Battleteam Harbingers Report - Last Report for the Year!


Battleteam Harbingers Report - Last Report for the Year!


Howdy Harbingers, I hope your holiday festivities were awesome. Hope that you got time to visit families and make memories. I know I did!

The Herald has started their Hanukkah tradition. We are currently on Day 5. That's 3 more days of goodies! New lightsabres, robes, and much much more!

On a sad note; we lost Gorn over the past week to Rogue. Remember that if we fail to login within 2 months to the DJB website, this will automatically happen.


The list of competitions is growing shorter, however fiction for the Great Jedi War is upon us! Check them out here:

Let's get out there and show them why Tal is the First Clan of the Brotherhood!

Other Comps

  • Sherlock - Writing Comp investigate a crime and find out who the guilty party is!
  • Rule of Two - Writing Comp for your character: 500 word minimum!
  • Meme Challenge - Upcoming (starts the 31st)
  • Ways Of The Force - Upcoming (starts the 1st) Writing Competition.
  • Hunt The Jedi - Number 19! Don't subscribe till you are ready!

Starwars Galactic Defense:

  • Felucia - Highest star count on Felucia (Tower Defense)
  • Geonosis - Highest star count on Geonosis (Tower Defense)

Monthly Mobile Game:

  • Slingin Santa - Shoot Santa's Gifts into the chimney! (All participants will receive 5 CFS!)


Omega Kira
  • 2 PoB's! Closing out D3 for PoBs!
  • 51 Clusters of Fire!


Omega Kira

Holiday Bash 2014

  • Hunt The Jedi #19
  • Galactic War - Tournament 3
Talon Drear

Holiday Bash 2014


Again, I hope all had a wonderful holiday; with new years just around the corner! So excited to be apart of the Harbingers, and hope next year is even better than the last!

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