Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report - So I hear there's a war going on


Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report - So I hear there's a war going on

Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report January 16

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, it’s GJW time! (Who decided to place the GJW in January when I have exams?)

In case you missed all the emails the past week the eleventh Great Jedi War is currently in full swing, so yeah this will basically be a GJW report.

But first, the link to the events! Go here for your GJW competitions!

Is this like the Crusade where you will bug us to do every single event?

While I would love it if everyone did every single event it is less crucial than it was in the Crusade and during Fading Lights since the way participation points are handed out in the GJW is different. In the Great Jedi War each of the two regular rounds reward up to 23 points to the unit for participation, the team event that spans the entire War rewards up to 29 points.

The way it is determined how many points we get is still based on our roster numbers, 38 right now, which means that if we get at least 38 submissions for round 1 then we will get 23 participation points. If we get 30 submissions then we’d get 79% of the 23 points so 18 points, if we get 50 submissions we still get 23 points since that is the maximum. What this eventually means is that we need 10 members to do all four events in round 1 then we’d get the submissions needed, alternatively everyone needs to do at least one event for the same result.

So in the end you shouldn’t feel bad if you’re only able to do one event, I’ll still encourage you to do as many as you can of course.

How does the rest of the scoring system work?

Unlike in Fading Lights where first place in an event was worth 15 points, second was worth 10 and third was worth 5 points, in the GJW the places that reward points has been expanded to the top 10.

The different events are also weighted differently, so in round one we have fiction (300 points), graphics (200 points), gaming (200 points) and a puzzle (100 points). The points are divided as follows:

1st Place - 30.9% of total event points
2nd Place - 21.6%
3rd Place - 15.1%
4th Place - 10.6%
5th Place - 7.4%
6th Place - 5.2%
7th Place - 3.6%
8th Place - 2.5%
9th Place - 1.8%
10th Place - 1.2%

This system was selected by the unit leaders so that it still gives most of the points to the top three, but places 4 to 10 also win points for their units.

Of course, first of all I would like to bring something up about run on posts that I know I have said many times already, but it can never hurt to say it again, remember to get your posts proofed, either by your team mates or someone else who is available, I’m always free to proof stuff if you want it, I won’t guarantee that I get every single grammar issue though since English isn’t my first language but I may get some you missed, I’m also fairly confident that I will catch any realism issued there might be.

Another run on related suggestion is, take your time, each team member has to get a minimum of three posts in but you should also remember that the run on runs the entire GJW so until February 9, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Proofing also extends to your fiction entry, it can never hurt to get a second set of eyes on it before you submit it.

I believe that is all for now. If you have any questions, GJW related or otherwise don’t hesitate to contact me.

SWL Malik Sadow (Sith) / CON-DOC / Clan Naga Sadow [GMRG: VI] [SA: IX] [ACC: Q]
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Son of Sadow

Short, to the point and without too much posh. :P

Nice report, grandpa :D (it's canon now cuz it's on the site :P) Good luck CNS. I love you guys :D

It is in no way canon... you can be related to Ood instead :P

Nice report, Malik!

Awesome report, i'm loving the stats from the two finest Consuls!

On a humorous note, I could always adopt V'yr? :P

Nope. Sorry. Already taken. Grandpa has custody :P

someone get the weed-be-gone, we got a grove forming up in here...

Great report Malik. And I wanna say ancient tree.

I don't have weed-be-gone, but I do have a flamethrower. Will that work?

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