[GJWXIII - Discord] Prologue


[GJWXIII - Discord] Prologue




Severian Principate Diplomatic Ship
Lyra-3K-a System — Neutral Territory

The seven Brotherhood representatives walked in step with the Deputy Grand Master as they crossed through the airlock between the two docked imperial corvette’s. They were greeted by a line of stormtroopers with regulation rifles and sidearms but with an added Z6 Riot-baton on their hips. While nothing like the First Order’s Praetorian Guardsman, these troopers were most likely trained to “handle” Force user opponents.

Evant didn’t blame them for being cautious. It wasn’t every day an organization run by Dark Jedi showed up to negotiate alliances. No pressure.

Before they could enter the room, the captain of their stormtrooper escort—distinguished by her blue shoulder pad—held up a hand to signal a halt.

“I’m sorry, Master Taeylan, but we’re going to need you and your colleagues to check your weapons." The Brotherhood representatives all exchanged glances, but complied. Shooter calmly handed over his blaster pistols, making explicit eye contact with the trooper who took them so that he knew who to hunt down if anything happened to them. The rest seemed to part easily with what they had. Evant looked thoughtfully at his lightsaber and sighed before handing it over.

The last person in line nervously held out her datapad as an offering to a nearby trooper. Violet had not brought any kind of weapon, but wanted to try and fit in with everyone else. The stormtrooper tilted his head slightly but waved her past, more interested in her tinted glasses than her harmless datapad.

Once inside, the Brotherhood representatives finally met their counterparts from the Severian Principate. Pwimtar Takrid—the Quarren representative for Industry—shook hands with the Deputy Grand Master. Aemilius Crassus—the Munn representative for Social Administration—exchanged polite pleasantries and gestured towards the center table. Last came Harvey Daley—the human representative for Galactic Diplomacy—who did not shake anyone's hands but offered acknowledgment in the form of smiles and head inclinations.

The room was impressive, to say the least. Aside from the guardsman posted along the perimeter, wait staff began to pour refreshments as each of the eight members of the Dark Brotherhood were shown their seats. The Principate delegates took theirs in turn, leaving two chairs open.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but are we waiting for anyone else to join us?” Evant asked as he studied the glass of blue liquid that a staff member placed onto the table beside him.

“Oh yes, my apologies, Master Taeylan,” Harvey Daley bowed his head. “I was contacted by an old colleague of mine who says he had a vested interest in this meeting and thought it would be profitable to share some new information he’s discovered that should factor into these discussions.”

Before Evant could raise his blunt concerns, the doors opened and a lean man with dark ebony skin, gray combed back hair, and an eyepatch entered the meeting room. Evant recognized him and his guest immediately. Evant kept his expression neutral as he leaned on the Force course through him to steady his nerves.

This can’t be good.

“Hello there,” Varryn Antillus greeted the room with a warm smile. The leader of Capital Enterprises wore a fine tailored long coat that seemed to be a mock of Evant’s cape. Beside him, a pale, sickly looking human with messy white hair and hollowed eyes was staring eerily at the Deputy Grand Master with a noticeable frown. The man was Rath Oligard’s Chief Counsel, and a rumored Force Adept by Marick’s first-hand reports.

“Thank you for having us,” Varryn grinned. “I believe we have much to discuss.”


The Deputy Grand Master has assembled his team of diplomats that represent each of the Brotherhood’s seven clans. Their destination? The Lyra-3K-a star system to meet with diplomats from the Severian Principate with the hope of forging a mutually beneficial alliance between the two powers. While the Iron Forces make their way towards the locations of interest, however, the Collective makes a bold move to disrupt diplomacy as discord looms on the horizon.

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  • Evant explains that they are to meet the Severian Principate in what is considered neutral territory by both the Brotherhood, the Principate, and the New Republic (who the Principate are a part of).
  • The ship is called the Ninox.
  • Evant details the locations of interest with a cool holographic table I wish I actually had at work when explaining things.
    • (1) Lyra Colony — A colon on the moon of a gas giant. Like Endor, just less jungle-like. Severian Principate citizens live there. Beneath the colony are subterranean ruins, and an ancient temple related to a faction of the Jedi Order called the Ordu Aspectu”. (I didn’t make this name up).
    • (2) Temnos Excavations Co. - Moon of Thillion — a moon with a mining operation set up over a reported Kyber vein. In new canon, Kyber is used for...pretty much everything. It’s a valuable resources and while Arx has a vein of its own, it could be a major talking point for trade agreements and resources.
    • (3) Thuvius Imperial Shipyard — Not much is known about the shipyard, but it would be an enormous boon to ACE and the Brotherhood to work out a deal that would let them pull resources from it. The challenge is that it’s an independent contractor, so they will have to find out more from the Principate during the discussions.
  • Evant dismisses the delegates and debates having a drink.

  • Atra is the new Emper—I mean Regent—and is finding his groove. Atra watches as the Iron Forces send two heavy cruisers towards Lyra-3K-a.
  • Atra has a bad feeling about sending Damon Nix to lead the operation, considering his track record and general...creepiness.
  • For those just joining us, Damon Nix is a Dark Prophet-level character that once stood in as Darth Esoteric during the Brotherhood’s Dark Crusades. Very few people trust him, but his methods and efficiency lead to Grand Master Pravus appointing him as Lord Marshal of the Iron Legion (DB Ground forces and artillery).
  • Atra muses on the fact that the Clan’s can’t send their full fleets into battle. Not only do they not trust the DC, but they also don’t want to leave their home systems unguarded.
  • We also don’t want to tip off the New Republic that we have a bunch of fleets controlled by space wizards hiding in the Unknown Regions. This means the Consul’s will need to choose their forces carefully.
  • Marick ghosts up next to Atra, because Elder Shadow feats are cool.
  • Atra is taller than Marick, so Wally makes a short joke that’s not aimed at Atty for once.
  • Marick says that Atra wants to micromanage things. Atra counters that Marick should leave the thinking to him.
  • Marick declares that he will join Atra, because he believes that the Collective are going to make a move. Atra doesn’t disagree, but does hint that Marick is being a bit ‘cray.

  • Commander Colleen Candice is a new NPC I made up in the last fiction update. I will make a space for her on the Collective Wiki later and update the link here. For now, know that she is a member of the Liberation Front that has worked on something called “Project Indigo”.
  • Project Indigo is an experimentation trial that “rehabilitated” captured prisoners of war from the Brotherhood as a result of skirmishes during the last Great Jedi War (XII) and the Meridian conflict (RoS: Meridian).
    • Rehabilitated, in this case, of course means brainwashing and re-conditioning.
  • The Liberation Front (pillar of the Collective) is known to use Zealots, who are willingly homogenized to be stripped of their unique features and to become kamikaze pilots for the Collective.
  • For Project Indigo, they instead take unwilling POWs and essentially train them like dogs to retain their identity but be unquestionably loyal to the Collective.
  • Still want to join the Collective? ‘Ight.
  • Candice reveals that the brainwashed pilots will be flying repurposed Irony Navy TIE-fighters. Could they be looking to set the Brotherhood up for something?
  • Non-binary NPCs are cool, not typos.
  • The Escort Carrier painted like a piece of the Iron Navy is making its way towards the Thuvius Shipyard. That can’t be good.

  • Aboard the Ninox, Evant and team finally arrive to meet the Severian Principate’s representatives.
  • Before they enter, they are met by an Imperial Stormtrooper escort. Their captain asks them to remove their weapons.
  • Shooter compiles but lets the stormtrooper know not to ruin his Westars. Evant shrugs and hands over his lightsaber.
  • Wally realizes that Evant’s CS lists him as an Elder Marauder. So, he doesn’t really need the saber, but yay diplomacy.
  • As covered in previous fictions those member created NPCs are:
  • Evant notices that there are two extra chairs set up. He asks who they are for.
  • Varryn Antillus steps in with a: haven’t you people ever heard of?
  • Varryn Antillus is the leader of Capital Enterprises, the branch of the Collective responsible for it’s commerce and espionage.
  • That makes him a combination of Regent and Voice for the Collective, but he doesn’t hold a candle really to #Matra (Marick + Atra OTP)
  • Varryn is joined by Avitus Oligard. Avitus is the closet Force user in the Collective ranks. The argument behind him has always been you need fire to fight fire, and his specializations, are in Suppression and Concealment. You can probably see why Rath keeps him around. For anyone that pays closer attention they’ll note that there is a bit of self-hate that Avitus carries with him as well. That said, Avitus is a powerful Force user that should give even an Elder Marauder some pause.
  • He’s also Rath Oligard’s only remaining relative (cousin).
  • Do you want to be in the room where it happens?
  • To be continued in... Great Jedi War XIII: Discord


As you can see from the title, we’ve decided to call the Thirteenth Great Jedi War: Discord.

More details about the War will follow in the days to come. Keep your eyes on the Newspage ;).

For now, enjoy the fiction and please support the official release.

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"We also don’t want to tip off the New Republic that we have a bunch of fleets controlled by space wizards hiding in the Unknown Regions."

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Lovely fiction, really good job on the team of diplomats! Thanks for the wonderful update Wally!

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