Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report - Turkey Day edition!


Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report - Turkey Day edition!

Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report November 27

Is this report a day early? Or is it several days late? Or is it both? None of the above and all of the above! And now for something completely different. Happy Thanksgiving to you Americans out there, to everyone else, happy Thursday.

Another vendetta is over, a new fleet is born-ish

With Fading Lights ending the seven units received their fleet points for the vendetta, Naga Sadow got 598 points, which won’t mean much to the majority of you who’ve never seen the spreadsheet we use when buying and selling our stuff. Because we opted not to spend anything after the Dark Crusade this left us with a lot of points to spend. After discussing it with the rest of the Conclave we settled for some changes to both our ground forces and our naval forces.

We’ve sold some of our walkers and other vehicles, but at the same time we have purchased a lot of new ones including 12 AT-TEs and 80 AT-XTs among others, in totally we’ve increased our armored forces by around 200 vehicles.

We sold our heavy infantry and our three ARC troopers, instead we purchased over 10,000 B2 battle droids, a bunch of scouts, engineers and some much needed snipers. In total we nearly doubled the size of our infantry.

We downgraded our space station from a Cardan III to a Cardan I, we sold a Majestic Heavy Cruiser, a Warrior Class gunship, a Marauder class corvette, a Vibre-class Assault Cruiser, our seven Bantha-class shuttles and our ship upgrades, long range turbolasers on the Final Way and gravity wells on the Covenant. This freed up enough points for us to buy a Khyron-class Star Destroyer, an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, an Immobilizer 418 cruiser, a CR90 Corellian Corvette and it also allowed us to upgrade a number of our fighters, plus buy a bunch of shuttles and various landing craft so we now have over 100 of them instead of 30-40 which means we’ve now got a far more realistic way of actually getting our ground units from our ships in space to the ground. We will get to work on updating the relevant wiki articles when we get the ok on the purchases from the people in charge.

Do new ships mean we need new names?

Yes, at least for some of them, the idea for the ISD2 at least was to call it Harbinger since we had an ISD2 named that in the past so fictionally it would be the same ship having just undergone extensive repairs for the last couple of years. But we will need names for the Immobilizer, the Corvette and our new flagship the Khyron-class Star Destroyer. Look for a competition for that purpose very soon.

What should I do this weekend if I’m American and have a long weekend? Or even if I just have a few minutes to spend here and there?

Do you even have to ask? Orian Assembly: Vengeance of course! And don’t forget to post in the run on either!

If you’re interested in writing there is also the Antei Contract Bureau. It was developed by the people over in Arcona, basically you request which type of contract you want be it infiltration, piloting, assassination or any of the other options there are, then you decide which difficulty you want the contract to be which decides the level of your targets. You will then be given a personalized fiction prompt in the form of your contract, you will then have 14 days to complete it after which your entry will be scored and you will receive feedback as well which can help improve your writing skills. There are also a number of other competitions available to you.

You can also go watch a movie for a chance to catch the first trailer for the next Star Wars movie.

And don’t forget to join us in #naga_sadow on IRC, we can always use more people in there!

That’s all folks!

SWL Malik Sadow (Sith) / CON-DOC / Clan Naga Sadow [GMRG: VI] [SA: IX] [ACC: Q]
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Son of Sadow

Excellent post Malik! Can't wait for this comp for the ship names!

This is actually the first CNG Report that's been mildly sane in a long while. What about KSD Pew-pew?

All my reports are perfectly sane. :P

"CNG" deep

There's nothing sane about a talking tree, much less one who writes reports!

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