Combat Master #17: Push The Button


Combat Master #17: Push The Button


Well, this is certainly a late one. Kind of coming in under the wire for getting a July report in. But, there's so much that was worth waiting on! We had the first Coach's Corner ACC event! That was pretty exciting and a learning experience for everyone involved. Yes, even the coaches. That said, there are some system changes that James has been kind enough to implement for us. While I speak fluent programmer, I understand many don't, so I shall endeavour to translate for you all!

There. That's the intro. As they say in essay writing, the first paragraph should outline what you are going to talk about. Then you get into it. So...let's do that.

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Coach's Corner Results

Coach's Corner

That's right! This event has finally come to a close. It was a long month, but we finally came to an end. The results have already been processed site side, but that's boring. I'm sorry to all pandas and panda adjacents, but the admin email is no fun and we all know it! And only red pandas matter anyway.

So, we'll be listing off the standings right here in this report. But first, the thing us in the admin side of things love even more than that...statistics!

Clan Distribution

Well, those are certainly...numbers. And bars! With ratios! But you know what? They're good numbers. What we see here is that most of the clans we hoped would get involved in this event leapt into the pit and gave it a go. That's mission accomplished in my books. But the important part, more than that, is that this event was more than just an experiment. This was a demonstration. ACC is not an event that's hard to break into during a Vendetta or other such overarching bucket. It's something that requires planning. And for that, you need a team. That's what this was meant to show, and that's the primary lesson we hope was learned. Find a group of folks and bounce ideas off each other. Use them as proofers and sanity checks. While only you can write an ACC post, others can certainly help you refine it.

Heck, that could even work in fiction comps as well.

So, don't go it alone! Next time an ACC match comes your way, grab onto a circle of friends (or frienemies) and get that critical eye onto the page. Beyond that, have fun. Fun trumps literally everything else.

Before we get to the results, I want to give a special shout out to Team Three Star. Not a single member of this team timed out. This is awesome to see, and really something everyone should strive to do in an ACC event.


FIRST PLACE Team Three Star
THIRD PLACE Team Red Panda
FOURTH PLACE Team Murderlizards

Congratulations again to anyone who got involved!

Consult the CM

So, it seems that even this event wasn't free of time-outs. It's really a shame, but it seems to happen in every single event we run. Real life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes. For those of you that got posts in and didn't receive a judgement due to time-out, I give you an invitation to hit me up.

Now, my door is always open for questions, but I'd like to give you the chance to bring any queries to me regarding this event and your posts. If you'd like what posting you were able to do prior to the match closure to get reviewed by the Combat Master, that's something that can happen!

All you gotta do is ask. Heck, anyone can pick my brain any time. And if I don't know? Well, I'll ask the right people, ensure any documentation is in the right place, and get everyone on the same page.

Fully Site Integrated Extensions

You know what sucks? Human intervention.

While I'm not saying "all hail dbb0t" quite yet, much to its chagrin, I am saying that sometimes automation is the better path. James has been wonderful in hearing my requirements and bringing to bear an implementation that works to our specs. And that implementation? It's been deployed.

As of now, all extensions in the ACC are handled via the site interface.

This has been reflected in the "24 Hour Warning" e-mails that go out. The footnote text now reads as follows:

"Please note that closed battles will generally not be reopened except for special circumstances, and that extension requests via e-mail will no longer be processed except in special circumstances."

The bolded bit is the big change. Unless there's some major emergency, all extensions will be processed via the site. That means that the member needs to go to their match details and click the big "Extend" button. This will trigger an e-mail that goes out to your opponent. Then they click approve in the e-mail and you're off to the races.

But what if you're Turel a repeat offender of the extension process? Maybe your opponent is? Well, we have a setting for that.

ACC Settings

You can use this link to get to your settings page, but you can now enable auto-approval of extensions.

Before we wrap up, I want to explain the difference in extension types for the halls. Basically, we now have four types of extension policies in the system. They are as follows:

Extension Policy

Disabled: This does pretty much what the name implies. There are no extensions on any hall with this setting. Even if someone wanted one. I can confidently say this isn't in use currently.

Casual: Extensions don't require confirmation. They will be awarded when requested.

Ranked: Extensions are available but require confirmation. They will be awarded if granted by the opponent.

Vendetta: Only a single 24 hour extension is available and does not require confirmation.

In all cases except for Vendetta, there is a formula applied to determine how long the match extension will be. To describe it plainly: half the regular post time. That means in a 7 day match time, an extension will be awarded for 3.5 days. An extension can also not be less than 24 hours, and will be bumped up to 1 day in that case.

The final little caveat is that you cannot request an extension if there is more than the allotted match time remaining. Basically, if you have 7 days to post normally but due to an extension you have 9 days left, you cannot request another until you're back under 7 days.

Let us know if you have any questions! That's it for me!


ACC Exams

Remember, any questions on ACC mechanics, the CSs, or features, email [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. We do check this email, and often. Best way to get a proper response with all the staff on the same page.

Thanks for reading,


Boo. Admin email is fun!

Nice report! Participating in the coach's corner was really fun, and it was my introduction to the ACC to boot! I will definitely be doing more matches from here on out.

Also really happy about the automation of extensions. That'll come in handy given how bad I am with procrastination lol.

Team Three Star woo!

I had a blast with this event! Was a lot of fun and, Turel and the rest of Team Red Panda were an absolute blast to work with!


I erroneously stated that all the extensions get rounded up to the nearest day. This only occurs when the result would be less than 24 hours. The report has been updated.

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