House Ajunta Pall March Aedile Report: The Enemy Is Upon Us!


House Ajunta Pall March Aedile Report: The Enemy Is Upon Us!


Where else to begin?

The Enemy Below is live! This event brought to us by the trio of Abadeer, Arden and Slagar (PCON, RM and CON respectively) pits members with an odd numbered pin (including yours truly) against the even numbered folk. (such as that Laren guy you might have heard of) This is a great chance for anyone to work towards a promotion or medal, we're quite fond of rewarding people for their effort. If you're unsure as to your team read Arden's Report. If you happen to be on Team Odd, first off, lucky you, secondly could you please keep Furios or myself up to date with your progress, as I'll be maintaining tracking spreadsheets for each of the three weeks.


Stuff People Earned


HAPpenings from around the club


Interview The Demon

Everyone's favourite segment returns and boy is it a good one this month.

*Phil from Ravenclaw asked: What kind of inroads is the summit planning on Aliso and IC in preparation for the next big event, be clan or DB-wide? A: From an In Character perspective there wasn't much preparation, as the recent droid attack came from (say it with me) outta nowhere! As for inroads on Aliso we're definitely looking at expansion, whether that be Aliso City or the possibility of getting our own ACC venues to bring us in line with most of the other Clans.

*Some dude from Aliso asked: What does a Demon look like in Dark Armour? A: Well the simple answer is your worst nightmare, but the long answer can be read here

*Another dude from Aliso asked: What kind of toppings do you like on your toast? A: I quite like honey on toast, though strawberry jam, Nutella is always good too.

*Brawny Man from Atlanta, Georgia asked: Which toilet paper does the Demon prefer, Charmin, Angel Soft, or Quilted Northern? I'm gonna go with Charmin because I feel like I've heard of it before.

*The Barney Fife who shot Magda and Nina with an arrow asked: In-Character: Has the Demon ever killed a person on accident? A: Never, she always knows what she's doing when she takes a life.

*Azmodius from The Circle asked: What 5 items would you put in a pentagram to summon the Demon of Florrum? A: A cup of blood, (Preferably from a sentient being) a blade of some kind, a valuable possession, a slave collar and a whip.

*Furios Morega of Karness Muur asked: Considering the Big Bang Theory, how does it feel to know that every atom in your body has at one point been connected to every atom in the universe? A: Simultaneously both exciting and creepy.


Parting words

The Enemy Below is in full swing so I must get back to the doing of things, don't forget to notify your house summit member when you've done things, Knowing what you've done makes it easier to reward you. See you all back here next month for a more standard report.


Go do the things, folks! Though Kelly may be on the wrong team (let's go Team Even!!!), she is leading by example, having completed a good majority (or all events) as of writing this comment.

Also, fantastic report. For those of you reading, be like Kelly. :)

#TeamOddhasthebestbods Also yes be like me, but not in that creepy way where you start to copy everything I do, that's weird. So basically, what I'm trying to say is THERE ARE THINGS TO BE DONE!

I have to read what she looks like in the armor? Bah, I was hoping for stick figure drawings. :)

Kelly and I will mop the floor with you Laren. After the victory party, when the floors have all sorts of gross things on it from a couple days of shameless partying.

@Slagar maybe soon will have to dress it up so I'm not doing stick nudes unless that's your thing.

@Furios just don't expect me to clean anything up, we could celebrate at The Circle and leave it to Az.

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