[COU] High Councillor Report #4: War and the Great Beyond


[COU] High Councillor Report #4: War and the Great Beyond



Well, the war is over. We aren’t first clan anymore but that’s never been integral to our identity and what we strive for as a clan. As your consul, what I wanted above all else was for you to have fun and do your best. I’m happy to say that I’ll be celebrating that spirit and the accomplishments it's achieved for much of this report. In addition, there is a bunch of news to share, some competitions to spotlight, projects, and I’ll be covering some upcoming plans for the clan. Let’s dive in. I apologize for the rugby gifs in advance. :)



The War Effort

Welp, we weren’t able to keep our streak going but we are a solid middle of the pack. I send congratulations to Arcona, Naga Sadow, and Vizsla for their first through third places respectively. The questions I ask myself as consul are two-fold: did you all fun doing it and did you try your best in whatever competition you did. As your constant cheerleader, I can proudly say that I saw people having fun, trying their best in whatever competitions you chose, and putting forth a lot of work despite some pretty hellish real-life situations. I know some of you have been hard on yourselves and its true that there is room for improvement, but remember that one competition entry determined some of the overall placements during this war. Every competition counted so first I thank everyone who participated during the war for your clan, starring those that hit all bins. Some of you even earned your first nova!!

  • Morgan B. Sorenn earned 21 Seals of Discord, 3 Gold Nova, and 3 Silver Nova ***
  • Jafits Skrumm earned 22 Seals of Discord, 1 Gold Nova, and 1 Bronze Nova ***
  • Essik Lyccane earned 28 Seals of Discord, 1 Gold Nova, and 1 Bronze Nova ***
  • Ethan Martes earned 13 Seals of Discord, and 1 Bronze Nova***
  • Aura Ta’var earned 25 Seals of Discord, 2 Gold Nova, and 1 Bronze Nova***
  • Kasula Daegella earned 12 Seals of Discord, 2 Gold Nova, and 1 Silver Nova
  • Mauro Wynter earned 19 Seals of Discord
  • Revak Kur earned 16 Seals of Discord
  • Zanothi Nightblade earned 12 Seals of Discord, and 1 Bronze Nova
  • Junazee earned 14 Seals of Discord, and 1 Gold Nova
  • Archenksov earned 11 Seals of Discord, 1 Gold Nova, and 2 Bronze Nova
  • Len Iode earned 10 Seals of Discord, 1 Gold Nova,
  • Tisto Kingang earned 6 Seals of Discord
  • Sa Ool earned 6 Seals of Discord
  • Creshkin Vos earned 7 Seals of Discord
  • Irhan Lo’Vex earned 8 Seals of Discord, and 1 Bronze Nova
  • Maximus Alvinius earned 3 Seals of Discord, and 1 Bronze Nova
  • Gavriel Kadesh earned 6 Seals of Discord, 1 Gold Nova, and 1 Silver Nova
  • Shayna Phantom earned 2 Seals of Discord
  • Aerwin Tribwell-Urr earned 3 Seals of Discord
  • Celevon Edraven Erinos earned 2 Seals of Discord
  • Tyraal Bitshiver earned 2 Seals of Discord
  • Talis DeMorte earned 1 Seal of Discord

War Shoutouts

Several Odanites did exemplary work during the war. As such, I’ve dedicated this section to their excellent efforts for the Clan, whether it be through competition entries or overall placement. Please take a moment to look over the triumphs of Odan-Urr and congratulate your fellow Odanites. There are a lot of good entries here that a lot of us haven’t probably seen yet. :)

First, two of our own placed in the top 10. Join me in congratulating them on a job well done!

  • Morgan B. Sorenn (Vyr) on placing 8th overall, making him our Clan Hero!
  • Kasula Daegella on placing 10th overall!

Second, I’d like to put a big spotlight on those that placed in the competitions during the war. A Great Jedi War is heavily favored towards placement and many of you tried very hard to do so. If the entrants decided to share it with everyone, it will be a public link. If not, it will be a private link for Odanites. Of course, some opted out entirely. Join me in commemorating their hard work and effort by taking a look at their winning entries. :)

GJW HotS Bracket:

  • Jafits Skrumm- 8th place (too hot to handle?)

Jedi Academy Bracket:

  • Aura Ta’var- 1st place
  • Morgan B. Sorenn- 10th place

Make a Mav:

War were declared:

  • Morgan B. Sorenn- 2nd place

Voice Acting Audiobook:

Record of Deeds:


The Offering:

  • Ethan Martes- 7th place


  • Revak Kur- 8th place



Small Team Co-op Fiction:

Clan-Wide Runon

Laser Overload: much levels. wow.

  • Aura Ta’var- 1st place
  • Jafits Skrumm- 1st place

Overwatch PvP Ladder:

  • Essik Lyccane- 5th place (nice)

New Friends?:

  • Jafits Skrumm- 9th place


Hearts and Minds:

  • Jafits Skrumm- 7th place


Hunt the Jedi:

  • Archenksov- 3rd place
  • Essik Lyccane- 4th place

The Story so Far:

  • Len Iode- 7th place (the only scholar among us)

Sudooku II:

  • Gavriel Kadesh- 1st place (damn son, that sudooku was hard)

Fierce Twilight:

  • Archenksov- 3rd place
  • Jafits Skrumm- 5th place
  • Gavriel Kadesh- 7th place
  • Aura Ta’var- 10th place

Diablo 3:

  • Archenksov- 7th place (cue demon music)

Hearthstone PvP:

  • Maximus- 3rd place (heart of the cards)

Divine Wind:

  • Morgan B. Sorenn- 2nd place


Calling Card:

  • Morgan B. Sorenn- 1st place


  • Kasula Daegella- 2nd place


  • Maximus Alvinius- 9th place


Mav is old and hates gifs:

  • Morgan B. Sorenn- 2nd place


  • Aura Ta’var- 9th place


Venue Creation:

  • Essik Lyccane- 6th place (nicely done)

Sudooku I:

  • Gavriel Kadesh- 2nd place
  • Kasula Daegella- 5th place

Well, after going through all these all I have to say is wow. Their were so many amazing entries. The art was beautiful to look at. Several of those entries made me laugh. We had some nice gaming placements. Our audiobook, sudooku, and battleplans were on point. And I liked reading the fiction. Great work to all that placed and thanks for all the energy and effort you put into them. For Odan-Urr!


Merits Medals, Sacramental Awards & Promotions

Continuing this hype train, it is my absolute pleasure to announce the following promotions and merit medals. Please congratulate your fellow Odanites and their recent accomplishments!!!


  • Archenksov promoted to EQ4!
  • Aura Ta’var promoted to EQ4!
  • Essik Lyccane promoted to EQ3!
  • Ethan Martes promoted to EQ2!
  • Irhan Lo’Vex promoted to JM2!
  • Luna Raven promoted to NOV3!
  • Be’ndu Fen’dosi promoted to NOV3!
  • Agate Gua’lara promoted to NOV3!

Sacramental Awards: (the big kid awards)

Merit Medals:



Club News

DB News

Clan News


Competition Highlights

By the Clan

  • A Small Layover: You’ve been dropped off at one of our military outposts and have to stay there for a few days before you start your next adventure. How do you pass the time? Do you join the party or go solo? What shenanigans do you get up to?
  • Sunrider Comedy Series The Great Philosophizer: Yoda meme time!



Now that the war is over, we’ve started our projects back up. We have a few in progress and a few nearing completion. More will start to pick back up during October. :)

Wiki Development/Updates

Wiki updates seem to be never-ending and we always need helpers to wiki-code things. As such, it also tends to get you some nice shinies. Help us record our history.

  • [DONE] September Wiki updates: A big thank you to Ka Tarvitz.
  • [TODO] October Wiki updates:

Community Events

These are coming back now that the war is over. You may have noticed us doing Battlefront 2 calls as of late during the weekends. Have an idea for an event? Let us know. ^^

  • [IP] Create Battlefront 2 (Classic/New) Event
  • [TODO] Execute second event

Jedi Codes [COMPLETE]!

Wiki page to reset expectations on Jedi and Force Users. Over time it became clear we needed to show not only Odanites but the rest of the club that Jedi didn’t just follow one code. Your summit along with some volunteers have put together a wiki page to capture all this goodness and let you know some of the codes we ascribe to as a Clan. Check it out here!

Led by Len Iode, some content contribution by Celevon and Ka Tarvitz, and coded by Archenksov. Thank you guys!

  • [DONE] Content Creation
  • [DONE] Content Revision
  • [DONE] Wiki Coded/Deployed

Odan-Urr Loyalist Academy

New academy for our Loyalist characters, much like the Jedi have the Jedi Praxeum. Led by Len Iode and coded by Sa Ool.

  • [DONE] Content Creation
  • [DONE] Content Revision
  • [IP] Wiki Coded/Deployed

This list will change over the month of October so if you want to get in on some project work just let one of your leaders know. My door is always open. We don’t have all the good ideas and you get cool shinies/promotions for helping out the clan!

Upcoming Plans

Now that October is underway there are a few things coming up that I’d like you all to know about.

  • Planning for our fictional roadmap post-war is well underway. I’ve had the pleasure to review some very exciting ideas from your House Summit and I am in the process of flushing out the clan-level ideas. I’d already had some questions as to what this might look like so I’ll give you some teasers and remind you a few things I’ve already brought up in past clan fiction updates.

    • Before the war started, I teased pirates inside the Kiast system. They aren’t going away and they want something. In addition, our NPCs will be getting a more personal touch to them. I’ve been told a good word for this upcoming House fiction segment is “Vietnam”.
    • A key theme moving forward for us at the clan level is that we are fictionally part of two organizations: the Brotherhood and the Vatali Empire. What happens when they pull in opposite directions? ^^ I plan to pull on this thread moving forward as we engage with other clans, the dark council, and the wider galaxy. This includes how we engage with both the Collective and the Severian Principate, both of which won’t be going away. Neither will our big theme: We fix problems in the galaxy, in whatever form we can, regardless of boundaries.
    • Another key theme is the fact that Odan-Urr is getting used what it means to be a Vatali citizen. Cultural clashes are always particularly delicious. It makes me think of Odan-Urr as rebellious teenagers and the Vatali as older parents who are wondering why we won’t just get a haircut.
  • A new Clan fiction will be released in a week or two, ideally the former. I already have some ideas for it that will stitch together the GJW finale fiction to our next fictional steps moving forward. Stay tuned!

  • Coalitions are going to get looked at again. We frankly have too many and I’d like us to be more focused with them. If you really love one of them, this is the time to let me know. I’ll be putting out a survey to everyone to get your feedback. :)

  • A project called the Odanite Defense Force will be kicking off. Len Iode has some more details on it but the general idea is that they would fill roles like police officers, local troops, criminal investigations, fire protection/prevention personnel, rescue personnel, immigration control, medical personnel, and medical investigative services for both routine and crisis situations. Stay tuned for more as the month moves along.

  • Lastly, Odan-Urr will be fully kick off its recruitment efforts. If you’d like to help with that and haven’t dm’d me already, please do. :)



Tarvitz Asks: “Now that the Great Jedi War is out of the way, may I ask if you can offer any hints as to what stories might follow in the months to come?”

Gavriel Asks: “Maybe just a different version of that question: What's next/on the horizon for COU, both in terms of story and upcoming event plans?”

Aura: I’ve answered a bunch of this in the Upcoming Plans section so I’m going to point you up there but I tease with this music video. I’ll also take this opportunity to address the upcoming event plans. There are some plans in the works for a House event and I’d like to also get in a clan event sometime after that. I know it’s a little vague right now but we’ll have more to share as this month moves along. Also, we will be putting more energy into our weekend events as well for gaming and ideally fiction.

Tarvitz Asks: “What is best in life?”

Aura: Good friends to show pew pews with, Sushi, Doges, and the Rugby world cup (specifically the Irish, English, Scottish, Austrialian, and New Zealand teams)

Tarvitz Asks: “Are there any more animals you would wish for Solyiat to have once writing on the ecosystem starts again?”

Aura: Silly answer: Gigantic Fluff monsters that only a SW Hagrid would love. On a serious note, I’ll have to think more about this. I know I like worlds when mammals and dinosaurs exist on the same planet. That’s all I have for now.

Ethan Asks: “Can I store failed science projects in the breakroom freezer?”

Aura: stamps denied with her new Howie stamps

Sa Asks: “why do you try to kill us all with putting out sushi?”

Aura: Yasss

Ethan Asks: “When can we wax Celevon's whole body to use him as a distraction?”

Aura: Sure. Morgan won’t mind. Celevon, you okay with it? Celevon says yes.

Ethan Asks: “would it be considered a dick move to weaponize a moon for the sole purpose of stealing it to wreak irreversible damage to a planet?”

Aura: which planet? does it have sushi on it?

Ethan Asks: “Are we finally going to get @MarinakaVyr rehab for his addiction to minis?”

Aura: Nah. It's pretty art. But he has to share them. Sharing is caring.

Ethan Asks: “Please tell @Revak to stop eating my cookies. Those are mine and I put them in my desk for me, if they were for everyone else, they'd be in the coffee room.”

Aura: So Revak is the cookie monster. Got it. Well, I'd say leave a trap for him next time...

Pravus Asks: “what gmrg asset will you pick?”

Aura: stamps Pravus as denied


We have a lot of work in front of us but many of you exemplified the Odanite Code and it's that spirit that will get us back up to the top. I believe in every single one of you and your ability to make Odan-Urr even better. As you look back on your experiences during this war, pat yourself on the back for the things you’ve done well (your clan certainly is) and take note of things where you can do better. Odan-Urr is a family and I promise you your summit will be working hard to make sure we all have fun, improve our skills, and give you plenty to do. Now let’s go forth and kick some ass together. For Odan-Urr!


Also, don’t forget to take the GJW Survey. It’s the only way these can improve moving forward.

~Signed with Pheromones [And Silver sharpie!]


I'm pretty sure the correct answer to "what is best in life?" is: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!

I mean...great report!

Nice report, Blade.

Good informative report

Starts stockpiling munitions for what is to come.

Great report! Now to get some other stuff ready.

Excellent news on all fronts then, and thank you for answering the question of what will follow. This should make for a very entertaining few months.

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