Devil's Shroud Report #2: Let's Do Brunch


Devil's Shroud Report #2: Let's Do Brunch


Top o' the mornin' to you all. This is Bentre Stahoes, your Battleteam Leader- and accused traitor- of the illustrious Devil's Shroud. I hope you will forgive my candor. It appears everybody is still in the process of waking up by the looks of all the other report titles.

We have had an exciting couple of weeks with Awakenings and the ongoing struggle for the shards on Devaanti. I do like a good power struggle, and despite the numbers on the Consul's side, I have been quite pleased at the activity and drive of Teams Vexatus and Marcus. We are more than halfway through the event, and I would be lying if I said I were not excited to see how events were going to conclude. Well, I am a little worried about how warped young Stahoes has become thanks to the Shard, but his clansman should be supportive I imagine.

Also, I am working on a series of events I like to call "Tales of the Shroud." Pending FIST approval, I hope to have these as semi-regular events which give you all a chance to show a more creative side and to help shape aspects of our Battleteam Lore in new and exciting ways- or even just have fun participating! More to come as I have more etched out.

You will probably keep seeing this about every message, but as always feel free to send me a message if you need something. I would love to hear about any ideas that you have or concepts you would like to explore- both in competitions and the like and in your own personal fiction. If I am able to help, I will lend a hand. If I am not, I will try to get you hooked up with somebody more able to help you in that particular area. In any case, I hope that together we can catapult this Battleteam to greatness and to even greater fun. I want everyone in Devil's Shroud to have their own impact, and for us to move forward together.



Our Roster

I would like to stress that if I miss something here, it isn't because you did nothing, I just didn't see you do those things.


  • signed up for Team Locke

  • changed Tradition from None to Krath Adherent

  • Participation in the Awakenings RO


  • Signed up for Team Vexatus

  • Telegram and email activity

  • 1 Dark Cross Awarded for SA work

  • 26 Clusters of Fire

  • 1 Clusters of Ice

  • 2 Crescent with Emerald Star

  • 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star

  • Changed Tradition from None to Krath Adherent

  • Participation in the Awakenings RO


  • some Telegram activity


  • signed up for Team Marcus

  • Lots of Telegram activity

  • Email activity

  • plotting and planning

  • Participation in the Awakenings RO


  • 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star

  • 3 Crescents with Sapphire Star

  • 1 Crescent with Ruby Star

  • 1 Pendant of Blood

  • 2 Clusters of Ice

  • 62 Clusters of Fire

  • 55 Clusters of Earth

  • 1 Dark Side Scroll

  • Signed up for Team Marcus

  • Participation in the Awakenings RO

Sarge's Corner

Well, I know that Daedric has been very active with his work, and has been running some odd hours. So for now, I am going to actually pass up Sarge's corner. If Daedric so chooses, I will replace this little message with his bit, but I would like to quote something he had said in his previous SC:

"Other than that guys keep up the great work, a lot of activity has been flooding my inbox and even though I may not say much here lately, I enjoy reading what you guys have been up to. With the new clan wide event coming up we need to work together, a team that works together wins together. And who doesn’t like to win."


  • Scarlet is the new BTL of Sapphire
  • Devil's Shroud is representing strongly in Awakenings
  • some new, exciting competitions to get involved in
  • 'Tales of the Shroud' hinted at

Final Thoughts

At risk of sounding like a broken record: love what I am seeing in the Clan event. I hope to see more. I am sure I sound even more like a broken record when I keep telling you there is more coming up in the future. Life can sometimes get you down, but I hope that the Battleteam and the club is always a nice place to come to at the end of the day. If you need anything feel free to email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or contact me on Telegram. Even if I cannot respond immediately, I will as soon as I am able. All emails go to my phone so it should not be long.

Keep being awesome, Devil's Shroud. Whatever you do, do so


Knight Bentre Stahoes

Knight Daedric Turrelles

Very nice. Good stuff! Keep it going!

Nice Report, well done Benny :)

Awesome report good ser!

Nice report man.

Now I don't know what to do with all these damn goats!

I hope your game didn't reset at least, Locke :D

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