Combat Master #15: AddVenues(ACC.Halls.Scenario)


Combat Master #15: AddVenues(ACC.Halls.Scenario)


Short and sweet this month, 'cause the RL bug has my focus and my mutant gene refuses to activate, so I can't go all Multiple Man up in here.

Within this report you will find me getting to the point and nothing but the point so help me <INSERT DEITY OF CHOICE>. For those keeping score at home, I promised a launch of the Scenario Hall at the beginning of April. A man is nothing if not his word. That's on track and that's what I'm here to talk about.

So, rather than flap my gums and send you all to sleep, let's get moving.

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Why Scenario Hall?

This was one of those things where you settle into the new office and start to take a real good look at the things around you. Things you maybe didn't really think about. Mainly, I looked at the halls and we set in motion the first series of changes. The Scenario Hall was closed and the Cooperative Hall was opened. Huzzah, drinks and merriment, etc.

Why did I take away a feature? Well, it wasn't being used for one. The other thing was that, based on the description of the hall and its desired goal, it... wasn't functioning. We had no way of setting up the scenarios. There was coding to be done and James was the bringer of goodness. Alas, we were low priority and I'm okay with that. Underdogs represent.

But no more!

In order to work within the system we had without rocking the boat too hard, it was my feature request that we were granted the ability to separate church and state. No longer were venues an all access grab bag of fun and disaster (your mileage may vary on that). Instead, the Combat Master was given the honor of the headache that is a sea of checkboxes and assigning venues to halls. A little pain on the admin end for a lot of gain.

All in all, this allows us to have custom venue rotations and random pools for things like Clan events and other such pathways in the ACC. I'm looking at you Consuls. Interesting stuff is afoot and we can facilitate it now!

How does this pertain to Scenario Hall and why am I rambling? Because I have a problem and there is no cure, but we're not here for me.

The goal of Scenarios is just that; provide the scenario to the members so they don't have to come up with it. This frees up the first poster and removes the burden of plot creation to an extent. The members are still responsible for the flow of the plot, but this time they have a prompt to work off similarly to fiction competitions.

Being able to assign specific venues enables this without having to do what I did for the 'Guests' of the Matron event. In that one, we had scenarios tied to the venues, but I had to go in and post the prompt manually for each and every match. That is just... a lot of work. I don't even like effort, because that leads to work. I'm allergic, but my doctor won't agree with that assessment.

So, with specific venues, we get to pre-create the prompts and put them into a random pool/selector for the members. No more intervention! All automated!

That's what we're doing. With the creation of a pool of scenarios, the Scenario Hall will see its doors open once more to the public. And that creation effort doesn't end with the changing of the month. No, we will keep coming up with ideas and welcoming member ideas. However, as with regular venues, if you are going to propose a venue specific to your clan, the request must be approved by and pass through your clan summit team. That means Consuls and Proconsuls. We aren't bringing anything into the clans without their overseer's consent.

Looking forward to seeing and measuring the interest in the hall once open. Hope you all are interested too.


Scenario Competition And Example

Now, people often ask if I have any projects going on and if they can help. First off, yeah... there's always something going on. But there is a preference to small teams with a firm understanding of the systems they are working with or an ability to learn them right quick. That isn't the perfect fit for everything. A lot of the times, I like to lean on competitions to get members involved in even a small way. This is one of those times.

You can hop on over to this competition called What's the Scenario? and enter a venue of your own for inclusion in the hall.

I've been pimping this event in the Fiction chat, and I must stress that this ends tomorrow at midnight site time. I will not be extending that date at all. In order to meet the hard deadline, we need time to review and alter if needed. I plan to have this hall live this coming weekend. That gives my team a week to review the submissions and me time to juggle packing and review.

So, get those entries in! Even the skeleton of an idea is something we can work with! I look forward to seeing what you all have come up with.

I've gone ahead and included a sample write up of a scenario I recently created here. It's very simple, compared to the potential for more complex scenarios, but it gets the job done and hopefully helps folks trigger some ideas.

Example Scenario

[Scenario] Umbara: Deals in the Dark

Umbara, the "Shadow World", stands apart from the galaxy, cut off within the Ghost Nebula. This did not stop its native population from advancing their technology beyond the galactic standards and becoming a major exporter of doonium.

No sunlight reaches the surface of Umbara, leaving it and its denizens to adapt to a never-ending darkness. Thick clouds hang in the upper atmosphere while fog crawls along the ground, adding to the shroud of the planet and making even technological light sources limited in effectiveness. However, Umbara is not devoid of all natural light. Bioluminescent flora grows like tentacles reaching up from the ground and forming a jungle presence outside the populated cities. In lieu of grass, the ground is pockmarked by coiling plants that rise before turning in upon themselves.

Within this jungle expanse, there are two threats of note that have adapted to the climate of Umbara. Anyone treading upon this territory must be vigilant, lest they fall prey to the flying, predatory Banshee or worse, the Vixus.

It is not for the locale that members of the Brotherhood are drawn to Umbara. Having been members of the Republic—even Separatists—and later rebels under the heel of the Galactic Empire, some Umbarans have taken to living for themselves. These pirates are not above selling some of Umbara's more notable technological advancements. A group, calling themselves the "Shadow Cabal" and led by Wyss Teneb, have taken to exporting a gas capable of stimulating combatants to fight longer and harder.

It is this trade deal that brings you to such a dangerous place. Intel has been passed back and forth, leaving the trade itself in a state of confusion. No one is quite sure exactly who the buyer is. That leaves an opportunity. Some may try to discreetly slip into place and claim the trade for themselves, while others may genuinely be the buyer. The only constant is the chaos that could result from competing interests. An advantage—no matter the source—is beneficial to any force, be they Collective or Brotherhood in origin.

You step into the Shadow World with the future as shrouded as the planet itself.


ACC Exams

Remember, any questions on ACC mechanics, the CSs, or features, email [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. We do check this email, and often. Best way to get a proper response with all the staff on the same page.

Thanks for reading,


You DID write one for Umbara! Awesome!

Thinking of embellishing the primary description and turning it into a regular venue as well as a scenario.

Yes please!

Sounds like the scenario hall will be fun.

Get those entries cleaned up and in folks! I know I will.

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