Ajunta Pall Aedile Report #4: The Messenger


Ajunta Pall Aedile Report #4: The Messenger


Step up

Hello again and thanks for taking the time to read up on all the HAPpenings. I'd like to kick off this report with a huge congratulations to [TuQ'uan] for stepping into his first role in leadership as Battle Team Leader! With Malice stepping down, Laren moved into the HKM Aedile position, leaving the BTL position vacant. TuQ'uan had been active since day one, both in the chat and during events. He also managed to plow through his JM4 reqs in an impressively short time and placed 6th in the Wargames even't, even topping some of our former leaders. All this showed us that he has great potential and is ready to take on more. Be sure to congratulate him if you haven't gotten a chance to yet!


Breaking the Habit

A lot of stuff has dropped both in clan and DB wide in the last few days so those of you that have been busy with RL or are on vacation, this is a good chance to get up to speed. The biggest news we've had is that the GJW that everyone has been hyped for is being delayed. I know many of you may be upset, but I happily stand by the decision. Nobody wants a sub-par event where we would all be dreading the things so I am all for waiting to get something better.

A new recruitment reward system is now in the works. Once released, you will be rewarded for recruiting members as they reach stages in their DB career. This will be separate from the master/student program and will provide its own unique rewards.

Those of you that want a promotion, but don't know how to get it will be pleased to know the DB is working on an experience based system that should clear the fog.

The DB has functioned under the same structure of Clans, Houses, and Teams for decades. The Dark Council will be taking some time to evaluate this structure and see if it's still a good fit for the club. You can read more about all of this in the latest Grand Master Report.

In Clan news, Wargame results are in! For two weeks you all have been battling it out and now you get to reap those rewards. Be sure to congratulate our Quaestor, Kelly Mendes, on winning first and HKM Quaestor, Furios Morega, on just barely stealing second place when you get a chance. I would also like to give Oric Ral a personal congratulations on besting me in my forte: Puzzles.



In other Plagueis news: Our magniflourious Consul has gotten their hands on some fantastic artwork for some of Palgueis' valued military as part of the Clan wiki project we had started during our Enemy Below event. Everyone, check out KaRolding latest work: the commanding officer of the Ascendant Fleet, Admiral Cyvaria Ranin.

Cyvaria Ranin

Ka has been growing in popularity and I encourage you all to take a look at some of his other works. Also be sure to check out Furios' Report for a look at the commanding officer of the Ascendant Legion, General Ranthe Benzayne, in his olive green uniform.


One Step Closer

  • Kelly Mendes
    • has risen to GMRG Rank X
    • Completed Galactic History 101
    • Completed Galactic History 102
  • Obsidian
    • has been elevated to Inquisitorius Rank V: Inquisitor
    • Completed Inquisitorious History
    • Completed General Warefare
    • Completed Combat tactics


What I've Done

As I have yet to come up with a shtick for these segments, I went ahead with the standard #AsktheAedile

  • Kelly Asks: Does Az have any loyalties to anyone other than himself? If so to who/what?

    • Azmodius values power so long as he can be left to his own devices. As Furios former student, he obtained great power under his master's tutilage and therefore remains loyal to him. The clan has also provided him with a plethora of opportunities to grow and he honor's this with his loyalties to its leaders as well.
  • Abadeer Asks: If you couldn't use a light saber, what weapon would you take?

    • I would have to go with dual blasters as a main and bladed weapons as a secondary. Mercenaries are "Fresh to Death" and I've always preferred dual wielding.
  • Arden Asks: Who are you? What do you want? Who do you serve and who do you trust?

    • Dont you
    • forget about me
  • Kelly also Asks: How is Az settling into his role as Aedile?

    • Azmodius is enjoying his new role. The previous Aedile left some demon statues in the office he's taken a liking to and while he misses pummeling noviciates and journeymen, he's filled that void with some of the Ascendant Legion's grunts.


Points of Authority


In the End

Well that about covers everything. I noticed a decent amount of you are working on your wikis so I'll leave you with the handy dandy Wiki on wiki.


Glad you enjoy the decor, good report and damn do the leaders of our forces look amazing. #TeamRanin

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