[RoS: Escalation] Chapter 3


[RoS: Escalation] Chapter 3

Escalation Chapter 3

Tipool City Outskirts
Qotho Peninsula, Dandoran
Doran System
39 ABY

“That kriffing schutta!” Kamlin cursed loudly as she ran. Beside her, Adlez, breathing heavily, was trying to issue commands to the troops loyal to them while not tripping over the vegetation.

“We are running for the tree line, get here now!” Adlez shouted into her comms as she stumbled over a series of rocks. A volley of blaster fire shot over their heads. Warning fire. Both women felt a slight relief that at least those following the short-sighted Vaiyra were unwilling to try to kill the rest of the Triumvirate for her.

“You are lucky she was shaking,” Adlez said, glancing at Kamlin. Kamlin touched a hand to her cheek and winced. It had been too close for comfort, enough to burn, as the blaster bolt had missed, landing in the terminal behind her. Several other shots had followed as Kamlin and Adlez dove out of the tent.

In the present, several soldiers fell in around them, a defensive barrier of organic shielding.

“Into the city! We can regroup there!” Adlez shouted.

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  • Restoration Leaders Kamlin Xarel and Adlez Freewoman flee on foot after Harmonist Leader Vairya Muktiba missed hitting Kamlin while in the command tent. They make for the defense of Tipool City, and attempt to rally their loyal followers.
  • Rasha Hawee and Zyft Yadar come face to face for the first time in weeks, taking hiding from the terrible Restoration Troopers pursuing them.
  • Agreeing to a temporary alignment of forces, Rasha quickly begins to issue orders to get out of the building, only to be knocked unconscious by Zyft. The Retributionists with Rasha meet a similar fate.
  • With Rasha and her closest followers bound, the Expansionists flee the building via a zipline.
  • The Seer and Avitus Oligard meet at last, on a wartorn street.
  • Following a very passionate kiss from the Seer, Avitus learns she has forcefully stitched her eyes closed and can command the Restoration Troopers that had been brought by the Principate.
  • Still shaken by the horrors of what her colleagues had created, and her failed attempt at persuading them to see reason, Vaiyra issues a plea for all Principate forces to stand down and return to base.
  • With the Seer having broken the control over the Restoration Troopers, Kamlin and Adlez flee for their lives, with the latter being killed by the very thing she helped create.
  • Unified in the goal of killing these horrifying monsters, several members of the Brotherhood, representing each of the different factions, work together to kill the Crystal Ascendant and its newly allied Restoration Troopers.
  • The Seer and Avitus return to the Seer’s ship and prepare to leave. A disheveled Kamlin appears, offering to trade the research that went into making the Restoration Troopers in exchange for passage off the planet. The Seer accepts.
  • Before leaving, The Seer finds a fallen Brotherhood member’s comm device. She thanks the Brotherhood for finally accepting the offer to play.
  • She also mentions someone known as The Harbinger, an individual she feels will particularly enjoy interacting with the Brotherhood.
  • As she leaves the remaining Restoration Troopers on the planet drop dead.
  • Survivors from the different factions agree to enter a ceasefire following the carnage unleashed by these crystalline monsters.
  • Onboard the Voice’s ship The Silence, The Voice and Zyft Yadar discuss that the Revenants are in the process of locking the Brotherhood out of their information network. Idris pleads that information they gather on The Seer and Harbinger could be crucial, but Zyft maintains her stance.
  • As Zyft leaves, Idris quietly suggests she check each of their ships for a well-concealed drive tracker. Zyft nods in appreciation at the tip and leaves. The Justicar calls in confirming that Idris revealed their presence to the Revenants.
  • Zyft examines a captured Rasha Hawee, who is going through some form of withdrawal from the crystals, and clearly losing her mind. Zyft leaves Rasha locked in the same cage that Rasha previously had Zyft thrown into.
  • On Arx, The Grand Master and Headmistress return from their sightseeing tour, pleased with what they found. Several teams are sent to a location they picked, with only some having clear directions on how to navigate there.
  • One that was not given direction was found many galactic sectors away from where it disappeared and appears to have aged significantly in the process.
  • With one last key item to handle, The Grand Master orders the Master-at-Arms, Howlader Taldrya to kneel before the throne, and thus names him a Sith Lord for his continued service to the Brotherhood.


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