[GJWXIII - Discord] Fiction Recap: Phase II


[GJWXIII - Discord] Fiction Recap: Phase II


The following newspost will serve to help recap the latest chapter fiction update, highlight the Fiction-related competitions, and catch any post-launch errors that pop up.

Writing a Great Jedi War

Some feedback we’ve heard on the War fiction updates so far seems to stem from us doing things differently than we have in the past as a club. The main thing I’ve seen highlighted was the lack of inclusion of Clan characters and assets in the fictions in the chapter updates.

The structure and approach we’ve been using, however, was done by design. In past wars, we’ve had the opposite feedback when we’ve forced each Clan’s character’s and/or assets to just be transported into the “war system”. For this war, the Grand Master has wanted to try something different, and that has been the approach we’ve taken with each of these 8 page chapter fictions. The focus, instead, has been on building the “sandbox” of the Lyra-3K-a system with locations and NPCs, leaving members to create the motivations/reasons for actions being taken in their hands.

The purpose of the main fiction updates we publish (Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2) are to advance the storyline forward without causing interruptions to the event long competitions or your own individual storylines. I’ve talked in the past about Macro-level plotlines and Micro-level plotlines where members are in no way limited by what happens in the main fiction update. They macro-plot is meant to empower the worldbuilding and engagement with the larger story beyond your individual character or Clan. This actually puts more freedom on your respective pursuits and narratives you come up with.

Additionally, the Finale will feature the top performers from each unit. You can see an example of this in the [GJWXII] Finale, where each Clan’s hero was featured in a segment. We’ve also said that any member completing 100% of the competitions will get a mention in the fiction as well.

Any information you need will be found within the competition details, and the organizers are more than happy to answer any of your questions through email.

Chapter 2: Summary

Here is a recap of what happened in the latest chapter update, wherein Wally abridges his own writing for everyone else.

Location 1: Lyra Colony Spaceport

  • Brainwashed Brotherhood POWs. In Chapter 1, Lyra Colony comes under attack from false-flag Iron Navy ships. For Chapter 2, we start with those same air troops being contained, but a ground-boarding part has landed to take control of the space port. The ground team consists of brainwashed, former Iron Legion (DB soldiers) that were taken as POWs in previous conflicts.
  • The fake-Iron Legion soldiers are repelled by Lyra Colony Security Force (Lyra-Sec). Amara Cirrus—Chief of Security—rolls to kick some ass and succeeds. However, when she goes to interrogate one of the captured soldiers, the soldier bites down on space-cyanide. The Collective are not the good guys, sorry.

Location 2: Ninox, Severian Principate Diplomatic ship

  • Evant has tried his best to counter the claims of false-flag attacks with data and reason.
  • Each of the seven diplomatic representatives from each Clan weighed in and spoke on behalf of their units, sharing data garnered from the field.
  • Varryn Antillus—Collective representative—denies any responsibility or involvement, and double’s down on the optics that the Collective has shown up to help. He lobbies to allow the Collective to bring in more assets (Fleet).
  • Evant tries to be diplomatic, but it’s not enough. Varryn suggests that they postpone the meeting to a later time where more information is available.
  • Harvey Daley—one of the Severian Principate representatives—agrees, but informs everyone that are not just free to walk away. He has been ordered to detain both parties until further notice.
  • Evant has to give up his datapad now, but before he does, he reads a warning message sent from his ship—Affinity.
  • The message reveals that Collective Agents have infiltrated the Ninox, are looking to assassinate the DGM/Clan Diplomats.
  • Poor Evant can’t catch a break.

Location 3: Salvage Station at the Shipyards

  • On Platform Delphi, which has been set up as a recovery ward for survivors of the false-flag attacks from Chapter 1.
  • We meet Major Jorde’ya Marwar, a Mon Calamari leader of the Severian Principates border patrol unit that was tasked with protecting Lyra-3K-a from outside threats like pirates and raiders.
  • Major Marwar is helping civilians get to the recovery ward while the attack is still going on. He watches as his pilots are gunned down by “Brotherhood” TIE Fighters.
  • Until a heroic group of X-Wings show up to save the day. These X-Wings, of course, belong to Rose Squadron, the pride of the Collective fleet.
  • A trooper in bright red armor enters the recovery ward and removes her helmet. It’s Captain Crimson of the Liberation front—the poster soldier and top recruiter for the Collective. It’s her job to inspire the Collective’s recruits and soldiers, and here she uses some of that charm on a desperate survivor of a violent attack.
  • Crimson’s two troopers bring supplies as a show of good faith. She begins to talk with Marwar about what is happening, and says that her pilots are here to help.
  • Just as the Collective starfighters—led by ace Emery Rose—finish off the last of the “Brotherhood” TIE Fighters, Marwar receives commands to stand down and halt any retaliation against the Brotherhood.
  • Captain Crimson uses his frustration as a tool to try and spur him to join her in attacking the Brotherhood ships.
  • Her passion inspires Marwar, who pledges.
  • What we have here, now, is a mutinous sect of Collective and Severian Principate ships ready to engage and attack the Brotherhood’s forces.

Location 4: Meridian Prime Space Station

  • Remember this place? If you were around for the previous Vendetta (RoS: Meridian), hopefully you remember it. It’s a space station we won from the Collective and turned into our own base of operations out near Hutt Space.
  • Meridian isn’t too far from where Lyra-3K-a and all the action is. Which means that the Director of the Inquisitorius that has been stationed there has pretty good real-time data available to her.
  • An Inquisitorius Operator explains that the Collective is moving more forces into Lyra-3K-a, including the Skylla, their flagship. The Director is not amused.
  • Unfortunately, the Director is presented with a difficult choice when the Inquisitorius is able to decrypt an intercepted message from the Collective.
    • She discovers that the Collective is targeting the Clan leaders (Proconsul and/or Consul depending on who is in Lyra-3K-a) for assisnation.
  • Ness’arin Ohnaka (no relation) has been featured in almost every macro-fiction update alongside or in place of the Voice. For those still unfamiliar, she handles the day-to-day operations while the Voice acts as an overseer and liaison with the Grand Master themself. She is used to making these kinds of calls all the time.
  • While the encrypted network the Brotherhood built is super secure and nifty (thanks in-character James), there are still delays in process when trying to wait for orders from the Unknown Regions where Arx and the Grand Master reside.
  • As such, Ness’arin has to make a real-time decision that can’t wait. She uses an override code (that is very dear to Wally’s heart) to alert the Clans, and is willing to face consequences for actions should that be the case.
  • It’s up to the Clans now to determine the fate of the Severian Principate and Brotherhood’s relationship.

Chapter 2: TL;DR

For people who find the summary less helpful, here is a top-down abridged breakdown of the fiction update.

  1. Brainwashed former-DB soldiers attack the spaceport and are stopped by Lyra Colony Security. Before Lyra Sec can interrogate any of them, they eat space-cyanide. Dead end for clearing fake-news.
  2. Despite the DBs best efforts to disprove fake news, the SP Diplomats are ordered to detain Evant and the Clan Diplomats in a holding cell beneath deck. The Collective “convince” the SP to let them bring in more ships to “Help”
  3. The Shipyards that were attacked by the false-flag Iron Navy TIE Fighters gets saved by the Collective. Collective officer convinces the SP’s patrol ships to join Forces and help strike at the Brotherhood’s 2 ships in the system, despite being ordered not to attack them. Mutiny.
  4. The Director of the Inquisitorius, an NPC you should know by now, intercepts Collective communications that suggest they are targeting Clan Leaders (Proconsuls, Consuls, QUAs, figureheads, etc.).

All other information needed can be found in the Phase II Fiction competitions that are listed under the Fiction Bin section of the competitions page.

Databank Additions

Competition Clarification and Highlights

As a reminder, if you notice any mechanical or technical errors in the NPC Character Sheets, Wiki documentation, broken hyperlinks, or you need clarity on a prompt /rule, please make sure to email the respective competition organizer. If you’re unsure of who to talk to, your best bet is to email the GM ([Log in to view e-mail addresses] ) and DGM ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]).

Team-Based Fiction (Event Long)

  • Clan Run-On — Clan Summit can provide further guidance and instructions on these.
  • Team Co-Op Fiction — Co-Op fiction that requires you to submit (2) versions of your entry.
    • One will be your standard submission.
    • The second will be a marked up version showing all the contributions and edits from each respective writer.

Fiction Bin (Phase II)

  • Fiction - Multi-Objective Prompt — Pick one of the two objectives. Like last Phase, you vote with your entry and can have one of the following effects on the Finale fiction.

    • Objective 1: Choosing this prompt will divert Brotherhood resources away from defending the Clan leaders and makes an alliance between the Brotherhood and the Principate MORE likely.
    • Objective 2: Choosing this prompt will divert Brotherhood resources away from aiding the Protectorate and makes an alliance between the Brotherhood and the Principate LESS likely.
  • Fiction - Combat Writing — Alternatively (or in addition to the Multi-Objective), three High Value Targets (HVT) have been identified for attack/capture. Whether it’s notoriety within the Inquisitorius, credits, or just for fun, pick a target and hunt them down.

We made sure that there was a target for each “tier”: Elder, High Equite (EQ4), and low Equite (EQ2). Each NPC has an attached “Venue” that was drawn from member-created entries from the Phase I ACC Venue competition.

For those that were feeling the absence of the ACC, this competition is for you. While it will be graded with the standard Fiction Rubric, additional detail will be given towards CSs, Loadouts, and Realism (Atra and Wally, both former CMs).

If you have any questions on either of these competitions, please email us.

Misc. Bin (Phase II)

  • The Story so far... — A multiple-selection based Shadow Academy course that tests your reading comprehension skills of the Fiction Updates and Wiki pages used for GJWXIII. Graded by highest score and quickest completion time.

Please make sure to type “Complete”, “Done” in the submission text field for completion of the competition.

Please keep in mind that the HM is running this, I just helped with the questions/lore. Please email Seraphol if you have any questions or problems with the exam.

Helpful Links

The Great Jedi War XIII Wiki page is your one-stop source for information. Fictional summaries will be organized here, as well as a list of locations, persons of interest, and links to any news post that we push out during the course of the event.

For story-specific tracking, see the Summary/Fiction section.

Theaters of War

Theaters of war have been detailed and can be found here.

Persons of Interest

I’ve created a section on the Wiki that should act as a cheat sheet for the NPCs used and utilized in the Fiction Updates or prompts. You can see it here.


  • Phase II ends on 07:59PM EST / 11:59PM UTC on August 25th, 2019.
  • All Character Sheets pending have been approved. I will look to maintain 24-48 hour turn around on this day-to-day until the completion of the war.

If you have any questions, please reach out the Dark Council through email. That will remain the best way to get answers to your questions :).


good report. much info to hash over

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