Overseer report #4: Stay safe and have fun!


Overseer report #4: Stay safe and have fun!



I want to start this report off with I hope everyones doing good, and not going completely bonkers. Before we start I wanted to speak with you all about RL stuff. I know things in the world are really crazy, and I hope that they start settling down soon. If any of you want to talk about what’s going on, discuss clan lore or fiction, or even about art/writing/gaming/shooting the breeze, my comm link is always open. Email, Telegram, either of these platforms you can get a hold of me quite easily. Discord can sometimes be a touch and go for me, but I do try to check it every once in a while. Just know if you need a sounding board or just a friend to talk to, I’m here for you all. That also goes for those outside of the clan, who read my reports as well.

Anywho, we’ve got some exciting things going on to keep everyone from getting cabin fever, or at least keeping the effects back a bit. Now there’s news, fiction updates, competitions, new people, and even some #AsktheOverseer. So let's get into it, shall we?

  • Feud Results!
  • New People
  • Looking forward
  • Competitions
  • News
  • Conclusion
  • Ask the Overseer


Feud Results!

The results are in and guess what? It was by the skin of our teeth, but we won! Congratulations to everyone for participating, both Plagueian and Vizsla members. Great job! Now to reiterate numbers from our Dread Lords’ report. Check here full results and the amended results for all the numbers and placements! Congrats to Dral Falgorth Appius Wight of Vizsla for 2nd and 3rd placing. Awesome job to Khryso for clinching 1st place!!
Also take a look at the concluding fiction for the feud. Although we all know that there is much more to come, just wait and see.



New People

Let’s welcome into the fold three new members, Zhema Usenzua, Alexander 32, and Locrias.
Hope you three are having fun.


Looking forward

There’s lots of lore and events coming up in the next few months. Even the next GJW will be starting up in the early summer, late May - early June time. Along with the Probowl coming soon and other fun mini events.



Alrighty, there are lots of competitions going right now, so let's get to it!

As always, this is just a sample of the competitions available to you right now, you can find more here.



Check out the main DJB page for more news and content coming up.


writing notes

Ask the Overseer!

Wow guys, thank you all for the great and in depth questions you all asked. I’ll be answering most of these IC, except where I say I’m answering OOC as well. Well let's get this show on the road then shall we? cracks nuckles

Ronovi asks:
If you had only three sentences to describe why someone should join Plagueis, what would you write?

Oh boy, a hard one right out the gate huh? Well I’ll do my best here, IC and OOC. IC - Plagueis may be mainly a Dark side clan, once you’re in, you are like a part of the family. The people within the clan may seem strange or weird at first, but they’re all super supportive. I feel a person should join Plagueis if they want to truly excel in the Dark side, but be part of a family.
OOC - Plagueis is an awesome clan, filled with amazing members, and truly has a sense of family. There is so much unique lore behind Plagueis, especially with it’s namesake, and the lore of the clan itself. So if you want to join a rich, rewarding clan, that has interesting characters and people within, and be a bit of a badass, join Plagueis!

Scudi asks:
What does the Overseer oversee?

I oversee the new apprentices and assets coming into the clan. I assign and regulate duties to apprentices, preparing them for Masters and initiation process. WIth the incoming assets, I assess and designate which ones go to what facilities to be workers, Wraiths and soldiers.

How does Tahiri feel about the rest of the summit?

I’ll do this by each person. Each has their uniqueness about them with Tahiri, especially with levels of trust and friendship.
Ronovi: I feel that she is a kindred spirit in a way, however she is rash and quick to anger, which doesn’t help in some matters. However, I do fully trust her as my Consul, and can understand most of her reasoning. Especially in clan matters.
TuQ’uan: He is a little more lighthearted than Ronovi. I like him a lot, both as a colleague and a friend. My trust has not wavered in him once, and since I know he can stand up even against me, I know that he has my back. I just hope he knows I’ll always have his back too.
Scudi: I trust her. She helped me find my brother, and rather fast too. She’s more level headed than the rest of the Summit, and she looks at things from a very sensiable manner. She is very much considered a friend in my book.
Julius: I still don’t know him quite as well as the others. But from what I’ve read and the few times we’ve met, I can be mostly certain that he can be trusted. At least from where I stand. The man has his ways, skills and tricks, and they benefit the clan greatly.
Wrathus: (Before death) He is where he likes to be. Causing mayhem, and taking out problems for the clan.I trust him, but I know that he is unstable.

How would Tahiri like to see Plagueis develop and does that differ from your own thoughts? and if so how?

IC - I want to see Plagueis be successful in our battles, especially against the Collective. I would also like to see the clan expand and develop more alliances with the other clans, except Vizsla. They’re just money grabbing scum, which I don’t like, there is nothing honorable in that line of ‘work’. I may be a part of INQ, but I don’t do hits on other clans members, unless they do something to my clan or they betray the Brotherhood in a major way. I have my standards, apparantly Vizsla doesn’t have any, except for how profitable the job is for them.
OOC - My view varies only slightly, cause some things are hard to describe as Tahiri. I would like to see Plagueis expand, both in lore and within the Aliso system.

Who is Tahiri closest to in Plagueis?

Well those who came with me from Tarentum, of course. Plagueians I’m closest to are: Kul’tak (cause he’s the main reason I joined), TuQ'uan, Kelly, Scudi, Taranae, and Khryso.

Have you or Tahiri discovered/rediscovered any new hobbies during quarantine?

IC - Not really. Mostly she’s meditating, training, reading up on things, crafting and just trying to keep her pets from going nuts.
OOC - I’ve been trying out some new techniques and mediums in art. Might actually try painting a part of my car.I’ve also been trying to read and bead more. I do miss Dnd though, hoping those campaigns start up soon.

Furios asks:
Are you jelly that TuQ is now a di Plagia?

No. I’m happy and proud of TuQ for getting it. I’m honored to be working with him. I’ll just have to tease him about the fact he’ll need a bigger hat for his if it gets too big :P (Check out the link here for his recent induction into the di Plagi ranks)

Leeadra asks:
What would you do for a Klondike bar?

IC - Huh? What’s a Klondike bar? Is it good? And what would I have to do?

Is there a price on Tahiri’s loyalty to Plagueis? Asking for a friend.

Hmmm not really. Kul is the main person in Plagueis that I’m loyal to, since he’s the reason I joined. Overwise I would be adrift. I go where he goes, unless he needs to leave for time, then I will wait for him. And I’m loyal to Plaguies due to that fact the members truly embraced me, and helped me.

What is your name? What is your quest? What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow?

Ummm… Tahiri Kahn Drakon Night-Thorn de Morte Tarentae. My quest is the revenge against the raiders who killed half my family and tribe, and the Collective for taking my first clan away from me. Along with the protection of everyone and everything I love. Hmm, probably really fast, but probably not fast enough to evade my blades.

What is one food Tahiri can’t resist?

Hmm, that would probably be anything sweet. If I had to pick one food though, it would be fresh Thimiar’s. Though once she’s introduced to sushi, it’ll probably be that. :P

What does Tahiri like to do in her free time?

Well there’s lots of things I like to do. I like to; hunt and play with my pet companions, travel to and explore new places, craft trinkets (carving and beading mainly), spend time with friends, and every once in awhile go drinking (with a bit of gambling, mainly pazaak, will play sabacc too).

Are there any special tricks or tools that Tahiri uses to guide the young minds of Plagueis?

I will employ a certain amount of charm to help them feel at ease. The faster I can earn their trust, the faster they will be willing to do things. Thus training is faster, and more efficient. I learned that the hard way a few times.

How does she feel about her job and her role in shaping the future generations of the clan?

How do I feel? Well, I feel honored. It’s not really so much a job, as it is strengthening and perserving the clan's future. I started to help train my brothers and the younger children of my tride when I was 12, and then I helped my mother lead the tribe after my father was killed. I looked at it as a job back then, but now I know it was so much more than that. So I know how important it is for the strength and prosperity of my clan, for the new members to be trained properly and be ready when trouble comes to our doorstep.

What is Tahiri’s ideal vacation?

Hmmm… Just any relaxing time. Probably hunt for the day (don’t really care what I catch), a good meal by the fire, and then a midnight walk under the moon with Solan and her significant other.

Erinyes asks:
How has Tahiri been affected by Wrathus' death?

Upon hearing the news, I was devastrated. Losing him is like losing a piece of my family again, I know it sounds weird. Wrathus, or rather as I first knew him as Solas Night-Thorn, taught me practically everythign I know in the Force, as much as my biological father did in hunting. However, I am also relieved, for two reasons. Now don’t take this the wrong way, I know he was a hard, stern man, and some ways a monster. But he was caring, to a degree, and a loving man.
Now reason #1: Because he needed rest. I know he was never going to get it unless he someday destroyed everything around him, or died in the process.
#2: I wasn’t the one to do it. I’ve come close a few times, mostly in anger. There are few who deserve to die by my wrath, but he wasn’t one of them. However, if I had been in Ronovi’s postion, I would have done it. I would have picked a different spot to deal the blow, but then again I’m different in that way. Under the arm or the base of the skull would have been my personal choices.

Mark/Andrelious asks:
How did Tahiri feel when Ronovi sent her to fetch Andrelious?

Well she didn’t like it, but she didn’t want soldiers being sent, cause that would be worse. She also feels bad for Andrelious, especially since she knows what it feels like to lose someone very dear to her. She wants to help him, but if she defies orders, there will be others coming for them both.

Scarlet asks:
What is your favorite animal and why?

OOC- 2 favorites actually, Horses and Dragons. I’ve always loved horses, so many different shapes and varieties. I feel like I’m flying when I ride, and they are so expressive and beautiful creatures. Dragons, well I mean they’re Dragons! What’s not to love? But seriously ever since I read the Hobbit and watched Dragonheart, Dragons have been my favorite ever since.
IC - All creatures! How can I possibly choose just one? Tbh though, Akuls. I know they hunt my people, but since I’ve had Solan, I have a different feeling towards Akuls. Solan has never once tried to hurt me, and he has protected me without hesitation or regard for his life.

Where do you see yourself in ten years in the DB?

I’m not entirely sure but I have a few plans and ideas. If I play my cards right I could be at a much higher rank and possibly even a DC or PRO/Consul position in that time. Only time will tell.

Zuser asks:

I wish I could Zuser. However, only essential assets and clan members can be out right now. Even I’m stuck in my room. We can’t risk a vaulable member such as yourself to this contagen. It may start to be getting back to normal shortly, just hang in there.



I hope everyone is well, are staying safe, and finding stuff to do. Also for anyone who are healthcare workers and essential workers, thank you for your services.
As always, if anyone wants to reach me with questions or just want to talk, I can be found on [Telegram - Log in to view join link] (if you're not on Telegram yet, I’d highly recommend it. It’s free and the DJB’s primary form of communication.) and of course by email.

See you around,


What is your name? What is your quest? What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow?

African or European?

Great report. Stoked that I can be a friend to you Tahiri :)

I'm sure I'll get back into the DJB at some point once (and if) I get over the crap I'm in.

Hi Taranae!!!
Thank you. :) For the second question, does it really matter what type? :P ;P :)
No worries, take the time you need to get stuff sorted. I'm always here if you need support, as is (I'm sure) the rest of the clan.
You take care of yourself <3 :) <3

good report

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