun event. Raises glass

Well done everyone and thanks for participating!

Passes out light side cookies as a reward

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