CNS Consul Report #2: No Fun Quite Like Summer Fun


CNS Consul Report #2: No Fun Quite Like Summer Fun


Good morning,afternoon and/or evening Clan Naga Sadow. I hope that you have been enjoying this seventh month of 2018 so far, and that our Canadian and US members both enjoyed their recent holidays. For the rest of you, I hope you have also been enjoying yourselves as well.

The Houses have been working away in their own corners of the galaxy over the last few weeks with House Shar Dakhan’s Discovery and House Marka Ragnos taking part in the latest chapter of A New Order. I hope the respective members of each house have taken part in their respective events. I know that I am quite happy to see the Houses making fictional progress to help carve a bit of newfound strength or a new bae of operations to work from. Which also gives us a good springboard. Which means good things for Clan Naga Sadow.

If I have your attention: neat. I think you will like this next part. The Clan Summit has not been idle while the Houses have worked. In fact, a new opportunity is about to arise for all Sadowans.



36 ABY

Dark brown eyes flitted across the data incoming data feed. Several officers stood closely nearby as Araic scanned its contents, before he placed the datapad on the desk with a sigh. He seemed to consider his options for several moments before he turned in his chair toward the nearest woman and extended his right hand in supplication. “So tell me young lady, what do you make of this situation?”

“Well, sir, the operations have been going on fairly well. If all goes as expected, we may be able to retaliate. We have the opportunity to reinforce the fleet. If we an do so, we may be able to bring this back to the CO. We might be able to finish this fight.” The female officer swallowed. "It could mean sparing the fleet the need to scrounge across the galaxy for parts. It could mean a return to home for some-" She allowed the last word to trail off as her eyes grew a bit wider. She obviously felt she had said too much.

Simonetti nodded slowly, almost sagely as he peered back down at the datapad. “And do you have any additional data about how many other groups are privy to this information? I do not want a repeat of the action in the Orian system so soon after our last brush with that Collective trash." The name of the enemy faction drew his lip into a poorly disguised sneer.

“Sir,” the woman straightened her back, “To our knowledge, we are the only individuals that have been sought out by this group. Perhaps, word of the cult’s activities have leaked to the general populace. I feel I must also point out, sir, that it is a little hard to hide an Imperial Star Destroyer from notice. Perhaps we should consider trying to take a smaller fleet. Or perhaps we should pass this offer?”

The dark-haired Admiral tapped a long finger on the table before him. “That is not the question I am looking to answer. I do not believe we can just ignore this offer and hope that another group will happen to drop into our laps. The question is if we will be showing up in the Telos system in a few weeks or if we will come in sooner. For now, we will have to forward this to the Commander and his second. We will let command make a decision, but in the meantime we will get ready, just in case.”


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Ongoing Competitions of Note


I sought, and you asked! Consul Q&A #askbenny

Sang asks: #askbenny Next event? When? What? Who? Why? How?

We will be rallying at Telos. In two weeks. With the whole of Naga Sadow. Because a fleet requires supplies. Space wizards did it.

Marcus asks: #askbenny why?

because, reasons?

Marcus asks: #askbenny you've been Con for a few months now. What has been the easiest thing to do, and what has been the hardest thing to do?

The easiest thing to do for me has actually been rolling ideas around between myself, Ashia and others to see what sticks. I actually rather enjoy that normally, but that is not to say that it has been particularly easy either. I tend to mull over things over long as I try to figure out fun ways to either put a spin on something tried and true or tried to find something relatively novel. The trouble with a club that has been around this long is that most ideas have been done or tried in one form or another at least once. The hardest part has been shouldering the weight of my position, as odd as that sounds.

Or maybe I am just really bad at describing what I am getting at. I suppose if I tried to burn it down to its simplest form, it might seem a little silly. I find the position hard mostly because I take it very seriously and I want to do everything that I can to make this place excellent and/or beloved for our members.

Marcus asks: #askbenny You are something of a powerhouse when it comes to the djb. What is your number one tip to people wanting to get started in leadership or staff positions?

Hey, look at that. I can answer that one pretty easily, actually. Not that the execution is exactly easy. The easy, short answer is to put yourself out there. When I joined the Brotherhood, I made myself available and sought out where I could help. When applications came up, I threw my hat in the ring. When I was denied, I sought feedback. I looked at each situation as a chance to improve myself. I tried to expand my toolset.

I mean, it goes without saying that if you are in leadership it should be because you want to give something back. But I found the first step to getting into leadership or staff positions is to make yourself known. I have voiced my interest in an area, and straight up asked offices how I could help. I know that before I started with the Shadow Academy, I helped somebody in writing a small number of exams. Actually, wasn’t that you, Marcus?

I guess that most people would look at this question and wonder where to start from. Well it would be in making yourself known. Voice your desire to leadership and offer assistance. Even if you are not given a task just then, you might find yourself in a position to help with a project later by that same staff member. In the mean time, you can always expand or sharpen your own skillset toolbox. Even more than that: be available. If you voice interest, you may very well receive an offer for a project or another contribution which can help you further refine your ‘resume’ which might help the next time there is an opening.

Oh, and if you have an honest, heartfelt desire to serve, I highly suggest not to wait for the position that you strictly want, but to offer yourself for a position in which you or someone of your skill or drive might be needed.

Ashia: #askbenny Why is the door always closed to your office during RM meetings?

Well, obviously I am making some...plans. Some...uh….plans… ensure that Marcus or my own Blackguard don’t stab me in the back too hard. Or too much. Yeah, that is it! :D


Parting Words

As I said before, I have been eager to see how our members adjust to the latest story beats within the Clan. The Dakhani have made a mark on the planet Ambria and the Ragnosians have found a new enemy on Felucia. There are new roots being laid to interesting new stories for the Houses. Now, we will have the chance to bring the Clan back together. Things may seem dark dark dark but I hope that we as a Clan can still keep a bit of levity to our activities.

This next event will give you all a chance to do just that. I hope that we will have crafted a neat little encounter that will serve as a bit of a change of gear.

To quote an old doctor, “Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.” It is more than that, though. It is also a place of adventure and opportunity. That is what Clan Naga Sadow also is. The thing that makes this place great? It is not myself or any member of our Clan Summits. It is not even your House Summits or your more tenured members- though they are an excellent lot. It is all of you. Every one of you help to make Clan Naga Sadow the clan to be part of. Seriously, as much as I am sure that I have said this before, it is no less true now. You all are a part of the awesomeness of CNS and this club as a whole.

If you all have thoughts, my email box is always open. My telegram PMs are always there. If you catch me on Discord or Hangouts and want to take a bit of time aside to chat me up, I am here. If you have thoughts, concerns feeling, or to quote my former Consul Sang “feel the compelling urge to yell at anybody,” I am here for you all. The offer is there should you choose to take it. Regardless...

I remain, as ever, your Servant in Darkness,


Consul of Naga Sadow

I admit to nothing, I will hold no responsibility in what you have become :p Seriously though, yes it was. And you did great.

Solid report. Time to go do stuff!


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