Dreadbringer’s Report May 16, 2020


Dreadbringer’s Report May 16, 2020

header Well... this is only 5 months late.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my very overdue first report as Battleteam Leader. Quarantines, prison breaks, death and well, more death. A lot has changed, so let’s take a look forward.


Opening Statement

First off, I want to apologise for how long it took me to write this report. And I want to thank you all for your patience in waiting for it. I’m making a commitment to you guys to be better and be the leader you all deserve. Now while this is all on me, I need you guys to help me build this team to where I know it can be. I know things in the world are really crazy, and I hope that they start settling down soon. If any of you want to talk about what’s going on, discuss clan lore or fiction, or even about art/writing/gaming/shooting the breeze, my comm link is always open. Email, Telegram, either of these platforms you can get a hold of me quite easily. Just know if you need a sounding board or just a friend to talk to, I’m here for you all.

So with that in mind, let’s talk about the plans for the future. There’s a new Dreadbringer, war updates, competitions, and even some #AsktheDreadbringer.

  • Introducing Aleister Mavros
  • War is Coming
  • Opress Needs You
  • War Survey
  • Internal Rankings
  • #AsktheDreadbringer


And The Newwwwwww Dreadbringer

So I know that the team has been quiet for a while now, but I’m pretty sure that everyone has noticed that the Warmonger Wrathus is gone. In his place is the new Dreadbringer, Aleister Mavros. Now who is Aleister? Aleister is a fanatically devoted follower of the Dreadlord Ronovi. He sees himself as Ronovi’s right hand man, even if that might be a bit from the truth. A Sith Supremacist, the new Dreadbringer is not enthusiastic about the non-Sith on Plagueis’ summit to put it lightly. Sadistic, amoral and highly apathetic, in short, Mavros isn’t the most approachable member of the Ascendant Clan. A violent sociopath with no limits on what he will do to succeed. His method? Irrelevant. His motives? Unknowable. He seems to seek chaos for chaos's sake. He delights in destruction and devastation. And finds true enjoying the suffering and misfortune of others.

But behind the scenes? I’m still the same ol’ guy. So while the powers that be may have changed fictionally, the actual mind behind the team hasn’t.


War. War Never Changes

The date is unknown to us, but war is 100% on the horizon. The vendetta is scheduled to begin the end of this month and run into June.

To reiterate what our Consul said. “We kill it at participation and participation ratio when it comes to wars. But we never seem to get above fourth place. I believe that is because, although we do all the things, we don't necessarily place in a lot of them. So how can we get the best of both worlds?

My advice is to prioritize how much effort you put into each war comp. Not much of a writer but great at gaming? Do a minimalist fiction for participation points and then crank out the clusters. Love doing art but struggle at multimedia? Create a masterpiece for the graphics event and whip out a participation ribbon-garnering audiobook for the multimedia. Stressing out too much about doing your best work for all events is just going to tire you out. Know where your strengths and skills lie and turn them up to eleven.

So basically: Do all the things, but do well at the things you're good at.

Now, that's just my advice, and if you feel like you want to put 110% into every comp you do in this war, who the heck am I to stop you if you don't crash? But if we're aiming for placement, we gotta strategize. That will get us to First Clan.

Any advice you have for us, feel free to share. And HYPE!


Opress Needs You

So with war coming, Clan Plagueis needs your action. But, Plagueis won’t have a place to land on the battlefield if the Savages of Opress can’t make a dent in the enemies. And right now, we just don’t have the manpower to do it. We’re four enthusiastic fighters, but Opress Needs You. We have six, count 'em, six open places in our roster.

Do you seek the glory of battle? Would you consider yourself to be on the violent side of things? Do you find yourself unfulfilled in the current climate of the Brotherhood? Then perhaps Battle Team Opress is the sub-unit for you.

We’re a team of violent risk-takers, war lovers, we seek conflict for the sake of conflict. Think of us as Plagueis’s A-Team, or Expendables. We’re the ones who do the missions that no one else can or will.

PM Aleister Mavros @AleisterMavrosDJB on Telegram if you’re interested in joining up.


Surveying for War

One of the ways that the summit has decided to help improve our performance in the upcoming war, we’re assembling teams of our members to help everyone do their best. So to grasp a better understanding of our members strengths and weaknesses, the summit has a short little survey for you all to fill out.

Find the survey here.


Internal Ranking

So this was meant to be a monthly evaluation, but with my own failings in mind, I have decided to evaluate all members (past and present) for the entire time since the beginning of the year.

Member Rank
Furios Morega di Plagia 1st Rank
Corvin Rootai 2nd Rank
Taranae Rhode 3rd Rank
Ahsik Warren 4th Rank
Thanadd Mawgath 5th Rank
Ranarr Kul Tarentae 6th Rank
Kul'tak Drol 7th Rank

In the future, this will be a monthly thing.


Top Ranked Member Shoutout

It’s quite serendipitous that Furious is the one getting the shoutout, since he just celebrated his decade anniversary with the brotherhood, back on the 9th. Furious netted 68.8 points since January on his way to the Top Rank. He beat out Corvin/Fenrir by 50 points.

So in recognition of this accomplishment, in addition to this shoutout and an immortalization on the team wiki, I extend the offer of a personal request to you Furious. Hit me up on Telegram, or email if you’re feeling old school, to make this request.



Tasha’Vel Versea asks: What are your thoughts about the current state of Plagueis?

IC: This clan is the only clan that has actually stayed true to the real Dark Jedi Brotherhood. OOC: I really hope that Plagueis can find the mythical thing that leads us to greatness.

Teebu Nyrrire asks: Pineapple on Pizza?

So for the longest time I absolutely hated the very idea of it. But about a decade ago, I started dating this chick who only ever ate Hawaiian pizza. So I had to make peace with it. And in the 10 years since I have grown to accept it, it’s still not my favorite, or even a preference, but I have discovered that there are far greater crimes against pizza out there. Like bananas or strawberries.

Furios Morega di Plagia asks: Do these pants make my butt look big?

Wait, you're wearing pants?

Ronovi Tavisaen asks: First; What are your short term plans for strengthening Opress?

I’m planning on bringing in some new members (hopefully), and through more deliberate application of my attention, hopefully the war will be our moment of glory.

Second; What is Aleister's way of coping with orders being barked at him from his higher-ups?

Outside of Ronovi, Aleister rarely acknowledges other superiors. Especially after he found out how the leaders basically ordered him to his death during the Dark Crusade.

Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae asks: First; What will Aleister think of Tahiri (when they meet)?

How are you a Sith? You’re too freaking nice.

Secondly; What are Aleister’s goals for BT Opress?

We’re going to set the galaxy aflame and watch it all burn.

Thirdly; How did Wrathus know him?

Wrathus unknowingly built his home on Dromund Kaas over the shrine where I was trapped in stasis since the Dark Crusade. We never actually met in person. I was released from stasis after he perished.

Liandry Lhucci Cataa/Scudi Ferria/Kelly asks: First; How mad is Aleister that TuQ, a NFU, is actually Ronovi's second?

She’s had “official” second’s in the past. Nothing new. The fact that he’s a NFU is annoying, and will be punished for it in time. But she knows who she can truly rely on.

Secondly: What is something about Aleister that he wouldn't want anyone to know?

That he actually craves connection with others. But his nature as an arrogant sociopath, often prevents this.

Thirdly; How will Aleister differ from Wrathus if at all?

Short answer: Aleister is Chaotic Evil. Were as Wrathus was Neutral Evil.

Long answer. Wrathus could be lawful and controlled when he wanted. Aleister has no such capability. It stems from Wrathus's psychosis being the side effect of his life's trauma. He ostensibly was a lawful person who became a monster. Aleister is just an evil monster who doesn't acknowledge the law at all.

A lot of it stems from Wrathus growing up as a normal child in a military society who learned to raise from the bottom through hard work and personal success. Only becoming a force user later in life.

Aleister grew up in the brotherhood and was taught that he was better than everyone else from the beginning. One had the chance to grow a conscience and a sense of morality. The other was groomed to be awful.



Well that just about does it for this long overdue first report.The summit and I will definitely be hyping up this upcoming war, and once June rolls around, we'll be waist deep in the action.

'Till next time!

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Awesome report Dreadbringer!

As long as you were causing chaos to the Jedi, your tardiness in your report is overlooked.

Fyi, brimstone is lawful evil. Roll a d20 and do a compatibility check


Awesome report Master!!

"Fyi, brimstone is lawful evil. Roll a d20 and do a compatibility check"

Taranae always rolls natural 1, so don't bother with her. Get her mad and point her at the enemy, just don't point her towards any friends or team members. Once she sees red, anything and everything is a target.

I blame the Anchorage, personally.....

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