Consul of Clan Taldryan Report 5: *“April, Come She Will”


Consul of Clan Taldryan Report 5: *“April, Come She Will”


Consul of Clan Taldryan Report 5: “April, Come She Will”

Hey everyone, it’s report time! Some big changes are coming to Tal, and with them some great opportunities moving forward. The DJB is getting ready for War and we need to get ready as well. Stay tuned and watch your email, because there is some great stuff coming your way.


Clan News:

First things first, we have some changes to our Clan’s leadership that need to be announced:

  • 1). Vodo Biask Taldrya has agreed to step into the position of Dinaari Quaestor and lead the House to a new tomorrow.

  • 2). Andrelious J. Mimosa Inahj has agreed to step into the role of Rolemaster, filling the void left by Vodo’s move.

  • 3). After Thorn decided to step down as Aedile, Justinios Drake has been selected by Rian to become Ektrosis’s new Aedile.

I would like to congratulate and thank you three for stepping up to help the Clan, and the Summit.

Next point of interest, we have an ACC tournament being set up to decide who will be Taldryan’s champion in the GJW ACC Event. We currently have 10 members who have agreed to sign up, but there is always room for more. I will send out an email when the competition is created and anyone else interested simply needs to subscribe before the starting date. Good Luck To ALL!

There are several competitions being run in the clan, and all are quite easy to complete.

Mark is running a new “Hunt The Jedi Competition”, as well as a “Maximum Brevity Fiction Competition

Alaris has a Poetry Series, a Fiction Series, and a Trivia Series running.

I am running this years Haiku Series Competition, and a soon to start Graphics Series.

Get out there and show us what you got.

The Final thing I want to bring up, I want to start displaying the fictional works of our members. From now on, every report I post will feature one or two works written by our members. This can be anything, from short character pieces, to space battles written to show off your piloting skills. I invite you all to let me know if you would like your work featured to help build out our Clan’s members fictional stories. I look forward to seeing what you guys have to offer.

As I said before, keep an eye on your email, because there are some exciting things coming up.


Brotherhood News:

The Fist sent out his newest report, which detailed some interesting statistics regarding which gaming platforms seem to be the most popular. I’m proud to say we had three members show up in the top ten of pvp gaming within the club for the first quarter of this year, with Mark(Andrelious) coming in first and Mortetior and Tirano coming in 5th and 6th place respectively. Tirano also came in 5th for overall PvE gaming, so congrats to him! You can read the Fists’s full report Here.

Frosty has stepped down as Consul of Clan Tarentum, with Bloddfyre taking the mantle of Consul. Thank you Frosty for your service to your Clan and the DJB, and welcome Bloddfyre to our Consul ranks! These announcements can be found Here, and Here.

Mav has released the newest Unit Reports! If you’d like to see what our DGM had to say, you can find his report Here.

Finally The Voice released his report, which announced that we now have access to purchasing NPC character slots! This was a project that was not easy to accomplish so a big thanks to all involved, especially you James. With this change comes some new changes within the ACC as well. Read about all of this in the Voice’s Report, and the Combat Master’s Report.



House & Clan wide

Hunt The Jedi: Back But Never Forgotten

Alaris's Trivia Series

Alaris's Fiction Series, Part Two

Alaris's Poetry Series

Maximum Brevity Series

Brotherhood wide



Forbidden Fruits: A Tale of Two Cookies

Once Upon A Star

Voice Dialogue Series

Twelve Weeks A Haiku Year 2

The Thirteen Stories

A Series Of Changes


Overwatch: Uprising

FIST 1st Annual Flash Gaming

2nd Annual Mobile Gaming

FIST Diablo 3 Season 10 Greater Rift Solo Tier

FIST Galaxy of Heroes Quarterly Squad Arena (Apr-Jun 2017)


Forbidden Fruits: Pretty Picture Time

The Emperors New Robes

Abstract Art Series: Ways of the Force

Other competitions

MAA Puzzle #7

Star Wars Characters Puzzles

Who Wore That?


I’ve received several interesting questions, and I feel it’s time to actually answer them, so here we go.

  • Warrior Kylex Asks: Can jet fuel melt steel memes?

I’ll have to collaborate with my engineer friends to find the answer to that one, though I would have to guess...Yes. Yes it can.

  • Warrior Kylex Asks: What’s your Profession?

Well, aside from being a Consul, I’m a medic, a scientist, and an overall awesome guy ;)

  • Kell Mendes asks: What is the music of life?

I would have to say the screams of my many victims before the join the Force.

  • Turel asks: If you could go back to the day you accepted the Consul position and pass on one tidbit of db-related wisdom you've picked up since then, what would it be?

That’s a tough one, but I would tell myself to stick to my guns, no matter what happens. You can’t make everyone happy, you can only do your best. Don’t let other people make you feel bad for doing what you feel is right.

  • Tisto asks: Mr. Rhylance what do you say to the allegations that you are trying to control Force users by any means necessary?

I would say, no Force user under my control would say that I’ve led them wrong, so what’s the harm in it?

  • Zujenia asks: What would Rhylance have as a pet?

The question is not what, but who?

  • Zujenia asks: What is your favorite color?

Blue….definitely blue.

  • Aurora “Aura” Ta’Var (Blade) asks: I heard you implant chips in FUs to control them. Why would you do such a horrible thing?

Some people do not know hoe to properly use the gifts they have been given. I am simply assisting them in reaching their full potential for the greater good.

  • Kul’Tak Drul asks: Did Rhylance develop any new techniques or formulas for applying poisons after our battle?

Spoilers. ;P

Thank you to all who submitted their questions! I look forward to more in the future.


There are many great things comig your way Taldryan. I thank you for your patients as kinks are worked out, and I know that we can bounce back to show how great our Clan truly can be.

May the Force be ever in your favor,

Rylance (Aiden Lee), Consul of Clan Taldryan

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