First PCon report


First PCon report




What say you Sadowans? Welcome to my first PCon report! Holy crapola, never thought I would say that! I hope that I can assist our Overlord and all of our members into growing this Clan into something even more remarkable than it already is! I just want to take a second to say thank you to all of you for this opportunity to serve the Clan! Well, what do we have to talk about? Holy crapola, there is a bit! I want to piggyback on some of the Overlord’s words first.

The Orian System:

We have begun the process of taking back our home worlds…check. Now, the process of rebuilding will take place. Both Houses have been working hard to get things updated, work out future fiction developments, and bring a fresh new take and look to our homes. Once the GJW is over, you will see your House Summit’s going back into story developments. I encourage each of you to make inputs and suggestions as to what you would like to see in that process. New HQ’s will be constructed, and cities will be rebuilt, and landmarks will be re-vitalized. Be a part of that process folks, put your name in the pages of your House’s history!

Speaking on the Houses, I want to thank the folks for their efforts in setting up the recent mini-comps. recently we had Return to Tarthos for HMR, done by our merry band of Markosians, Xolarin, Hades, Sulxrios and Hilgrif. Then over in HSD the Dakhanian team led by AeD Jashashi, Warlord Keibatsu and QuA Malisane Sadow. Great fun on those comps and great turn out. We will be seeing more like this in the furture!

After discussing a few items so far with our Overlord, we have interests in the pipeline that we are calculating how to implement after the War is finished. There are some relatively big things being fleshed out (fictions) and some good ol’e fashioned fun and quirkiness headed our way. We will re-address these issues and their status(‘s) later this summer.


Clan Activity:

Holy shiza manelli folks! Right off the jump, members have been tearing up the halls of the Shadow academy. So let's get to recognizing some people, shall we?

Malevek, Quintenshadows, Alexander DelGotto

Snaguinius Entar, Malisane Sadow, Shimura Keibatsu

Raistlin Sadow, Xolarin, Jashashi "Vesh" Zaes

Cymbre Kall, Scarlet Agna, Malik Sadow

These folks have grinded their way through the SA, garnering course completions, multiple degrees, and elevating their ranks within the Shadow Academy. Very very nice! I would like to take a second and thank all the Profs and HM for grading those tests for us! Excellent work, folks! This is on top of their regular activity since the beginning of the month!


The Big News!

Another War looms over us, Sadowans!

Our next big event will take place next week and head into June, about 5-6 weeks. So I wanted to put together a little something that will aid us in our fight over the coming weeks.

Now, this is by NO means gospel. These are just my takes and conclusions to GJW prep and pacing, so we do not get burned out too soon. Last war, we totally kicked ass, and of course, we want to repeat that result. I believe we all can conclude we want mass participation with an equal number of placements. That is always the prime snapshot for the Clan's success.

Here is my take on it, We have folks that are adept at fiction, art, gaming, trivia, etc. Some are good at all those aspects, and some are good at just a couple. So whatever your strengths are, that is what we as a whole need to exploit. When the bins are released, take a good look through them and see what is what. There will always be one or two that jump out at us. So on that first day, when we are all waiting on pins and needles, prioritize the bins and tailor them to your strengths. I believe I can speak for our Overlord on this, is that we do not want you to get overwhelmed right off the jump. If you don’t feel you can author a fiction that places but can design a battle plan that would make an Admiral’s knees buckle. Let’s take advantage of your talents.

Set those comps aside so you can properly prep for them and work on the others that you can knock out relatively quickly and add a hash mark on your participation points. Then, once you have knocked out some of those bins and created some extra time for your BIG submissions, use that spare time to create your masterpiece!

This process, which I know most of you already have your routines, is relatively primitive, it has worked for me in the past. This is not at all gospel, the last thing we want is for any of us to be stressing out too much about submissions that will place in each bin. Again, prioritize your talents so you push yourselves on your strengths. Be proud and loud of the fact that you cleared a comp/bin each time you do, tell your AeD’s, your QuA’s, or shoot a note to the Consul and myself. We will get the word out there. I want to hype your accomplishments throughout this War!

Again, this is not gospel, nor is it written in stone, simply my take at how I engage these events. This is just one knucklehead’s advice for all of us, may work for you may not If you are one of those folks (and we have MANY!) that can knock these bins out with a high percentage of placing with their submissions, go forth and CONQUER! I do not think anyone here will detour anyone from owning these bins and bringing in mad accolades for themselves and the Clan. I say GO FOR IT! I just do not want to see us getting burned out after the first week or so. I am a HUGE advocate for open communication and strategy, we have a title to defend, and one of the ways to do that is with everyone on the same page and “Putting warheads on foreheads!” ~ (Master Muz).


Make sure on your fictions, poems, ACC’s, RO’s etc., have someone take a look at it. Get as many eyes as you can on your submissions! I will always be available for everyone and more than happy to assist! Do not be afraid to reach out and ask!

So, there has got to be other words of wisdom out there from our veteran members. Sound off Sadowans, what are some other avenues we can utilize to guarantee our success?


Club News

As you can probably determine, a lot is going on this week, so we have a lot of news out there to disseminate. Well, here you go!

Grand Master Report:

CNS Consul Report:

CNS Rollmaster Report:

HMR QuA Report:

HSD QuA Report:

Fist Report 7.1/7.0:

Star Chamber Report:

<Congrats to Malik Sadow for his time in the Star Chamber and him being awarded an Amethyst Kukri for that time served!>


Final Thoughts

I did not want to oversaturate everyone with another report, so I am trying to keep this short and sweet and hit the highpoints. There will be plenty of BOOOOOOMING during the War, I have cleaned and calibrated the canons, so we are on target for mass destruction! I am very much looking forward to going into battle with all of you. I am looking forward to everyone setting up their teams and rocking this GJW as always. I would be more than honored to be a part of your groups should you need another! If I have forgotten anything, please let me know so that I can edit and adjust!




Awesome report DarkHawk

Nice work, boss! Love the war prep and reminders.

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