February Spectre Cell Report


February Spectre Cell Report

Hey Again, Spectres!

Another month, another report. We have one piece of very big news, read below to find out what it is. :3



The New Quaestor of Galeres

The Applications have closed, and a winner has been determined! Let's give a warm welcome to our new House Leader: Junazee!!! Juna has a decorated history of service throughout the brotherhood and already she has taken well to her new position. You may have seen her in chat, feel free to say hello!


Arcona: Full House ←Very Important, Don't Miss It!!!

Voidbreaker Report


Awards and Sparklies:

Activity Crescents and Clusters, Oh My!


  • Participated in 9 Competitions
  • Played 1 PvP Match
  • Wrote 16,000 Words of Fiction
  • Earned 2 Crescents with Amethyst Stars
  • Earned 3 Clusters of Fire
  • Earned 34 Clusters of Ice


  • Participated in 6 Competitions


  • Participated in 3 Competitions


  • Participated in 1 Competition

Big props to Atty and Xenna this month, you go girlfriends!


Competition List

There's lots more where that came from! Check them out on the Competitions page!


In Closing...

That’s it for this month! If any of you need me for anything I'm always available on Telegram (@JuliKelrune) or you can shoot me an email ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]).

Love seeing reports and seeing the activity! Keep it up, look forward to working with all of you! <3

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