Battleteam Wardens Sergeant's Report 1/27


Battleteam Wardens Sergeant's Report 1/27

Gooooooood morning Taldryan! I have reemerged from the pits of Malachor (that's right folks, it's actually got a canon reference!) to subject you all to my presence once again. I've been caught up in real life a bit longer than expected, but after a brief recuperation I'm back and ready for more. Now let's take a look at what all's happened since the last relevant report:

DJB News

  • Val is stepping down as FIST of the Brotherhood. His reign has lasted longer than my brief time among the Brotherhood, but all things must come to an end. I'm sure his replacement will have a big glove to fill. If you want to be the one to fill said glove, look here for how to apply.
  • The Great Tree Herald put out a report last week introducing the new magistrate and detailing other interesting news, questions and weapons. As always, I recommend checking it out to see what's up in the artsy corner.
  • The December DJB Competitions have been judged. Take a look-see and see how you placed!
  • Another report, this one from the Combat Master. It's got loads of information about the current state of the ACC and future plans and, in my personal opinion, not enough TR-8R memes. And a character sheet for that blasted TRAITOR himself, FN-2187.
  • Yet another report, from the Seneschal. I wonder when we're finally going to get those possessions?

Star Wars News

  • Costumes from Rogue One have made an appearance. For anyone interested in getting started on costumes for the viewing (I know there have to be some cosplay nerds here) or just want a quick preview, linky. No spoilers to be found; in fact, there aren't even any for-sure names of characters out yet, so rest easy.


Warden Achievements

Warrior Aiden Dru

  • Earned 18 Clusters of Fire

Padawan Ringer Klang

  • Joined the esteemed ranks of the Wardens

Private Frotsu

  • Earned 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • Promoted from Trooper to Private

Novice Paoet Alro

  • Joined the Dark Brotherhood
  • Promoted from Initiate to Apprentice, to Novice


  • Reports from the FIST, Herald, Combat Master, and Seneschal
  • Those interested in applying for the soon-to-be-open FIST position, follow the instructions here
  • Costumes from the upcoming anthology film Rogue One can be viewed here

In the wake of the Awakening, I look forward to the revival of Star Wars as the third generation of fans have their childhoods graced. We'll see what else comes out in the coming months. Until next time, may the Force be with you.

Thanks for the report

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