[HMR] July Report: Sanctuary Claimed


[HMR] July Report: Sanctuary Claimed


A New Dawn: Part 2

Good day ladies and gents. Today's report is brought to you by the letters N and M. N for New Dawn Finale and M for Muz is our new Aedile after Armad stepped down. But more on that in a bit. First I’d like to thank those people who got involved and delivered some amazing entries for the latest part of the New Dawn series. It’ll be the last HMR event for a while given we need to fit in a Clan, Battleteam and potential club events in the next five to six months. I will, however, be releasing a few comps every month in order to keep you busy and your brains ticking. Expect to see the first ones gracing your comp list in the next week.

So first, onto the Finale Fiction teaser!


Resurgent Class Star Destroyer - Ares
First Order Exploration Battlegroup - Damnation
Felucia Orbit
Felucia System

“Ma’am, a ship is breaking orbit. Small support vessels are in tow. The ship is registered as… eh, it’s the Acclamator,” the Comms Officer looked nervously towards the woman hunched in her chair. His eyes momentarily met hers before he hastily looked away. “If we, uh, move now, we can intercept and stop the ship from leaving the system.” suggested the Comms Officer.

“Do it, that’s my ship! Get me my ship back!” The screech easily filled the command deck and it was likewise followed by the heavy hissing of the Loth cat that was almost pushed from its perch upon the Captain’s lap. “While you’re at it, order the Phobos and Deimos to obliterate those damn pests in front of us. I want them dead! All of them! Now get me my SHIP!” bellowed Tanashir.

Orders were relayed and the bridge crew scrambled about. Those without current jobs busied themselves in order to avoid the Captain’s wrath. Most had seen her like this before, and those that hadn’t weren’t foolish enough to make any sudden or stupid movements.

As her crew worked, Kathleen sat back in her chair, hands gripping the edge hard enough to turn the knuckles white. This was not how this was supposed to go. This was her future, her redemption. They would not take it from her. No one would.

As per usual you can locate the rest of the finale Here


House News

A New Dawn

So a New Dawn: Sanctuary came to a close with Darkblade and Sang claiming joint first place, with Locke claiming second. So congratulations you three, our awards are in the mail. I’d also like to take time to thank Alexander, Teu and our lovely consul, Benny, for getting involved in the event. All put out some brilliant entries and it was a pleasure to read and view them as I marked last week.

I did get some feedback mid-event which enabled me to work with Armad in turning u the difficulty and altering some of the competitions to make them fresher and more interesting. I will admit it is a little disappointing that out of a House of 23 members only 5 from HMR partook, but I am aware that it’s the summer and people are busy. Next event I hope to see an increase on the 21.7% participation. Remember participating in events and competitions allows the summit and I to grant you both awards and promotions which in turn grant you credits and access to better cooler stuff for your dossiers and character sheets. So it’s well within your interest to do as much as you can!

Right moving onto the summary of what Sanctuary did for HMR:

  • We have a new home base and Capital ship, the Acclamator Class Cruiser. It has been named Sanctuary and will be the hub for all future HMR activities going forward and the central house base and accommodation for civilians and military personnel.

  • We have managed to forcefully absorb a crime family into our forces. This is in a similar way to what Maul did in the Clone Wars TV series. Look out for more friendly criminals in the future! Plus we took their stuff, ships and vehicles.

  • We made a new nemesis in the form of a delightful crazy cat lady and First Order Captain. Expect future run-ins with her going forward.

  • HMR is in a bad way in general IC. We’re limping along but step by step we will rebuild and return to Tarthos to take back our home!


Armad has decided to step down from the role of Aedile for personal and family reasons. I wish to thank him for all his hard work. In his place, I have appointed Muz to take up the spot. I have no need to write a long introduction for Muz as most of us know him. Suffice to say I will be utilising his vast experience to help HMR get back on the path to success.


I have a few wiki projects I need to be done now that Sanctuary is complete. These include pages to update and content to create.

  • HMR history
  • Our Military Forces.
  • Rixad’s Criminals. The Sanctuary and its Crew
  • Battlegroup Damnation, its ships and crew.

More will probably spring to mind once I publish this report as is the way.


Ash recently put out her report which can be found Here

Benny has his report Here

The Herald put out his report and is looking for new staff Here

And likewise, the Fist Staff are recruiting Here


And that’s that for the month. I look forward to seeing everyone more on Telegram once the summer comes to an end. Remember participation is key to success so do your best when you can!


Great report, Koji! Loved the fiction!

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