Consul Report: Striking Twice


Consul Report: Striking Twice


This is going to be a pretty no-frills report, y’all.

It is almost that time of year again, Naga Sadow. Now, I am sure that for many of your the weather has been turning nicer. Despite the state of the world, I hope that you have all had some opportunities to enjoy that prettier weather. More than the nicer weather, we are heading into that most competitive of fields, into that coolest of battle zones, that crux of club-wide activity known as the oh-so-noble Great Jedi War.

Now, this has not really been a secret. I mean, following The Prison Break of Tenixir, Mav released a report which talked a bit about what the Clans had going on and gave a very general feel for when the next War was coming- “ sometime between the end of May and start of June”. Which, if you look at your calenders, means that we will soon once again find ourselves in tight competition with the best of them.

For those of you who have not experienced a Great Jedi War, let me tell you, the competition can be intense. No more so than this last War, in which Clan Naga Sadow clinched the position of the Second Clan of the Brotherhood. Since it is War season again, I guess this will be our chance to see if we can’t do it again.


The Orian System and Sadow

The Orian System has been dealing with a bit of unrest since we have returned.

Recently, from House Shar Dakhan we saw Jashashi (Xuner), Kojiro, Takagari and Malisane organize the recently-finished Prepare for War! comp series. From the Marka Ragnos neck of the woods, we saw Xolarin, Hilgrif and Sulxiros organize the Return to Tarthos comp series. We have also seen our very own Ciara Tearnan Rothwell Tarentae move up to join the ranks of the Dark Council as the fresh, new Headmaster of the Brotherhood.

Our campaign against the Collective continues in the Orian System. However, the galaxy stops for no empire, and our conflict does not remain contained to just the Orian system. We have a foothold in our system once again. The future is still unclear, but it may yet hold more opportunities to tan some Collective hide in Sadowan style.


News From The Clan


News From The Club


Competitions of Note

There are a few things that are going on that I think are worth checking out.

  • There is a bit of quick trivia to indulge in.

  • For those with dextrous digits, you can prove your mettle as the fastest typist in the Dark Brotherhood. Or if you are like me you can at least try to see how you stack up with the rest of the club as you enjoy yourself,.

  • Have a bit of time to draw and a taste for a bit of hype. Stretch your creative, artistic muscles as you depict your character preparing for War-fare.

  • Or tell a story about how your Da met your Ma and all that business before your character came to be in this big ol’ galaxy of ours.

  • If design is more your bag, you could help to create the next ‘must buy’ pleasure boat.

  • Still not finding these to your liking? Well, you could always check out Atra Ventus’ running series, The Pictures in the Sound.

  • And I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that the FIST still have the Grand Master’s Royal Guard competitions going on. This month features Sneks, Destiny 2 and SWTOR (level 15) duels!). Act now, these comps close up over the next few days!


And I wanted to make a point of passing along a word from Takagari KogaRyu, CNS Proconsul, as quoted from our Clan email chain:

”What say you Sadowans? I wanted to send out a little personal something so I could properly pay my respect to the Clan for selecting me to fill the Clan's empty Summit seat . I am truly honored to take on this new role, scared nervous and excited. I know that when I get stumped, I have a depth of amazing leadership and friends to turn to for counsel. I certainly want to thank everyone who applied for this position, making the selection process a tough decision. To even be in the same arena among the best of the best is more than humbling.

“I can not wait to be a part of our Clan's journey on this larger scale. I have big shoes to fill, following the footsteps of a Keibatsu. So to Augur Ashia Keibatsu, I cannot thank you enough for your counsel and mentorship. I intend on bringing my campy attitude and a lot of fun to our Clan, I look forward to working simultaneously with both the Houses. We have great leadership and members here and I can not say enough, to be a part of it is an honor.

“We are Sadow, my friends very proud of that fact. I know there are many more great things coming to this Clan, our Consul and Overlord has a vision and I am looking forward to working more closely with new story developments and learning all that I can to help contribute to our Clan's future growth.

“Again, thank you Clan Naga Sadow for this opportunity, I will work my tail off for all of us and our Clan. Thank you!!!!!!

Battlelord DarkHawk”


Parting Words

I will admit that it might seem a little cheesy to pull a line from a Star Trek parody, but I cannot help but confess these from Galaxy Quest words pretty well encapsulate my mindset going into this Great Jedi War: “Never Give Up, Never Surrender.”

Our performance in the last Jedi War was phenomenal. To do that again will be a bit of a daunting task. But if we have each of us putting in our efforts, if we each give our best as we move into this Great Jedi War, I think we could see that kind of victory again. After our last performance, just remember that we will likely have some folks aiming for our backs.

This is not to disparage our fellow club members. Just know that we will be in for some tough competition. However, I think that you all have proven that Clan Naga Sadow has in it what it takes to compete with the best of them, the rest of them. and hold our own ground.

I think that we have what it takes to make lightning strike twice.

As we head into the War, your Overlord, your House Summits, your Rollmaster and your Proconsul will all be cheering you on along with all your Clan-mates. You can also expect to see live tracking sheets and lots of hype as we dive headlong into the fray.

And As Ever, We Remain Your Servants In Darkness,


Overlord of Naga Sadow


Proconsul of Naga Sadow

<SALUTE> Excellent report Sir! You heard the man Sadowans, "Time to kick the tires, and light the fires..." (Cheesy 80's movie quotes)

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