CNS Consul Report #6: Rite to the Point


CNS Consul Report #6: Rite to the Point


The Vendetta rolls on! It has been a nice spike in activity for Clan Naga Sadow over the last couple of weeks, but we are not done yet! In gaming alone, we have seen 50 unique entries, and it is with bated breath that I wait to see what else CNS will bring to the table. We have a good group of folks with a variety of skill sets. Participation is key in the Vendetta, and as such I hope everyone has been getting a bit in for everything. The bins system makes this easier than ever, of course. So if you happen to fall asleep at your pc (like I did) but you already have an entry in a gaming bin, for example at the close of a Phase, you still get participation for the bin.

This report will be a bit light, what with things like the content of entries, placements and the like being very much up in the air for at least a couple weeks more.


The Quick and Dirty Statistics

Without boring you all by scribbling out the exact figures, it is interesting to note that of those who have taken part in a bin thus far, we have seen 45% of the Rite’s participants take part in 5 or more bins.

That is nothing to scoff at. Now, I do think it is worth noting that the Team Writing and other Event-Long bin have not been accounted for in most cases, so these stats may still be slightly skewed. I know that I have been trying to work with my team to polish my own entries, so I am sure we will see our figures swell a bit as members finish up their more extensive entries. I mean, to be fair, mentioning any sort of statistics is better done at the end of the Vendetta, so keep your eye out post-RoS and I will be talking more on this in my next Consul’s report.


Clan News

  • Our Rollmaster released her pre-Vendetta pep talk to get everybody a bit more excited about the Rite of Supremacy we find ourselves in now.

  • The Aedile of House Shar Dakhan was announced. And it was none other than our own Sanguinius!

  • Kojiro touched a bit upon goings on in House Marka Ragnos, how it will be effected by our new slant on our fictional direction, and encouraged folks to take part in this big ol’ Vendetta.

  • Erik Cato released his own wee report and further pushed the hyyyype.

  • there has also been a lot of talk from House Shar Dakhan in emails, as the Summit has been excitedly talking to members, talking about Dakhani activity on the whole and leaking positive vibes about this whole event!

Reports and News In The Club At Lage

  • Dracaryis has released his 24th report as FIST of the Dark Brotherhood. In it, he has detailed some changes to the GMRG, most notably to the GMRG Leaderboard. He also used his report to act as a year in review. I found it an interesting read, and I highly suggest you all take a look-see.

  • A number of Consuls released reports about the Rite, such as Plageuis or Odan-Urr.

  • **Our Grand Master informed us of some updates that concerned Phase I and beyond

  • **Evant unveiled details on Clan credit-earning potential as it pertains to the Vendetta

Ongoing Competitions of Note

There is a Vendetta going on. Lots to do there!


Parting Words

I have seen some nice participation in the Vendetta, but I am sure that we can see even more. We have a bit of a breather before the final week of the Vendetta starts with Phase 3. Go kick rear, and show the greatness of Clan Naga Sadow!

I remain, as ever, your Servant in Darkness,


Consul of Naga Sadow

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