Darkblade’s Awesome BTL Report: Hej Hej! Greetings from Sweden!


Darkblade’s Awesome BTL Report: Hej Hej! Greetings from Sweden!


Darkblade sat down at the bar, and ordered a beer to quench his thirst. The past few months had lead to nothing but dead ends and false leads. He felt frustrated and had trouble suppressing his anger. When his beer came sliding down the bar table he quickly snatched it up and as soon as the glass touched his lips, his comlink buzzed. Unable to contain his anger, he snapped, and smashed down his glass on bar, shattering it into a thousand pieces and watching the liquid dance high into the air before falling back down and soaking the Knight.

Snatching his comlink, failing to look at who was calling him. “What do you want?” he growled into the comlink. “If i was calling you for any other reason i wouldn’t accept this tone.” Sang replied. “However, this news has me in a decent mood and i shall dismiss your tone, this time. You have been appointed as Battle Team Leader for Shadow’s Bane. I expect you to report to your team within the next 48 hours. So wherever you are, make sure you get there on time or i won’t be as forgiving as now.” The comlink ended abruptly and left Darkblade in a semi shocked state.

Battle Team Leader he thought to himself. Now this is something he could work with, perhaps finally use assets to get to what he wanted and was searching for for so long. Throwing some credits onto the bar, the Knight quickly strode out of the bar and left for the spaceport. It was going to be a long ride back but well worth it.


Good afternoon fellow Shadow’s Bane members! Welcome to my first report, where I introduce myself and give a general idea of where I plan on taking the Battle Team in the future.

Who’s this Darkblade guy?

I am Darkblade, formerly known as Krataa, formerly known as Darkblade (It’s hard choosing a name sometimes). I’m on vacation at the moment traveling through the wonderful Scandinavian countryside and was quite thrilled when I was told I would be appointed as BTL last night.

Nothing beats good news, coupled whilst being on vacation just makes me feel even better. I have a lot of plans for the revamping of Shadows’ Bane and plan to dive headfirst and come out on top! I will have limited access to internet, but try to get onto wifi when possible. My availability is limited until the 4th of August, but feel free to email or telegram me should you have any questions!

Get to work!

Right, on to the good stuff. I have a competition running for Shadow’s Bane members. "You there! What is your purpose?!" will run from the 1st of August till the 8th. Here you explain why your character joined Shadow’s Bane and what they hope to achieve or gain from being in the BT.

The reason I started this comp is so I can get to know your characters more, and hopefully implement them correctly into future events and fiction updates that I have planned for Shadow’s Bane!

Current Events

Jac has 3 fresh members for the appeals panelist, and brushes up on some Star Chamber stuff. Bentre has been given command over Devil’s Shroud, and the Deputy Grand Master explains upcoming changes.

Read the full reports here:
Appeals Panel Chosen

Justicar Report

DGM Report


Future Plans

I have a few ideas on how I want to change the BT into something more versatile. Before I can bring those ideas to fruition I need to discuss this with the summit. Once I have been given the green light we will be turning Shadow’s Bane into something to be proud of! AS of now though I cannot go into too many details, but rest assured I am going to be working on the general role of the BT and hopefully give it a more clear role in what we are and how we go to work.

I have written a little fiction and will continue to expand on that until i am ready to unveil the major event i have planned for the Battle Team which will start to move us forward.

Im hoping to get people more active as they are given a role within the BT. At the moment, the BT has kind of run into a wall and I plan on breaking through it with the help of you guys! So if you have any suggestions PLEASE email me and we will turn Shadow’s Bane into an active and thriving Battle Team once again!


I hope i have given you some idea of what i plan on working on and am just as excited as i am for what the future holds for SB!

Special shoutout to Marcus Kiriyu, for setting me up on the right path towards making reports.

And finally, I will not be actively pursuing a BTS for the moment. However, i do like, nay, encourage initiative and should anyone feel called upon you are free to send me an email as to why you think you would be suitable for the position and what you would like to work on to improve the Battle Team. This is an open invitation for anyone in Naga Sadow.



Good first report buddy! Keep it up!

An excellent report, I look forward to seeing those entries to your competition.

Good job, Db!

Nice post.

Well done!

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