[CSP] Expansion Result!


[CSP] Expansion Result!


Expansion Results


Hi all! Expansion results are finally in. Firstly I'd like to thank everyone who participated (in no particular order):

Aylin Sajark, Ulfsark, Calindra Hejaran, Reiden Palpatine Karr, Xantros, Jorm (The Jester) Na'trej, Alara Deathbane, Shadow Nighthunter, Derek Cinn, Dek Ironius II, Mako Henymory, Ayden Dane, Angel Snow, and Rasilvenaira Isatri'Zara StormRaven.

The entries we received were excellent across the board.

As mentioned in the container page, this event had a special bonus award: double points for the best individual entry across the whole event. This award was taken by Aylin's exceptional piece of art showing her character escaping conflict on the Archipelago:

I'd also like to thank Derek and Xantros for their excellent participation record, entering 12 competitions across the event! Also, congratulations to Vindictae Immortalis (Aylin, Calindra and Jorm) and Tacitus Athanasius (Alara, Shadow, Derek and Rasilvenaira) of Excidium, who both put together excellent run-ons: https://discourse.darkjedibrotherhood.com/t/tacitus-athanasius-expansion-run-on/1917/12 and https://discourse.darkjedibrotherhood.com/t/vindictae-immortalis-expansion-run-on/1918/10.

Tacitus Athanasius just about edged this one but both gave a very enjoyable read and I'd encourage anyone to give them a look over as an example of how to put together a run-on

Finally, the actual results!


In 3rd place was Jorm with 87 points, gained largely from an excellent participation across the easy events. Jorm won both Flash Games, both Wiki Hunts, and a Trivia, as well as placing 2nd in the run-on.

In 2nd place was Xantros with 124 points. Xantros always participates in everything he can and this pays off. In addition, he scored 1st place in the event long fiction and 2nd in the cluster race, which contributed 54 of his points.

In 1st place is Derek Cinn! Derek's 145 points came from a variety of sources, including participating in all the easy competitions, and winning fiction competitions and the run-on event. Derek put on a really solid performance in this event. Congratulations!

Fictional Update

The fictional update can be found here and features a closing of the event, as well as features events in excellent work from Calindra, Reiden, Derek and Xantros: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1927-Rykt1KD0ljl6l2nhzR55rFlgNOqj/view?usp=sharing

New Political Map!


So where does that leave us? We've taken the Nethal Archipelago from Meraxis, but Elaya's move on Tel puts our alliance under threat. Will they help us take Maqor or are we just being used as a pawn in some larger plan? Regardless, we have a new political map!


You may notice that the map now has arrows! These detail the movements of us as well as our allies and enemies.

News & Announcements

Scholae Palatinae:
  • A New Imperator Was Selected. Please join me in congratulating Dek on his appointment to Quaestor of Imperium! I am very happy to see this appointment and that’s been boosted because I’ve seen what he has in store for the House. Best of luck, Dek. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the team.

  • Following Dek’s appointment to Quaestor, the fearsome Darth Aeternus has stepped into the role of Aedile of Imperium.

  • Both Quaestors have put out reports this past week; which you can find Excidium’s here & Imperium’s here. Both are good reads, so check them out!

Brotherhood Wide:
  • Scenarios have become a thing in the ACC As the Combat Master’s report describes, there’s a new type of hall coming to the ACC where you can put yourself and your competitor in a scenario and write your way out of it. While many of the old venues have had prompts written for this new hall, there is also brand new venues available that are specific to this hall. Feel free to challenge me in this!

  • A New Herald was announced.

  • In the same report, the Grand Master talked about the importance of Quaestors & other updates. I highly encourage everyone to check this announcement out. Quaestors are properly one of our most important roles, as Muz points out, and it’s easily been my favourite position over the years. Most importantly though is how the Brotherhood is re-dedicating itself to this important role.

  • A new Social Media Tribune was appointed. Please join me in congratulating Maximus!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for everyone's efforts in Expansion!

Elincia Rei


Well done everyone! It was a fun month for comps..!

WOOO!!! Go CSP! Great report :D

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