Hoth Summit Report #1: Introporgtion to the Porg Nation!


Hoth Summit Report #1: Introporgtion to the Porg Nation!


Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Updates
  3. Fiction
  4. Competitions
  5. Awards
  6. The Wildcards
  7. News
  8. Questions


As this is my first report as the new Quaestor, I wanted to introduce myself for those who might not know me very well. My character’s name is Jael Chi’ra but I go by Kris. I am also the Praetor to the Herald (Shout out to that office). I happen to go by He/Him pronouns. I’ve been the Wildcards Battle Team Leader for about 7 months of which I hope to still be involved with the team to assure their growth. Now I have changed positions and I hope to be able to assure the growth of the house.

In terms of this report, it is mostly to announce myself as Quaestor, get out the details that is required monthly, and then top it off with the general vision I have for the house which is to follow after this introduction.

To give more details about myself, I love porgs (as you can tell by the name of the report and the images). Each report will be a porg related title so be warned now. Other things about myself is I love to draw (regardless of how I might feel about my own drawings), to world build, story develop, and just overall, be creative. Also I work as a nurse so my schedule is always rotating. If I’m on Telegram, chances are I’m available, but if I have radio silence, then I’m probably asleep or at work. Please don’t think I’m ignoring you as I’ll try to message you back as quickly as possible. Speaking of which, you can find my contact information on my dossier and my email there as well. If you need me at any moment or just want to email me something so that it doesn’t get lost in the sea of Telegram, just send me whatever.


So to basically sell myself out on how I plan to build up Hoth, I want to explain a bit of details I had placed in my application to Arch and Blade. These details shouldn’t be held back or kept from anyone because I want to have to a degree transparency without giving away all of the plans like Fiction related ideas. That I would like to build upon with my team (both the Aedile, BTL, and you guys).
To start off, here is a sample of things I got in mind personally:

  • Lore/Fiction Updates (Quarterly) and Revamping of the Wikipedia Pages

With this, I would ideally like to have regular updates to the lore with with regards to writing fictions that include competition and event winners in the manner of what you might see in the clan as a whole. I also want to have the wikipedia pages for Hoth be revamped. Use what we have and make it into something bolder and grander.

  • Member Experience Surveys and Polling for Responses

With this, I would like to include regular polls and surveys to test the waters of what is to come and what is the experience with the house so that we, as a group and as the Summit, may improve and work past issues that arise.

General Announcements:

My first act as Quaestor was to appoint Creon Saldean as Aedile. My second act will be to open up the applications for Battle Team Leader.

What am I looking for in this BTL position?

  • Vision of Wildcards: What are your ideas and general vision of this team? Research into what the team is about and come prepared.
  • Availability! How available are you compared to the rest of the team?
  • General Sense of Compatibility with the Team: Are you able to work with those who are on Summit? Not just the House Summit, but the entire Clan Summit as well.
  • Trust? How far can I trust you? How well do you know the team? How far do you think they can trust you? You won’t just be working with Creon and myself. You’ll be working with majority of the most active members of Hoth. Can you work with them?
  • Attitude? What is your general attitude? Your personality? Are you able to handle a team of people who might have differing opinions and be strongly vocal about their opinions?

These are what I’ll be mostly looking into, but for the sake of the rest of the work for the position, please look into what a BTL does. I’ll list what is general expected, but do some homework as well. Not just into the position but those in the team too.

Other features that are expected?

  • You must be active!
  • You must have a generally good turnaround on communication (Usually within 24-48 hours unless otherwise specified.)
  • You must produce competitions, updates, and be comfortable with updating the Wikipedia pages.
  • Must be present for meetings (they will be scheduled far in advance) to discuss events giong on and get updates about the team. Basically be around for exchange of information so we are all working together to better the house.
  • Promote the activity and the membership engagement. Be a part of the team. Don’t just lead it.

Once you write this application up, whatever format you want, please send it to: [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. If you want to as well, please include memes about Protein and/or Porgs. We appreciate them both. Due date is the 15th.

There will be more updates as they come along and you will be notified via report of these updates. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about what has gone on.

The final update that is clan wide is the Rite of Supremacy (RoS) that is announced. We will need to work out hardest to assure victory!

Aedile Corner

[[Will be added in each report]]


[[Fictions will continue soon!]]


Clan and House Wide:

[None at this time as we are waiting for the RoS to be completed.]

DB Wide


Upcoming Events


Tracked from last House report until September 26, 2018.

Edgar Drachen

  • Received a Grand Cross! You can read the Recommendations: Here

Luna Okami

  • Crescent of Amethyst: 2
  • Crescent of Sapphire: 1
  • Crescent of Emerald: 1
  • Pendants of Blood: 4
  • Clusters of Fire: 524
  • Clusters of Ice: 2

Saba Astor Tarentae

  • Crescent of Topaz: 1
  • Clusters of Fire: 41
  • Clusters of Earth: 11

Tisto Kingang

  • Clusters of Ice: 6

Ka Tarvitz

  • Crescent of Amethyst: 3
  • Clusters of Fire: 25
  • Clusters of Ice: 26

Jael Chi’ra

  • Crescent of Sapphire: 2
  • Crescent of Emerald: 2
  • Clusters of Fire: 263
  • Clusters of Ice: 21
  • Clusters of Earth: 20

Creon Saldean

  • Promoted to Equite I You can read the Recommendations: Here
  • Promoted to Aedile!
  • Pendants of Blood: 4
  • Clusters of Ice: 4
  • Clusters of Earth: 52

Ryan Hawkins

  • Clusters of Ice: 7

The Wildcards

BT News

[[See above about BTL position applications]]

BT Fiction

[[Will come with fiction update]]


Clan and House Wide:

  • Kah Manet transferred from Hoth to Satele Shan.
  • Dral Falgorth transferred from Clan Plagueis to Odan-Urr to Hoth specifically. [Next report will show activity for the month.]

DB Wide


  • Blade asks: Will there be more or less than 5 porgs?

Answer: There shall be 5…. Hundred trillion porgs. So more than 5 porgs.

  • Tisto asks: Are we ever going to get back to exploring Solyiat? I know the previous run on didn't end well but the point of the planet is that it is very much unexplored

Answer: So this is a good question because it goes along with the idea of revamping Solyiat and the lore behind the planet. It will not be a re-do of the planet as a whole, but more a utilization of what we already have established to build more in each section of the overall lore piece by piece. Such example might be the Okami clan. Taking their history of what we have so far and building on them further to include more cultural aspects and such as well as more details on where they fit in. There isn’t anything really planned yet, but there is the idea to push for more building of what we already have. Yes, I do expect to explore Solyiat as we grow as a house and get back to the basics of building up the world around us. I want to expand us further than we’ve been, but I know it will take bite size pieces at a time.

  • Tisto also asks: Can we set up smaller teams and explore the planet?

Answer: Yes. I’d like to have competitions of where we write exploration of the planet, discussing the fauna and flora of the planet with additional details of the people who live upon Solyiat.

  • Turel asks: what is your policy on red panda cages?

Answer: Red Pandas should be free-roaming animals.

  • Jack/Ruana/Rin asks: Which looks better in a cage? Red Pandas or Porgs?

Answer: Neither, but if I must pick one, I’d put the porg in the cage where no one can reach because porgs are sacred animals.

  • Kah asks: What are your future plans, fictionally, for the house?

Answer: Fictionally, I will be moving The Lady to the Battle Team Leader and will be working with whoever gets that position on building her up and possibly retconning some of the details about her that has already been spoken about in updates. The main House fiction will involve the political standings of Hoth with the rest of the planet and possibly include a religious movement against Hoth and COU.

  • Creon asks: Protein?

    Answer: Well you see… when a male porg and a mal- oh wait… You mean! Nevermind. goes off to write more fiction


Lookin good!

Great Report Kris!

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